8 Best + Free Time Series Analysis Courses & Classes [2021 JULY]

Best Time Series Analysis course tutorial class certification training online

After conducting in-depth research, our team of 30+ experts has compiled this list of Best Time Series Analysis Courses, Classes, Tutorials, Training, and Certification programs available online for 2021. This list includes both free and paid courses to help you learn Time Series Analysis. Also, it is ideal for beginners, intermediates, as well as experts. Check our Best Data Science Courses. 


8 Best + Free Time Series Analysis Courses & Classes [2021 JULY]

1. Practical Time Series Analysis by Suny Online (Coursera)

This is a hands-on course intended for individuals who have some technical competencies and want to improve their skills in presentation and analysis in time series. In this course, you will look at the data sets that represent sequential information like stock prices, sunspot activity, annual rainfall, the value of agricultural products, and more. The course is prepared by professional instructors of the State University of New York, who will help you throughout the program to help you learn the advanced concepts of Time Series analysis. After finishing the course, you will also get a certificate of completion that can be shared with employers to showcase your skills.


Key USPs –

– Have a look at the several mathematical models that will help you understand the processes that generate these types of data.

– Get insights into the data with graphical representations and learn how you can make forecasts that will provide knowledge of intelligent things you might need in the future.

– Find video tutorials in the course that supports the written materials, and work with quizzes to emphasize crucial topics.

– Get introduced to SARIMA model at the end of the course that can be fitted into various datasets for forecasting.


Duration: 26 hours

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

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Review: I think I need support on the very last week, namely, week 6, on the very first quiz. I don’t understand the answers on how they were derived, but I was able to get the answers by repeating the quiz. – DP.


2. Python for Time Series Data Analysis (Udemy)

It is amongst one of the best online courses on Python for Time Series Data Analysis, which is created to help you learn how to use the Python programming language for time series analysis. It will offer you everything that you need to know to use Python for forecasting time series data and predict new data points. The instructor of the course, Jose Portilla, will take you through a steady approach that will begin with the basics and then move to work with Pandas. During the sessions, the instructor will be in direct touch with you to provide additional assistance. You may want to check our list of Best Python Data Science Courses. 


Key USPs –

– Start from the beginning by learning how to work with and manipulate data using the NumPy and Pandas libraries with Python.

– Dive deeper into the working process of Pandas by learning how to create visualizations with Pandas library and how to work with time-stamped data with Pandas and Python.

– Cover the general forecasting models of time series, such as creating Autocorrelation and Partial Autocorrelation charts, and learn how they can be used in conjunction with powerful ARIMA based models.

– Included with Facebook’s Prophet Library, which is simple to use for forecasting into the future with time data series.


Duration: 15-16 hours

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

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Review: The time series analysis course is well structured. Jose’s lectures flow like water. I had very good coverage of the time series topics. Deep learning and the prophet library were also included. Multivariate bonus was a plus. Thank you very much, Jose. – Ajitkumar Poolathodiyil.


3. Time Series Analysis in R (DataCamp)

An interactive course, designed by some of the best instructors of DataCamp to help you get introduced to some of the core time series analysis concepts and techniques. There are five chapters involved in the course, amongst which the first course I absolutely free to enrol without any fees. In this module, you will study about correlation analysis and the autocorrelation function, autoregression, and some other essential topics. The classes are included with multiple video lectures, quizzes, questionnaires, graded assignments, and a lot of other stuff to help you get to the core of Time Series analysis. Besides, it uses and implements the R language throughout the course.


Key USPs –

– Get insights into how to organize and visualize time series data in R and learn how to simplify assumptions that are widely used in time series analysis.

– Learn about the white noise model, the random walk model, and the definition of stationary processes while conducting some trend spotting.

– Discover the autocorrelation functions and practice to estimate and visualize autocorrelations for time series data.

– Know about the simple moving average model and several of its basic properties while estimating the MA model in R.


Duration: 4 hours

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

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Review: I’ve used other sites, but DataCamp’s been the one that I’ve stuck with.” – Devon Edwards Joseph.


4. Sequence, Time Series and Prediction by deeplearning.ai (Coursera)

Specially designed for software developers who want to learn to build scalable AI-powered algorithms, this course will help you apprehend how to use the tools to build them. A specialization program included with multiple tips and tricks to help you learn the best practices of using TensorFlow. In this four-series program, you will learn how to build time series models ion TensorFlow, and how to implement best practices for preparing time series data. The program is concluded by Laurence Moroney, who is a professional AI developer and instructor. Besides, there are other instructors involved in the program with every course. Have a look at our curation of Best Machine Learning Courses. 


Key USPs –

– Learn the most important and fundamental principles of machine learning and deep learning to implement them in real-life projects.

– Explore multiple ways of using RNNs and 1D ConvNets for prediction, and how to apply everything that you have learned to a sunspot prediction model with real-world data.

– Learn how to use TensorFlow to implement AI and ML principles to build and apply scalable models to real-world problems.

