8 Best React JS Courses, Tutorial, Training and Certification [2018]

best reactjs courses, training, tutorials and certifications

React is one of the most popular client-side technologies and is slowly gaining prominence since its open source launch in 2013. Today, companies like Facebook, Netflix, Alipay, Airbnb, Dropbox and even Reddit use the technology. Reports suggest that there has been a steady growing demand for React Developers. No wonder then that you decided to figure the best ways to learn and grow in this domain ūüôā We are here to help you.

Presenting Best React JS Courses, Tutorial, Training and Certification [2018]


1. Best React JS Course : Modern React with Redux

A whooping 85,000+ students have enrolled for this course and have given it an average rating of 4.7 out of 5! That and many other factors make us proclaim it as one of the best courses on the subject. Let us find out why.

Key USPs –

РYou will learn to master the fundamentals of React and Redux by developing apps with React Router, Webpack, and ES6

–¬†Become pro at NPM, Webpack, Babel, and ES6/ES2015 Javascript syntax

–¬†Understand the difference between ‚Äúprops” / ‚Äústate” and learn when to use which one

– The trainer Stephen Grider is a pro at web development and has been working for corporations in the San Francisco Bay Area.

–¬†The course will break down complex topics into simpler understandable terms that will make it easy to grasp

– Course comes with lifetime access, is updated regularly


I have signed up for multiple courses including Udacity’s React course. The context and explanation for this course far outweighs any other that I have reviewed. For example, mapping arrays to Objects as a best-practice, among others. I have found it very insightful in lieu of all the crazy “react” learning exercises that always assume that the learner has some capable context – in React’s case that is just ridiculous. Cheers! –¬†D. Brian Porter


Rating : 4.7 out of 5. You can Sign up Here.


2. React 16 РThe Complete Guide (incl. React Router 4 & Redux)

Maximilian Schwarzm√ľller is a champion when it comes to web development and teaching his learnings! He’s taught, believe it or not, 200,000+ students professionally on various topics of programming and this is one of his most sought after courses.

Key USPs –

– This is your deep dive into React, while you begin learning from scratch

РGet trained on Reactjs, Redux, Animations, Next.js basics, React Routing and a lot more

– You can enroll even without being a Javascript expert

– Course also suitable for intermediate and expert level developers

– If you want to switch from Angular or Vue to React, then this is an ideal choice

– Being taught by somebody who started coding at the age of 13, this tutorial comes with a lot of experience


Really in-depth coverage of React. Max takes you step by step throughout the process, providing great explanations along the way. I got a lot out of this course and I’m sure I’ll revisit some of the content as I build React apps in the future,there’s too much to hold in your brain all at once! Great course, would highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn this amazing framework. –¬†Andy Schwartz


Rating : 4.8 out of 5. You can Sign up Here.


3. The Complete React Web Developer Course (with Redux)

This training by Andrew Mead will teach you how to build and launch React web applications using React v16, Webpack, Redux and React-Router v4. This 36.5 hour long course with 154 supplemental resources is fully loaded with knowledge and no wonder Andrew is a full time programmer and teacher, having taught over 90,000 students till date! An expert at Node, Gulp and React, he has also helped plenty companies launch apps of all sizes over time.

Key USPs –

– 36.5 hours of unadulterated online learning, lifetime access with 154 supplemental resources

–¬† Get to master React, Redux, React-Router and more

–¬†Use cutting edge ES6/ES7 JavaScript,¬†setup authentication and user accounts

– Practical hands on training program. Learn by doing, not just watching

– Course updated regularly to keep you up to date with changes in React

– Trainer answers all queries as fast as he can


Review – Andrew is an amazing instructor, and incredibly responsive in the Q&A. I’ve taken a lot of courses on Udemy but this has been the best one. I would give this course 6 stars if I could. If you are new to React and Redux, you may need to watch certain videos a couple times to really grasp the concepts. Redux can be tricky, but Andrew does a great job of making it understandable. –¬†David Ridgley


Rating : 4.8 out of 5. You can Sign up Here.


4. The Complete React Native and Redux Course

Stephen Grider is back with another React Course, this time to help you build full React Native Mobile apps really fast, on both iOS and Android. To enroll for this training, you will need to have basic understanding of Javascript.

Key USPs –

– Highly acclaimed trainer having taught over 160,000 students.

– Learn to create real world apps using React Native and deploy them on Apple and Google Play Store

– Make great looking reusable components

– Regularly updated course and trainer answers queries regularly

– Learn to master integration with Firebase for user authentication


Review : Stephen Grider’s collection of React courses are life changing for the right kind of learning style. Excited to start the advanced course after building with React Native for a while. –¬†James Lagattuta


Rating : 4.6 out of 5. You can Sign up Here.


5. Node with React: Fullstack Web Development

This one’s for all those focusing on full stack development using Node with React. The trainer will teach you how to¬†build and deploy fullstack web apps with NodeJS, Express, React, Redux and MongoDB. You will naturally need to have basic experience of Javascript, React and Redux in order to take up this training program.

Key USPs –

РLearn about Advanced Deployment, how to manage Billing & Payments and how to handle Email

–¬†Learn to route user requests on the front end (React Router) and backend (Express)

РBuild one app that combines the best of React, Redux, Express, and Mongo

– 25.5 hours of online learning with lifetime access


Review –¬†As it is with Stephen‚Äôs other courses, this course is packed with in-depth content, helpful tips, and a healthy amount of humour to keep things interesting. Worth every dollar. – Leon Feng


Rating : 4.7 out of 5. You can Sign up Here.


6. Advanced React and Redux

You need an in depth understanding of React and intermediate understanding of Redux in order to take up this advance course. The trainer, Stephen Grider will teach you about advanced concepts like¬†Authentication, Testing, Middlewares, HOC’s, and Deployment through this program.

Key USPs –

– Go to the next level of React and Redux in the simplest fashion possible

–¬†Learn to build a scalable API with authentication using Express, Mongo and Passport

– Learn to set up testing environment using Mocha and Chai

–¬†Create Redux middleware from scratch and demystify what goes behind the scenes

– 12 hours of online video with lifetime access


Review – Very clear explanation of even very hard topics – from the total scratch. The material is right what I needed for successfully passing tests and getting 3 long-term React projects. Thank you Stephen a lot! –¬†Vasyl Samusiev


Rating : 4.7 out of 5. You can Sign up Here.


7. React Nanodegree by Udacity

React Training (trainers for Fortune 500 companies, and experts behind React Router) have partnered with Udacity to bring you this React Nanodegree, which should serve as a great learning experience. The program aims to equip you with the skills to become a professional developer. You need to have preliminary experience in HTML, CSS and JavaScript for enrolling in this course.


You can Sign up Here.


8. Intro to React Tutorial by ReactJS.org

This is a free tutorial for beginners wanting to just about get started with ReactJS. You will be building an interactive tictactoe game in the process. You should be a little familiar with HTML and JavaScript in order to go for this one.

You can enroll here.


So that folks was our take on best React Courses, Tutorials, Training and Certifications. Hope you found what you were looking for! Look around our website to find all other courses of your choice or simply type in your query in the search box to find what you need. We recommend you to also check out Kotlin Course and Angularjs Training. Wish you the best in your career and happy learning! Team Digital Defynd.


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