4 Best + Free Nanotechnology Courses & Classes [2021 SEPTEMBER]

Best Nanotechnology course tutorial class certification training online

Numerous experts have compiled this list of Best Four Nanotechnology Online Tutorials, Course, Training, and Certification program available online for 2021. It comprises paid and free materials to assist you in mastering nanotechnology skills, and all these courses are suitable for learners of all levels. Don’t forget to check our compilation of Best Electrical Engineering Courses.


4 Best + Free Nanotechnology Courses & Classes [2021 SEPTEMBER]

1. Nanotechnology: A Maker’s Course by Duke University (Coursera)

Nanotechnology is quickly shaping to be a field that can resolve many problems across industries, most of which were previously difficult to tackle. In this program, you will get an introductory overview of this area and its commercial applications. Following this, the subsequent modules discuss tools utilized for fabrication and characterization at nanoscale. By the conclusion of the classes, you will be well equipped with the practical skills required to bring ideas to reality.


Key USPs-

– Learn about imaging and sampling preparation techniques.

– Explore electron microscopy and functioning of equipment.

– Perform a comparison between etching procedures.

– Take the quizzes at the end of the modules.

– The right balance of practical and theoretical knowledge.


Duration: 17 hours

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

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Review: An amazing course which gives both of the practical and theoretical parts of whatever equipment explained and gives the needed information for the usage without filling unnecessary deep concepts. – AS.


2. MicroMasters® Program in Nanoscience and Technology by Purdue University (edX)

This online learning option is worth a look if you are interested in pursuing an in-depth course in nanotechnology and the science behind it. Commence by going over the essential concepts and gradually transition into fundamental physics topics from a fresh viewpoint. Apart from this, the lectures also talk about nanophotonics, nanoelectronics and fiber optics. Finally, glimpse into the latest developments and research work in this scientific field. Check out our list of Best HVAC Courses.


Key USPs-

– Understand the science behind devices solar cells and transistors.

– Performance prediction using simulation techniques.

– Look into the NEGF method and quantum effects.

– Complete assessments and projects to earn the completion certificate.

– Share queries and ideas with peers on the discussion forum.


Duration: 8 months, 7 to 9 hours per week

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

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3. Nanotechnology for Health: Innovative Designs for Medical Diagnosis by University of Twente (FutureLearn)

The medical field is one of the areas that can benefit from the cutting-edge solutions developed in nanoscale. This learning curriculum is created to help you delve into the functions of nano devices that can be leveraged to assist in the diagnosis or monitoring of treatments. The lessons also discuss crucial ethical questions to provide an all-rounded view on the subject.


Key USPs-

– No prior experience is required for enrollment.

– Find the relationship between health applications and nano science.

– Go from idea to design of prospective health devices.

– Study for free and at your pace.


Duration: 4 weeks, 3 hours per week

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

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Review: Fascinating work that University of Twente have and are doing into the area of the very small and the application of nano technology in health diagnostics. Would recommend this well put together course even if it is not your immediate area of interest. – Peter M.



4. Nanotechnology Courses (edX)

This online learning platform has compiled a plethora of certifications and programs from renowned academic and industrial organizations worldwide. The fundamental lessons are a better fit for you if you do not possess prior knowledge of this subject and want to build your basics. In contrast, the comprehensive micromasters course is a long term journey that stretches throughout one to two semesters and makes you industry-ready. You may like to check our take on Best Power Electronics Courses.


Key USPs-

– Register for the beginner level classes without any prerequisites.

– Take your pick from micromasters and standalone certificates.

– Understand how electrons flow in nano transistors.

– Explore the potential of this evolving technology.

– Demonstrations and examples to explain essential concepts.

– Lectures can be audited for free.


Duration: Variable

Rating: 4.4 out of 5

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These were the 4 Best Nanotechnology Courses, Classes, Tutorials, Training & Certification program available online. We hope you found what you were looking for. Wish you a Happy Learning!