10 Best Udacity Courses & Nanodegrees [75% OFF] [2021 APRIL]

Best Udacity nanodegrees course certification class training online

Udacity is one of the leading e-learning platforms that help individuals learn almost every subject with their advance courses. Therefore, our team of experts compiled this list of Best Udacity Courses, Nano Degree program, and Certification programs available online for 2021. This list includes both free and paid programs to help you learn various subjects. Also, this list is ideal for beginners, intermediates, as well as experts. You may also be interested in having a look at Free Online Courses.


10 Best + Free Udacity Courses, NanoDegrees, Certifications, and Training Online [2021 APRIL] [UPDATED]

1. Udacity AI Course

You can learn about different concepts of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, such as introduction to AI, Annotating datasets, Training ML models, Introduction to Machine Learning, Deep learning, and much more in the multiple programs and nanodegrees offered by Udacity. You can even try out some of the free courses that include Intro to AI, Intro to ML, Secure and Private AI, A/B Testing among others. You may also want to have a look at our compilation of AI Certification.


Key USPs –

– Get a 1-on-1 technical mentor who will guide you to learn every concept deeply and answer your queries while keeping you motivated

– Learn from your own pace with flexible learning program and easy monthly payments

– Get a Certification of Completion with every course that you complete

– Includes free courses so you can learn even without paying


Duration: Self-paced

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

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2. Udacity Programming Courses & Nanodegrees 

Programming has always been a vital as well as the critical field in IT industry, and there is still a shortage of developers. So, whether you’re just beginning with development or want to improve your coding skills, this programming course from Udacity can help you in every aspect. The School of Programming is a multi-niche course that consist of multiple Nano degree programs in programming, such as Java Developer, C++, Introduction to Programming, and much more. Apart from that, there are specific courses focused on multiple programming languages. All these courses and Nano degree programs are designed by skilled instructors of Udacity. Also, after completing every course or Nano degree program, you’ll be awarded a certification of completion.


Key USPs –

– Get introduced to multiple programming languages like Java, C++, HTML, CSS, Python, etc.

– Know about the basics of Android, such as Android development, Android Studio, XML Layouts, Java programming, Android views, etc.

– Get your own personal career coach who will not only help you learn the course but also give you career advice

– Learn different Data Structures and Algorithms, and C++ concepts

– Avail multiple free courses related to programming, such as Software testing, Intro to Algorithms, Intro to Computer Science, and many more


Duration: Self-paced

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

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3. Udacity Data Science Courses

You can choose from multiple Nano degree programs and different courses focused on specific subjects of Data science. With this program, you can become a Data Analyst, Data Engineer, Data Scientist, or choose any other field in the same domain. You can choose from free courses including some around Database Systems Concepts, Intro to Data Science, SQL for Data Analysis, and many more. You can also build your expertise in topics like data manipulation, predictive analytics, machine learning, and visualization through the programs offered. If interested, you can also have a look at our round-up of best SQL Certification.


Key USPs –

– Learn different concepts of Data Analyst like Data Wrangling, Pandas & NumPy, Matplotlib, Bootstrapping, etc.

– Gain knowledge of different programming languages, such as Python, NumPy, SQL, Git & Git Hub

– Learn from the real-world projects designed by industry experts and professionals

– World-renowned instructors will teach you different aspects of data science


Duration: Self-paced

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

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4. Udacity Machine Learning Engineer Course

Machine Learning is a growing sector in the IT industry that is offering multiple jobs to individuals. So, if you’re interested in making a career in ML, then this course from Udacity can help you achieve your dream. This course includes two Nano degree programs – the first program “Introduction to ML” will introduce you to various concepts of ML, and the second program “Machine Learning Engineer” will teach you advanced machine learning deployment techniques. After completing both these programs, you’ll not only earn a certification of completion, but you’ll be able to get a job in the same field quickly. Don’t forget to take a look at free machine learning courses.


