4 Best + Free Sushi Courses & Classes [2021 SEPTEMBER]

Best Sushi course tutorial class certification training online

Want to learn to make delicious Sushi from sushi master chefs? Here is a list of cooking courses to master sushi from the comfort of your home. These courses cover everything from introducing equipment to cutting fish, preparing rice, making Sushi, and even plating. Our experts have prepared this list of the best Sushi courses available online to help you learn this art and science. Check out these free and paid resources and impress your family! Do have a look at our take on Best Cooking Courses.


4 Best + Free Sushi Courses & Classes [2021 SEPTEMBER]

1. The Most Comprehensive Sushi Course Online (Udemy)

Learn to make Sushi in your own kitchen, from basics up to difficult levels. This comprehensive course covers everything to make you a pro Sushi chef, from showing you how to use different knives and tools and prepare basic vegetables to make different kinds of rolls, popular sushi sauces, and seafood for tempura. You will learn how to fabricate different fish and make sashimi and Nigiri. It will even tell you how to eat Sushi!


Key USPs-

– The course has 40+ engaging videos that show you how to make sushi step by step.

– The course material includes video lessons and 13 downloadable resources.

– The classes are taught by professional sushi chef, Dan Yang.

– You will learn to create Sushi using a wide variety of ingredients.

– The course covers basic presentation skills too.

– Once you enroll for this Sushi course, you will get full lifetime access to it.

– You can use any mobile device with an Internet connection to go through this course.

– The Most Comprehensive Sushi Course Online comes with a Certificate of completion.


Duration: 2.5 hours

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

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Review: It was fascinating and very detailed. It was also a pleasure to watch and I will continue to revisit it in the future. -John Drake.



2. Sushi Masterclass -Ultimate Foundation (Master of Japanese Cuisine Academy)

Build a solid foundation in sushi skill or take it to the next level with this Sushi course. Discover secrets to make tasty Sushi. This course teaches you how to choose rice, chook it, season it, and prepare sushi vinegar. You are introduced to different knives. Next, you will learn to prepare and slice salmon and tuna. You will then learn to make Nigiri and explore the variations in Sushi. The course covers plating techniques too. Don’t forget to check our curation of Best Japanese Cooking Courses.


Key USPs-

– This course is suitable for sushi chefs, sushi instructors, sushi catering business owners, and passionate hobby cooks too.

– Once you enroll yourself for the course, you will get life-long access to the high-quality visual-rich material.

– You will receive personalized feedback from master chefs.

– You will learn from passionate master chefs.

– At the completion of classes, you will receive a Certificate.

– You can join an exclusive Facebook community, ask questions, and network with fellow participants located across the globe.


Duration: 6 weeks

Rating: 4.4 out of 5

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Review: I really liked the course contents. — Not many people know these things! It’s really in depth for the rice, vinegar and techniques! -Chris Massad.



3. Sushi Courses (Udemy)

Love Sushi? Learn making it home with the help of these Sushi courses by Udemy. Master Sushi Class online – Learn the Art of Sushi Making shares easy to follow the step-by-step process of making Sushi. In How To Make Sushi With Sushi Express, you will learn to make delicious Sushi in 60 minutes or less. After taking Vegan sushi masterclass – the complete guide to vegan Sushi, you will be able to make ten types of vegan Sushi like a pro! Let’s have a sushi party: How to make Sushi at home is for anyone who wants to learn to make different types of Sushi.


Key USPs-

– Udemy’s Sushi courses will take you from beginner to pro in Sushi making.

– You will learn how to make Vegan Sushi.

– The course material for these Sushi courses includes video lessons, articles, and downloadable resources.

– You can use a PC, tablet, phone, or TV connected to the Internet to go through the lessons and other course material.

– Udemy’s Sushi courses come with a Certificate of Completion.


Duration: Variable

Rating: 4.4 out of 5

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Review: This course is fantastic! You get to learn so many rolls. The lessons are fun and the instructor is really easy follow. Highly recommended! -Roger.



4. Online Sushi Course (Tokyo Sushi Academy)

Tokyo Sushi Academy’s online Sushi courses cover techniques and tips about Sushi, sashimi, and Japanese cuisine. Basic Technique For Salmon Sushi shows you how to make Nigiri, thin roll, and fusion roll with salmon.  Sushi – Basic Technique discusses every detail of making Sushi, from preparing Sushi rice to making Nigiri, Maki, and other different types of Sushi. You may like to check our list of Best Mexican Cooking Courses.


Key USPs-

– Professional chef instructors teach these Sushi techniques.

– These Sushi courses cover every detail of making delicious Sushi.


Duration: Variable

Rating: 4.4 out of 5

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So these were the Best Sushi Courses, Classes, Tutorials, Training and Certifications program available online. We hope that you found a course that will help you meet your learning goals. We wish you Happy Learning!