8 Best + Free Pytorch Courses [2021 AUGUST] [UPDATED]

best pytorch course class certification training online

If you are willing to learn PyTorch from the very beginning to advanced level concepts, then here is a list of Best PyTorch Courses, Classes, Tutorials, Training, and Certification programs available online for 2021. This list includes both free and paid courses to help you learn PyTorch. Also, it is ideal for beginners, intermediates, as well as experts.


8 Best Pytorch Courses, Certification, Training & Tutorials [2021 AUGUST]

1. Introduction to Deep Learning with PyTorch (Udacity)

Individuals who are looking for a free course to get introduced to Deep learning concepts with PyTorch can take help from this free course provided by Udacity. This course will help you learn the basics of deep learning and build your own deep neural networks with the help of PyTorch. Also, you will get practical experience with PyTorch using coding exercises and projects that implement state of the art of AI applications like style transfer and text generation. After completing this free course, you will be able to tackle complex challenges in the Deep Learning Nano Degree program provided by Udacity. So, it’s a complete package of Deep Learning with Python and PyTorch.


Key USPs –

– Get access to rich learning content, instructive videos, practice exercises, quizzes, and much more with the course

– Learn the basic concepts of deep learning and how to implement a neural network in NumPy and train it with gradient

– Learn how to use a pre-trained convolutional network for creating new art by combining the design of one image with the content of another image

– Earn a professional degree when you move to the Nano degree program of the course


Duration: 2 months, 4-5 hours/week

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

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2. PyTorch for Deep Learning with Python (Udemy)

If you are entirely new to PyTorch and don’t know how to utilize this open-source platform for Deep Learning, then this is the best course for you. Taking this course will help you focus on balancing essential theory concepts with practical hands-on exercises and projects so that you can learn how to apply the concepts in the course for your own data sets. The course is designed by Jose Portilla, who has multiple years of experience in providing great knowledge and training to various individuals. He will help you in solving complicated problems that you will face while using PyTorch. Also, at the end of the course, you’ll receive a certificate of completion that can be shared with employers to showcase your skills.


Key USPs –

– Learn everything that you need to know to begin your journey with Deep Learning with PyTorch

– Cover a variety of topics and tools during the course, such as NumPy, Model Evaluation, Tensors with PyTorch, Neural Network Theory, Pandas, etc.

– Get access to notebooks designed by the instructors to help you understand the concepts in a simple and easy manner

– Learn from the data slides that are designed to explain theory through easy to understand visualizations

– Be able to create a wide variety of deep learning models after finishing the course


Duration: 3 weeks, 6-7 hours/week

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

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Review: I have taken other courses by Mr. Portilla, and am therefore not surprised at the high level of quality I have seen thus far in this course. – Jose M Maisog



3. Deep Neural Networks with PyTorch (Coursera)

Neural networks are an essential part of Deep Learning; this Professional certification program from IBM will help you learn how to develop deep learning models with PyTorch. You will start learning from PyTorch tensors, automatic differentiation package, and then move on to other important concepts of Deep Learning with PyTorch. With each section, you will cover different models of PyTorch, such as Linear Regression, logistics regression, and many more. This course is a part of the AI Engineering specialization program, so after completing this course, you can also enroll in other Deep Learning Courses and Tutorials and AI programs.


Key USPs –

– A complete course that will help you learn the fundamental concepts of PyTorch with Deep Learning

– Learn about Feedforward deep neural networks, the role of different activation functions, normalization, and dropout layers

– Cover essential deep learning methods with convolutional neural networks and transfers

– Be able to explain and apply your knowledge of deep neural networks and related machine learning methods

– Learn how to use Python libraries, such as PyTorch for Deep Learning applications and neural networks

– Earn a specialized certificate that can be shared with your LinkedIn profile and employers to showcase your skills


Duration: 17 hours

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

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Review: Awesome! This course gives me the basic workflow for using a machine learning technique in my research! The materials in the form of the Jupyter lab really help. – SK



4. Intro to Machine Learning with PyTorch by kaggle / aws (Udacity)

This nano degree program is designed to help you learn foundational machine learning techniques so that you can build your career in AI and ML. Taking part in this program will provide you with in-depth knowledge of supervised learning, foundations of neural network design, and training in PyTorch. Moreover, you will also learn about deep learning algorithms that are a crucial part of machine learning. The program is created by expert instructors of Udacity, who are well-versed with ML algorithms. During the course, you will get full assistance and support from the instructors if you face any queries related to the program material. Have a look at our list of Best Python Machine Learning Courses.


Key USPs –

– Learn the core concepts and various techniques of machine learning, such as data manipulation, unsupervised and supervised algorithms, and much more.