Key USPs –

– Designed by the expert and professional instructors of Udacity who have years of experience in Machine Learning

– Get introduced to multiple concepts of ML, such as how to apply ML techniques to different real-world tasks

– Learn to build end-to-end machine learning products and how to deploy machine learning models to global audiences

– Gain the advanced skillset that you need to become a professional machine learning engineer

– Get 1-on-1 technical instructor for your Nano degree program who will help you at every stage of learning

– Avail resume services, career advice, practical exams, and much more with the course.


Duration: Self-paced

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

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5. Udacity Full-stack Web Developer Certification Course

People who are interested in making a career in the software development field, then this Full-stack developer course from Udacity can be the right fit for you. This program is in collaboration with Google, GitHub, AWS, and AT&T to provide students with maximum knowledge and skills that are required for this field. In this course, you’ll learn how to build applications that support any front-end, and scale to support hundreds of thousands of users. It is a multi-instructor course, which means it is designed by multiple instructors of Udacity who are experienced in Full-stack development. Every instructor makes sure that you get the best of this course with their continuous assistance. After finishing this course, you’ll be able to get yourself a job as a full-stack developer in the IT industry. Along with this course, you can also check out our special compilation of the best full stack development course.


Key USPs –

– Get knowledge of essential developer tools like Unix Shell, GitHub, and Git, and then apply your skills to investigate HTTP

– Enhance the power of SQL to master relational database

– Learn how to build multi-user web applications with Flask framework, SQLAlchemy, and Google

– A flexible learning environment with no deadlines and access to course content from anywhere

– Avail real-world projects from industry experts to practice your skills


Duration: 4 months, 10  hours/week

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

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6. Udacity Android Course

This course of Android Development is focused on teaching students how they can leverage the power of Android to build a strong career in the development field. It is a free course from Udacity that is integrated with a Nano degree program “Android Developer,” which means after finishing this course, you can enroll yourself into the Nano degree program. This course is created just to give you an overview of how to develop android apps. In this course, you will work with the instructors to build a cloud-connected Android app and learn the best practices for mobile development. Though you will not get a certificate after completing this course, taking other Nano degree programs will surely make your eligible for that.


Key USPs –

–  Learn the tools, principals, and best practices for mobile and android development that can be applied to your own project

– Get access to rich learning content, interactive quizzes, and student support community provided by Udacity

– Know about Android architecture components, content providers, background tasks, completing the UI, and much more

– Created by industry professionals keeping the current Android trend in mind

– Learn from your own pace with access to course content on any device


Duration: Approx. 60 hours

Rating: 4.4 out of 5

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7. Introduction to Computer Science

Intro to Computer Science is an absolutely free course provided by Udacity to help individuals learn the basic concepts of computer science that will help them in the future. This course is integrated with The School of Programming program provided by Udacity. After completing this course, you can enroll yourself in other Nano degree programs like Java Developer, Python Developer, or C++ Developer. This course is designed by industry experts keeping the end-user requirements in mind. Although this course will provide you with industry-relevant information only, enrolling into other programs will get you a certification of completion.


Key USPs –

– Learn fundamental concepts of computer science in this introductory Python course and build your own versions of popular web applications

– Understand how to write your first computer program, how to manage data, respond to queries, run programs, and have infinite power,

– Learn Python that is a widely used and most useful programming language in computer science

– Get access to rich learning content, interactive quizzes, and self-paced learning without any deadlines

– Get assistance and support from the instructors related to any queries on course content

– Absolutely free without involving any hidden cost or charges


Duration: 3 months

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

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8. Become a Data Scientist

This is a Nano degree program that consists of two different programs focused on Data Science and Machine learning. Students who know about Machine learning can directly enroll into Data Scientist program, otherwise, you’ll have to complete the Machine Learning program first. With this course, you’ll learn how to run data pipelines, design experiments, and deploy solutions to the cloud. The course is designed in the simplest manner so that users don’t face any problem while learning. It will provide you all the knowledge that you need to begin with your career in data science. Also, you can choose a one-on-one instructor for the course, who will help you understand the topics more carefully.