– Develop a better understanding of how neural networks works and involve yourself in Deep learning specialization program.


Duration: 13 hours

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

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Review: It was an amazing experience to learn from such great experts in the field and get a complete understanding of all the concepts involved and also get a thorough understanding of the programming skills. – OR.


5. Complete Time Series Analysis with Python (Udemy)

This course will work as a comprehensive guide to help you learn time series analysis with Python while covering all the aspects of analyzing temporal data. Taking up the classes will take you through a deep dive into the data science features with R and provide you with a better understanding of several concepts of data science. Besides, you will also get introduced to powerful Python-based packages for time series analysis, the commonly used techniques, visualization methods, and deep learning techniques. The course is developed by Minerva Singh, who is a graduate of Oxford University in MPhil. She will assist you throughout the classes to help you understand the complexity of deep learning.


Key USPs –

– An applied course created to help you master time series data in Python so that you can become proficient in Time Series data analysis.

– Learn how to use Python data science techniques to real-life data and be able to read in, pre-process, and visualize time series data.

– Learn how to implement standard data processing and visualization techniques for time series data in Python and how to use Python-based packages.

– After ending the course, you will be able to use machine learning regression for forecasting future values.


Duration: 4-5 hours

Rating: 4.3 out of 5

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Review: Wow, finally!! I have learned a lot in a short time, very interesting and useful. I will continue learning a lot more about time series with Python, I really like it, and I hope to find a related job. – Nasiruddin Shah.


6. Time Series Analysis (MIT Open Courseware)

Designed by the skilled faculty of MIT University, this course will provide you with a survey of the theory and application of time series methods in econometrics. It is entirely focused on developing the desired skills that are required to do empirical research in fields that operate with time-series data sets. In this progression, you will be equipped with various techniques and receipts for estimation and assessment of the quality of economic models time series data. Besides, you will be provided with additional video lectures, downloadable resources, quizzes, practice sessions, and real-world projects to understand the complexity of time series analysis. Don’t forget to check our Best Deep Learning Courses. 


Key USPs –

– Learn a variety of topics during the classes, such as univariate stationery and non-stationery models, frequency-domain methods, models of estimation and inference in persistent time series, and structural breaks.

– Know about the unique techniques of analysis and hypotheses of modern dynamic stochastic general equilibrium models, Bayesian approach, and simulated methods of moments.

– Understand the limitations and pitfalls of different styles and their potential fixes with special attention on these topics.

– Enrol yourself in various activities and final exam to obtain your certificate of completion signed by MIT.


Duration: 4-5 hours

Rating: 4.4 out of 5

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7. Forecasting and Time Series Analysis in Tableau (Udemy)

Developed by professional instructors of R-Tutorials Training, this course will help you learn and understand how to use Tableau for working with time series, generate forecasts, and add R functionality to enhance Tableau. You will begin with the general introduction of Tableau and Time series and then move on to learn moving averages, which are widely used in time series analysis. The instructor of the course will help you throughout the sessions to show you how to read the results you get and how you can modify the forecast settings manually.


Key USPs –

– A comprehensive learning program that doesn’t require prior skills in R to understand the use of Tableau for time series analysis.

– Learn how to visualize time series in Tableau, use time-series specific Tableau functions, perform calculations with time-series data in Tableau like SMA calculations, etc.

– Learn to use the Tableau forecasting tools for exponential smoothing models and be able to integrate R into Tableau to improve forecasting capabilities.

– At the end of the prospectus, you will be able to get data into Tableau and to orient yourself in the interface.


Duration: 3-4 hours

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

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Review: Voice/ Pronunciation is not clear. Moreover, the explanation seems to be more theoretical. Proper example should be shown to make understand the difference between Discrete and continuous variables. – Udayan Roy.


8. Time Series Forecasting (Udacity)

Individuals who are looking for a free course to begin their journey in time series analysis can take help from this free program offered by Udacity. In this course, you will be guided to the foundational knowledge of building and applying time series forecasting models in multiple business contexts. Besides, you will learn the critical components of time series data and forecasting models, and how to use Autoregressive, integrated, moving average models to create forecasts. This course is designed by Tony Moses, who also offers other advanced programs related to time series analysis, such as Introduction to programming for time series analysis. Check our Best GIS Courses.


Key USPs –

– Get familiarized with a variety of simple forecasting methods and learn what attributes make data a time series while gaining knowledge of trends and cyclical patterns.

– Learn how to develop and use ETS Models for forecasting and how to use decomposition plots to visualize time series data.

– Gain valuable insights into time series analysis with rich learning content, interactive quizzes, instructor videos, graded assignments, and much more.

– Be able to interpret time series model results while using holdout samples for comparing forecasting models.


Duration: 3 weeks

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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So these were the Best Time Series Analysis Courses, Classes, Tutorials, Training and certifications program available online. We hope that you found a course that will help you meet your learning goals. We wish you Happy Learning!