– Learn how to implement unsupervised learning methods for different kinds of problems in any application.

– Work with real-world projects that are built-in relationship with industry experts and top-tier companies to master ML skills.

– Get personal career coaching services with the program that will help you select the right path after finishing this course.

– A flexible learning plan that fits your daily schedule and work-life balance.


Duration: 3 months, 10hrs/week

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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5. Best PyTorch Courses (Udemy)

Individuals who are confused about where to begin their PyTorch learning can start with these amazing courses offered by Udemy. Whether you are a beginner or want to improve your existing PyTorch skills, Udemy has a great course for you. With these courses, you can learn the fundamental concepts of using PyTorch with Deep Learning as well as neural networks and models of deep learning. Amongst these courses, the highest-rated courses are PyTorch for Deep Learning with Python, PyTorch Tutorial – Neural Networks and Deep Learning, and The Complete Neural Network Bootcamp.


Key USPs –

– An impressive list of PyTorch courses and tutorials that will help you move your career ahead in Deep Learning

– Designed and reviewed by experts instructors and professionals who are working with leading companies and industries

– Cover a wide variety of topic with every course, such as Python programming, neural networks, data models, and many more

– Every course is included with multiple video lectures, help guides, notebooks, and instructors advice so that you learn every topic in detail

– Integrated with a professional certification program that you will receive after finishing the course

– Get the flexibility to learn from your comfort zone as every course is available with a 30-days free trial


Duration: Self-paced

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

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6. Deep Learning with Python and PyTorch (edX)

This extensive course from edX is designed to help you learn how to develop learning models with the help of PyTorch while providing the necessary deep learning background. You will start with learning PyTorch tensors and its automatic differentiation packages, and then move on to learning other advanced topics included in deep learning. The course is designed by expert instructors of the IBM institution, who will be in continuous touch with you during the course. So, you will not only learn from recorded videos but also get real-world experience from the instructors. Once you complete the course, you will receive a certificate of completion from IBM.


Key USPs –

– Learn about different deep learning models with each section, such as fundamental concepts related to linear regression, SoftMax regression, etc.

– Know about the role of different activation functions, normalization, and dropout layers, as well as Feedforward deep neural networks

– Be able to clarify and apply the deep neural network knowledge and related methods of machine learning

– Learn to use Python and Python libraries, such as Pandas, NumPy, with PyTorch library for deep learning applications

– Study from your comfort with online access to the course content and support center


Duration: Self-paced

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

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7. Introduction to Deep Learning with PyTorch (DataCamp)

This is an all-inclusive course that is designed to teach you how to use PyTorch to learn the basics of neural networks before building your first neural network to forecast digits from the MNIST dataset. After learning the basics of neural networks, you will move on to learning convolutional neural networks and how to use them to build more powerful models that provide accurate results. It consists of four different chapters, amongst which the first chapter is absolutely free to take so that you can ensure you are learning the right content. Upon successful completion of the course, you will get a certificate that can be shared with others to showcase your skills.


Key USPs –

– Get introduced to the basics of deep learning with PyTorch while covering neural networks and convolutional networks

– Dive deeper into artificial neural networks and learn how to train them with real datasets

– Cover essential topics of PyTorch, such as Creating tensors, forward propagation, backpropagation, calculating gradients in PyTorch, etc.

– Learn to evaluate results of build neural networks and how to improve them with the help of different techniques

– Get help from a team of supportive and experienced instructors who will assist you during the course journey


Duration: 4 hours

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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8. Learn about PyTorch (PyTorch Tutorials)

You don’t have to check other resources if the official PyTorch website provides a variety of PyTorch tutorials to help you get equipped with the necessary concepts that you need to begin your journey. This PyTorch tutorial is the common starting point for every individual that provides a broad view on how to use PyTorch from the basics. There are multiple tutorials available on the site, such as Writing Custom Datasets, PyTorch Tensor board, and Deep Learning. These courses are designed by expert instructors who have years of experience in building neural networks with PyTorch and creating datasets. Also, the tutorial keeps updating with time-to-time so that you get the best knowledge in the field.


Key USPs –

– An introductory as well as a guided tutorial that is designed to help you get started with the basics of PyTorch for deep learning

– Get access to new features of tutorials that allow you to open the notebook associated with the tutorial in Google Collab

– Each tutorial is available with a download link that will enable you to download the Jupyter notebook and Python source code

– Included with high-quality examples, image classification, unsupervised learning, machine translation, real-world scenarios, and much more


Duration: 1-2 hours

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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Those were some of the best Pytorch courses and tutorials available online. Hope you found one relevant for you. Wish you Happy Learning.