Key USPs –

– Learn the process of Data Science that includes how to build compelling data visualizations, and how to improve your communications with Stakeholders

– Build software engineering skills that are necessary for data scientists

– Get continuous support and assistance from the mentor with one phone call every month

– Avail real-world projects, practical exercises, and quizzes to improve your knowledge and enhance your skillset

– Earn a certification of completion after finishing the course accurately with the given projects


Duration: 4 months, 10 hours/week

Rating: 4.2 out of 5

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9. Deep Learning Nano Degree Program

Deep Learning is a part of Artificial Intelligence and bringing advancements into this field that are changing our world. This Nano degree program offered by Udacity is specially designed for those individuals who are willing to take their career ahead in the Deep Learning or AI field. This program is integrated with multiple concepts of Python programming, NumPy, Pandas, Neural Networks, and much more. With this course, you’ll be introduced to fundamentals of AI, Machine learning, and Deep learning, and later on, you’ll be guided to advance Python programming language. Apart from that, you’ll get access to work on real-world projects at the end of every session to test your knowledge. This course is designed by expert instructors of Udacity, who have years of experience in this industry.


Key USPs –

– Master developing and executing neural networks for image recognition, image generation, and sequence generation

– Know the basics of neural networks, and how to build your first network with Python and NumPy

– Understand the use of modern deep learning framework PyTorch for building multi-layer neural networks and analyze the real data

– Get access to resume services and LinkedIn profile reviews

– Earn a certification of completion after completing the course


Duration: 4 months, 11 hours/week

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

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10. Become a Self-Driving Car Engineer

This self-driving car course will help you learn the skills and techniques that are used by the most advanced self-driving car companies teams in the world. It is also a Nano degree program that will cover multiple concepts of self-driving cars, such as computer vision, deep learning, sensor fusion, localization, planning, control, and much more. Also, it is integrated with real-life scenarios and projects to help you understand the subjects more precisely. All the instructors have put their hundred percent in this course so that learners don’t face any difficulty in learning the core concepts. Also, the certification program with this course enables you to earn the certificate of completion after finishing the course.


Key USPs –

– Learn and understand how to apply computer vision, deep learning, and sensor fusion to automotive problems

– Know about the working process of self-driving cars and what services you can avail for them

– A complete flexible learning program that fits your busy life and allows you to learn from your own pace


Duration: 6 months

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

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11. Programming Foundation with Python

This is a free course focused on Python programming language that will guide you to Object-Oriented programming. This course is integrated with Full Stack Web Developer program, which means you can further extend your skills into other programming languages after completing this course. In this course, you’ll learn the techniques that will allow you to reuse and share code easily. Having said that, programming can be intimidating for beginners; this course is created in such a way that every individual will gain a great learning experience. Though this course doesn’t include any certification, you can indulge yourself into Nano degree programs to earn a certification of completion.


Key USPs –

– Learn important programming concepts step-by-step without any surprises or leaps of logic

– Enhance the power of some great tools to code in Python programming language, reuse and share code with Object-Oriented programming

– Know about using classes and how to identify a problem statement and idea for a project

– Learn how to create and share amazing, life-hacking projects with your team

– Get access to mini projects with each lesson to learn and improve your programming concepts

– Avail rich learning content, interactive quizzes, and access to Student Support community


Duration: 6 weeks

Rating: 4.3 out of 5

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12. Computer Networking by Georgia Tech

This is another free course provided by Udacity that focuses on advanced topics in Computer Networking like Software-Defined Networking, Data Center Networking, and Content Distribution. It is divided into three different parts, all of which covers various topics and subjects of Computer Networking. Just like other courses, this course is also integrated with a Nano degree program, “Flying Car and Autonomous Flight Engineer.” What makes this course more interesting is that it is provided by expert instructors of Georgia Tech University, so you’ll learn from professional professors. We believe if you want to improve your computer networking knowledge or move into the network engineering field, then this is the best course for you.


Key USPs –

– Know about different computer networking topics, such as Switching, Routing, Architecture & Principles, DNS, Content Distribution, and much more

– Understand the process of securing your internal network with network security concept

– Be a System Admin, Network Admin, or Technical Operations (WebOps) after completing the course

– Get access to instructional videos, practice exercises, guidance from industry professionals that will help you improve your knowledge and skills


Duration: 3 months

Rating: 4.3 out of 5

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