10 Best Product Marketing Courses & Certificates [2021 JULY][UPDATED]

Best product marketing course tutorial class certification training online

If you are interested in learning Product Marketing, then our team of global experts has compiled this list of Best Nine Product Marketing Courses, Classes, Tutorials, Training, and Certification Programs available online for 2021. This list includes both free and paid courses to help you learn product marketing. Also, the courses on the list are ideal for beginners, intermediates, as well as expert individuals.


10 Best Product Marketing Courses & Certification [2021 JULY][UPDATED]

1. Product Strategy (Kellogg School of Management)

Individuals who are already involved in developing or delivering product strategies can take help from this program to create a mindset that anchors product strategy as the pathway to growth. Taking this program will help you learn how to analyze new product opportunities to arrive at ‘go’ or ‘no-go’ conclusions efficiently, as well as how to assess the pros and cons of numerous business models, such as SaaS or Pivot, when your current business model is not offering business growth. After completing the program, you will be equipped with all the approaches that are used by top technology-driven companies for their day-to-day business growth. You may be interested in checking out our compilation of Best Product Management Courses.


Key USPs –

– An effective product marketing program that will help you develop a go-to-market strategy with the seven elements framework

– Learn how to create buyer facades, positioning, and messaging based on exclusive tools from the Kellogg School of Management

– Get access to real-world custom case studies and examples that are designed by experienced faculty members with top tech firms like AT&T, Facebook, Microsoft, etc.

– Work with multiple application exercises that are provided to give you hands-on experience of working with product marketing concepts

– Consists of 8 different modules that include every small detail related to product strategy, marketing, and managing products


Duration: 2 months, 4-6 hours/week

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

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2. Digital Product Management by University of Virginia (Coursera)

This particular course from the University of Virginia is designed to help you learn how to assess market data, create requirements, and manage the hand-off to sales/marketing. Enrolling in this course will help you gain practical skills and perspectives that you need to create an actionable focus for managing products in your organization successfully, as well as how to focus on your work with modern product management techniques. The course is created by the experienced faculty of the University of Virginia, who will assist you throughout your learning journey to resolve complex queries. After finishing the course, you will also get a certificate of completion signed by the university. Have a look at our take on Best Marketing Analytics Courses.


Key USPs –

– Learn how to explore new product strategies and ideas while managing and amplifying existing products in your organization

– Understand how you can charter a direction and create a thriving working environment as a modern product manager for all the actors involved in product success

– Gain extensive skills during the course, such as product/market fit, design thinking, product management, innovation pipeline, lean startup, etc.

– Learn how to analyze growth, engagement, and monetization with qualitative and quantitative methods with an understanding of applying the accurate techniques at the right time


Duration: 19 hours

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

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Review: This course covers all the necessary and much-required fundamentals of product management. The course structure is very well balanced and includes all the aspects of product management. Thanks – NK



3. Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing (Kellogg School of Management)

If you want to earn a professional digital marketing certificate from a leading institute to grow your career, this comprehensive program is a great option. Offered in association with the Kellogg School of Management, this program will help you learn about digital marketing topography while allowing you to gain the most in-demand skills. It is ideally prepared for early-career professionals and business marketers to help them develop online marketing skills, such as content creation, social media marketing, optimizing campaigns, and automate tasks. Moreover, it is included with a capstone project that will enable you to test your learnings with real-world examples and projects. Have a look at our compilation of Best Digital Marketing Executive Programs.


Key USPs – 

– A in-depth online program covered with multiple learning modules to help you achieve competitive skills in digital marketing

– Gain knowledge about customer segmentation and automation while comprehending behavioral marketing concepts

– Learn to optimize marketing strategies with practical metrics like conversion optimization, attribution, and experimentation

– Get assistance in creating an effective resume, LinkedIn profile while identifying the most suitable career path in digital marketing

– Learn to build advanced strategies on social media by planning, creating, and promoting compelling content for products or services


Duration: 6 months, 15-20 hours/week

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

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4. Digital Marketing Strategies: Data, Automation, AI & Analysis (Kellogg School of Management)

Ideally designed for associates, marketing managers, and business owners, this curriculum will help you understand how technologies like cloud computing, mobile, and AI can transform customer behavior and interrupted marketplaces for your business.  Enrolling in this pragmatic course will help you learn how modern marketing strategies are backed by the data, scaled by automation, and enhanced by analytics. It is designed in association with the Kellogg School of Management to provide a practical understanding of what current marketing practice looks like from an organizational perspective to drive innovation for your business. The curriculum is organized with step-by-step video lectures, live sessions, graded quizzes, assignments, and hands-on projects to help you improve your knowledge. Have a look at our compilation of Best Kellogg Executive Education Programs.


