8 Best Product Management Training, Certification & Course [2018 UPDATED]

best product management courses

A team of 30+ Product Management Experts  have done extensive research and come up with the Best Product Management Courses, Training, Certifications and Classes available online for 2018. These courses are skill based, focus on practical aspects and some of them are also affiliated with leading universities across the globe. So let’s get right to it and help you choose one or more programs that suit your purpose.


8 Best Product Management Training, Certification, Courses, & Classes Online [2018]


1. Digital Product Management Certification by University of Virginia (Coursera)

Product Manager might be a new designation at the workplace, but its role is changing quite dynamically already. What used to just confined to assessing market data and creating requirements has today blown into a very comprehensive role involving troves of data, detailed analytics and a much important role within the organisation. This 4 week program created by the University of Virginia will teach you how to create actionable focus, use modern product management methods, explore new product ideas and amplify existing products. Highly rated by participants, we think this is an ideal choice if you are looking for the best course or certification in product management.


Rating : 4.8 out of 5

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Review : Great information and refresher for the experienced product manager. I especially enjoyed the recommendations for more effective meetings as well as the perspectives on the different types of businesses and product managers. My role is extremely all over the place so the recommendations will help me put some organization to the chaos!



2. Brand and Product Management Certification Course (Coursera)

ie higher educationLuis Rodriguez Baptista, professor at IE University and Marketing Consultant guides you through this Coursera product manager certifications course that helps you manage products through their ‘life-cycle’ and further helps you equip employees with on how to deliver your brand promise. This course will put you in a position to create an activity plan to bring your brand strategy to life. Not only that, you will also be able to define metrics for determining success. Great reviews all around, this is a sure winner and that’s why makes it to this list.


Rating : 4.7 out of 5

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Review : This course helps me to understand better of marketing process. And real examples from the lectures was great help to apply to where I am working for (and made me understand why there are doing such programs such as brand ambassadors, dash boards, etc). I highly recommend this course to my friends who is interested in marketing and wish to listen lectures in off-line too!



3. Digital Product Management Certification by Boston University (edX)

Boston University Online CoursesThis extensive program is essentially an online masters degree in Digital Product Management, where you will learn the techniques to manage the development, launch and growth of digital products and advance your career as a product manager. The courses that comprise this program include Product Management with Lean, Agile and System Design Thinking; Strategic Social Media Marketing; Driving Digital Innovation; Business Analytics among other modules. Structured really well, this is ideal for all those looking for an immersive program in Product Management. A team of 9 trainers from Boston University will take these classes.


Rating : 4.7 out of 5

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4. Become a Product Manager Course | Learn the Skills & Get the Job (Udemy)

This truly is one best product management course. Having a strong alumni of 22,000+ students for this course alone, it is without a doubt a highly rated program on udemy, enjoying a hearty rating of 4.5 out of 5 as rated by many students. Created by Cole Mercer, Sr Product Manager at SoundCloud and Evan Kimbrell, Founder of Sprintkick, this training helps you understand modern product development processes, product lifecycles, identify ideas worth pursuing, structuring a customer interview, understanding difference between Scrum and Kanban among a host of other key areas. Best part is that some familiarity of basic business concepts is all that is needed to make this course work for you.


Rating : 4.4 out of 5

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Review : This course is very comprehensive and touches various important domains of PM. The lectures are easy to understand, have some demos and the video-audio quality is top-notch. The lecturers are very passionate about this course and you will notice that. I loved the resources section as they have some best links that complements the course. The end section about career advice is very helpful too. It’s an amazing course and has surpassed my expectations. – Harsheel Saraiya



5. Product Management Training 101

With Todd Birzer’s years of experience in Product management training, consulting and coaching, this course stands out and offers absolutely amazing value to students. Focused on beginners, it covers an excellent array of topics, right from approaches for market, competitor analysis, strategy development, creating a product roadmap, product development and launch. Even though it’s a very quick course, it helps understand and implement key PLM concepts and having a close look will help you clear your mind.


Rating : 4.3 out of 5.

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Review : This was a great course highlighting the more strategic responsibilities of PM’s. I would rate this course 5/5 since it fulfilled its intended purpose. As a customer, I would like more details about daily activities (user stories, metric gathering, and responses, how to conduct cross-functional meetings, ect.) of PM’s so that I may balance the long term-strategic thinking of a PM with the daily necessities of PM’s and thus become a more balanced professional. – Guillermo Villegas



6. Product Management & Marketing: Personas

Discover how to create buyer persona, right product messaging and go-to-market plans. This is in particular helpful for B2B Product Management. The creator Mike Gospe, is the Author of the “Marketing High Ground” and comes with 28 solid years of experience in the industry. Student Testimonial reads “I am a Product Manager, but I did not know how to build the persona to share how our target customer/buyer looks like until I finished this course. Great Stuff!”


Rating : 4.3 out of 5

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Review : I am a Product Manager, I understand that customer/market is alwasy the most important for the win. But I do not know to build the persona to share how our target customer/buyer look like until I finish this course. Great! it is good for Product Manager to start their work with persona, it is absolutely a process to help to understand your customer and the market.



7. Product Management Training : Career Preparation for Success

Are you wonder whether PM is the right career path for you? This training will not only solve that doubt but will also help you prepare for success on this path. An ideal guide for aspirants, we highly recommend this one if a Good Job is high on your priority list. Product managers can start earning about $69,000 and salaries can go as high as $140,000. An industry that’s growing at 12% year on year is quite a lucrative one if you ask us. This bootcamp will help prepare you to be a part of the Product Management profession and you can then take up one of the other courses mentioned on this list to further build your expertise. Sounds like a plan?


Rating : 4.2 out of 5.

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Review : I have not yet completed the course but till now whatever I have gone through is excellent. I could see the real experience from the instructor helped this course to take it to the next level and the concepts were explained in great manner. Still to complete, but till now its been a great course



8. 280 Group Product Management Course

The 280 Group offers a wide range of in-person and online Product Management courses covering fundamentals, Agile, product manager certifications, people skills, leadership and more. Whether you are new to Product Management or have been doing it for years, they have a course that will increase your skill set and help you become more successful in the Product Management role.

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To be an effective product manager, a professional must learn how to plan, forecast and market a product by creating a strategy and roadmap for the same. Since Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) requires a multi disciplinary skill set, it is best to up skill yourself and learn the formal techniques to be a good product manager (PM). Businesses are changing at such a fast pace that there are always newer domains that are opening up in different industries. Product Management is one of the fastest growing specializations that encompasses marketing, sales and development skill set.


So this was our list of the Best Product Management Courses and Training for 2018. We hope it helps you choose the best one for you. Wish you all the best in your professional journey, and if you liked this article, don’t forget to share it with others. You may also want to check out Best Machine Learning Courses to help grow in this field as well as Cyber Security Training Online to excel in the domain of internet security.