Key USPs – 

– A perfect blend of recorded video lectures, live sessions, and practical assignments to learn how top brands use AI and customer journey mapping to make better decisions

– Gain knowledge of new methodologies that help gain customer insights while teaching you to line up data on customer passions and pain points

– Analyze examples of compelling brand storytelling and implement your storytelling strategies across various media and digital platforms

– Work with a marketing transformation challenge at the end of the course to identify business challenges and a respective solution for them


Duration: 2 months, 4-6 hours/week

Rating: 4.9 out of 5

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5. Advertising and Marketing Communication Strategy (Kellogg School of Management)

This practical online program is designed to help you understand how to recognize, assess, and select a consumer insight to build the right message for your target audience. Joining this practical session will teach you to craft a positioning statement, use the frame of reference appropriately, and understand the points of difference. It is designed by professional instructors of Kellogg School of Management, who will assist you via live video sessions throughout the curriculum. Besides, it comprises high-quality video lectures, cases studies, graded quizzes, assignments, and practical exercises to help you expand your knowledge. After finishing the course, you’ll be able to lead your company’s important messages via advertising, marketing, and communication efforts.


Key USPs – 

– Learn the fundamental concepts of advertising and how you can improvise it by backing it with a solid and effective strategy

– Learn to build strategic, effective communications across various social platforms to drive your business constantly

– Know how to maximize your communication impact by prioritizing target audiences and determining the best methods to segment customers

– Be able to evaluate the effectiveness of media plans and identify the key steps and best practices in ad production


Duration: 8 weeks, 4-6 hours/week

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

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6. Brand and Product Management by IE Business School (Coursera)

ie higher educationIf you want to learn how to identify the critical information required to develop a product and brand strategy that can generate quick-wins and long term value, then this course might be the right choice for you. Taking this course will help you learn how to create an activity plan to bring your brand strategy to life both externally and internally. Completing the course with given applications will enable you to define the right matrices for defining success in the execution of your product and brand strategy, making adjustments that might be required to make under a test and learn methodology.


Key USPs –

– Designed by an experienced professor of IE University and Marketing Consultant, who will guide you throughout the course to help you learn six different modules that are included with the course

– Understand the challenge of managing products through their lifecycle and concludes with learning how to prepare your employees with  knowledge of delivering on your brand promise

– Get the opportunity to interview customers and industry professionals that will help you illustrate the importance of brand strategy

– Learn the importance of brand and product management, and how to use brand development, architecture, and portfolios, to achieve greater success


Duration: 13 hours

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

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Review: Very enjoyable, easily translatable to real-world scenarios, and completely relevant and focused. It was a joy to learn, and I had a lot to implement after the successful completion of this course. – JM



7. Digital Product Management by Boston University (edX)

Boston University Online CoursesThis is a MicroMaster program that is designed to help you learn how to understand and articulate the needs of a product, set up roadmaps, plan and coordinate the development process, launch a product, and oversee the product life cycle. Taking this program will help you learn how to make your product from initial concept through user research, co-creation, and rapid prototyping as well as you will gain a solid knowledge of social media and market testing methods. There are two courses included in the program that leverage object-oriented thinking, digital process capabilities, and data analytics tools for building boundary-spanning skills in running, measuring, and adapting product marketing strategies. Also, check out our compilation of Best Social Media Marketing Courses.


Key USPs –

– Learn about various tools and methods that are required to generate and validate user needs, ideas, co-creation, and mapping the findings into product and market requirements and positioning documents

– Get a clear understanding of the principles and processes that are needed to develop product roadmaps and success paths

– Know about various techniques for oversight of agile development, experimentation, rapid prototyping, and risk management with object-oriented development

– Learn about different variations in the product management practices across various organizations and emergent digital markets

– Access multiple video lectures, quizzes, graded assignments, hands-on exercises, and much more with the program


Duration: 6-8 weeks, 4-8 hours/week

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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8. Become a Product Manager (Udemy)

This is the most updated and complete product management course available online. It will help you learn skills that are required throughout the entire product management process, i.e., from the ideation to market research, to UX wireframing to prototyping, technology, and metrics, you will learn everything. Also, you will learn how to build a product with user stories, project management, scoping, and leadership. During the course, you will get the opportunities to interview with real-life product managers that will prepare you for the role of product manager. The course is designed by Cole Mercer and Evan Kimbrell, who has been working as a product manager for more than 11 years.


Key USPs –

– Learn and understand the varying role of a product manager via different types and sizes of companies, as well as how the product lifecycle works and how it applies to every product

– Learn how to identify ideas that are worth pursuing and dedicating resource while understanding the customer behavior towards a product

– Learn to differentiate between Direct, Indirect, Substitute, and Potential customers while getting to the roots of a customer pain points

–  Build a portfolio that will help you get a product manager job in a reputable company


Duration: 12-13 hours

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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Review: Great course to cover the lifecycle of product management. It helps you internalize many key concepts. Highly recommended! – Gaurav Gupta



9. Certified Product Marketing Manager (280Group)

If you want to become a certified product marketing manager, then this course from 280Group can help you in your quest. The course is designed by expert instructors of 280Group, who are well versed with all the major concepts and strategies of Product management. They will help you learn the core skills of product management so that you can be more effective in your role while gaining credibility. During the course, you will get the opportunity to interact with your instructors to resolve your queries related to the class. After finishing the program, you will be able to prove your mastery and advance your career by earning a professional certification.


Key USPs –

– Learn all the essential skills and techniques that a product marketing manager need to market products throughout the product lifecycle

– Included with more than 20 learning modules, interactive exercises, quizzes, study materials, and an inclusive practice exam to master the content and pass the certified product marketing manager exam

– Cover a variety of topics during the course, such as product marketing key skills, strategies, tactics, and terminology required to manage any product at any phase of the product lifecycle

– An utterly flexible program with the freedom to study from your comfort zone


Duration: 15-16 hours

Rating: 4.4 out of 5

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10. Learn Strategic Product Marketing (PMM Bootcamp)

This product marketing Bootcamp course is designed to take you through the practical essentials of end-to-end marketing. Taking this program will help you learn about market and user research, competitive analysis, marketing strategy, positioning, marketing plans, and much more. In addition to the course content, you will also get access to how-to-guides and templates that will help you understand how product marketing works. The course is designed by professional instructors of PMM Bootcamp, who have a keen knowledge of product marketing. During the course, you will be in direct touch with the instructors to submit and resolve your queries. And after successful completion of the course, you will also receive a certificate of completion.


Key USPs –

– Get a clear understanding of essential concepts of product marketing that will help you learn how to build, manage, and market your product for the success

– Learn about acquisition and engagement marketing strategies that are required for the continuous growth of the product

– Cover a variety of topics during the course, such as behavioral analysis, customer feedback, A/B testing, metrics, and performance tracking

– Included with quizzes, graded assignments, practice exercises, and real-world examples that are provided to help you test your learning skills


Duration: Variable

Rating: 4.4 out of 5

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11. Become Great at Product Marketing (CXL)

This is amongst one of the best product marketing course that will help you learn everything about product management and marketing. Taking this course will help you learn how to position and design a measurable product launch and how to make product marketing a cross-functional powerhouse for your business. You will learn all the skills that you need to become a successful product marketing manager who can build alignment, win sales, and drive results. The course is designed by Lucas Weber, who is working as a Software Product Manager for the past ten years. During the course, he will help you effortlessly understand the concepts.


Key USPs –

– Learn how to organize a product marketing launch to drive leads, sales, and customer retention, and be able to create and present high-impact product marketing launches for your company

– Understand how a framework can be used for measuring and evaluating the effectiveness of product marketing on business growth

– Learn how to use battle cards, flowcharts, and competitor analysis for making data-driven decisions and get internal buy-in

– Be able to develop messaging and positioning frameworks that can make a product stand out and win sales

– Generate high-converting data that bring into line messaging with customer needs and values


Duration: Variable

Rating: 4.4 out of 5

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Review: CXL is just the best place to grow for a marketer. I learned more in a few months via CXL than what I learned in 8, 9 months on my own. – AP S.



12. Product Marketing Essentials by Stanford School of Engineering (Online Stanford)

If you have a revolutionary product idea, but you don’t have enough knowledge of building and marketing products, then this course is an ideal choice for you. Taking this course will help you understand your target audience’s fundamental needs and wants, as well as how to identify factors that can motivate your customer’s behavior. The course content is designed in a simple manner so that you can cover every topic easily without any complications. Also, completing the course with given assignments will provide you with a certificate of completion that can be shared with employers to show your skills. Don’t forget to check out the Best Free Digital Marketing Training Programs curated by us.


Key USPs –

– Learn and understand what factors drive customers in your targeted market, and how this information can capitalize on the best market opportunities

– Learn how to spark new product ideas with frameworks for brainstorming and ideation, and how to use segmentation techniques for identifying your prospects and their needs

– Be able to position your product in the market so that it can gain economic and psychological value

– Designed and reviewed by some of the expert instructors of Stanford School of Engineering

– Get full-year access to the course content with video lectures, assignments, and exams, and much more


Duration: Variable

Rating: 4.4 out of 5

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So, these were the Best Product Marketing Courses, Classes, Tutorials, Training & Certification Programs available online. Hope you found what you were looking for. Wish you a Happy Learning!