8 Best Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial, Courses & Training [2018 UPDATED]

Unreal Engine Developer Courses Training Tutorial

Our team of global experts has done in depth research to come up with this compilation of Best Unreal Engine 4 Course, Tutorial, Training, Certification & Class for 2018. All these resources are available online and will help you learn and excel at Unreal Engine, UE4 and C++.


Presenting 8 Best Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial, Courses, Training, Classes and Certification Online [2018 UPDATED]

1. Unreal Engine 4 Developer Course – Learn C++ & Make Games

Ben Tristem, Sam Pattuzzi, two renowned experts in the domain of game development bring you this highly recommended course that has been taken up by more than 100,000 students so far! You will need a 64-bit PC that can ideally run Unreal 4 or a Mac capable of running Unreal 4 (must support Metal) and about 15GB of free disc space. You will get to learn C++ from scratch, in addition to understanding how to build your first video game in Unreal engine. This in our opinion is the best unreal engine tutorial.


Key USPs of the course –

– Gain an excellent knowledge of modern game development with Unreal Engine

– Learn how object oriented programming works in practice

– Build your first Unreal C++ Game

– 55.5 hours of on demand video + 10 supplemental resources


Rating : 4.7 out of 5

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Review – Great course. It went pretty in-depth and taught all the necessary, important concepts of Unreal Engine 4. I already come from a C++ background and have made games before in Unity, Unreal blueprints, Java, etc but never with C++ in Unreal. This course was just the right level of difficulty and everything was explained well. The instructors are very good and it totally saved me time from having to experiment and figure things out myself. My debugging skills with this engine got pretty good and it is definitely important to learn which the instructors do a great job at going through the process. – Nijastan Kirupa



2. Unreal Engine 4 Course : The Complete Beginner’s Course

This training by David Nixon teaches you video game development & how to build your game from scratch using UE4. One of the important things about the program is that it helps you script logic to define game play without really needing to know how to code. David himself holds a degree in Computer Science from Florida Atlantic University and is a professional software developer. Over the years, he has developed multiple games for different clients.


Key USPs –

– Quick course of 10 hours for those short on time

– Learn to build realistic environments for games

– Define custom inputs and movements to control characters

– Teaches you about additional topics like Importing 3D objects, packaging your game and more


Rating : 4.5 out of 5

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Review – The instructor is very clear and knowledgeable, and the content is simple yet necessary. For reals beginners, I’d definitely recommend this course before anything else. This will zero their chances of getting stuck in any of the basic concepts or tools. Additionally, if you’re not a beginner but need t fill in gaps of knowledge you might have over the basic concepts, this course could also help you. – Renato Dias



3. Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial: How to Develop Your First Two Games

Christopher Murphy is the founder of Pub Games, and has worked across PC, Vive, Oculus, PS4, iOS and Android over the years. With over 10 years of solid experience in Unreal Engine, he also holds a degree in Computer Science as well as Multimedia, all of which helps him up his game development game. With his extensive experience, he has come up with a comprehensive yet sleek 15 hour online course on Unreal Engine.


Key USPs of the training –

– Develop game of Pinball and Survival

– Get to know the editor basics

– Work on the latest version, Unreal Engine 4

– High student rating of 4.6 out of 5


Rating : 4.6 out of 5

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Review – I had zero prior knowledge to UE4. After taking this course, I have a much better understanding of the engine itself, and a small peak into what it is capable of. I already enrolled in another course to continue my learning. I look forward to making my first to projects for PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds. One will be a new map, and the other will be a practice mode. Also, when I had trouble and needed direct help from the instructor, I reached out to him via twitter and he was responsive. – Adam Blevins



4. Unreal Engine 4 Training: Create Multiplayer Games with C++

Tom Looman is a well recognized name in the domain of game development. He comes with a background of working at Epic Games. A master trainer, he has created over 70 tutorials for the Unreal Engine community over the years! In this Epic Games approved course, he will teach you to unleash the power of C++ and Blueprint to create Multiplayer Games with Artificial Intelligence. You will specifically learn how to use Unreal Engine 4.


Key USPs –

– An Epic Games approved course (Creators of Unreal Engine)

– Trainer’s experience of working on UE since day 1 of development

– Learn to create a stealth game and a coop game

– Understand how to do game networking


Rating : 4.7 out of 5

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Review – I have had extensive experience developing games in UE3 and this was an excellent way to learn many of the features offered by UE4 without getting too bogged down on the details. Tom clearly has a lot of experience working with the Unreal Engine and he offers a ton of information in a fast-paced, step-by-step fashion. Most importantly, Tom shows many of the mistakes that he makes along the way and shows how you can debug issues that crop up during development. This is a great way to see how to implement a project in C++, while still understanding how to use the power of Blueprints to enable and empower your content teams to extend behaviors and even create some of their own. – Greg Heath



5. Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial – Learn to Make a Game Prototype in UE4

Rob Brooks has come up with a comprehensive guide that takes you through step by step process of creating a professional and polished SHMUP game using Unreal Engine 4. Rob comes with a degree in Game Technology and has wide experience of C# with XNA, Unity3D and C++ in UE4. In this course he will teach you all about game development pipelines, how to build a polished prototype, navigating UE4 interface.


Key USPs –

– Highly recommended and rated program at 4.5 out of 5 stars

– Trainer is proficient at 2D, 3D design which helps further in game development

– Regularly updated course

– Learn to create your own Game Mode to manage game logic

– Get to know how to use Blueprints + Figure out how you can program different enemies and projectile types

– Demystify collisions in UE

– Master all new techniques of Unreal Engine


Rating : 4.5 out of 5

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Review : This is my first paid style course. I’ve been working with Unreal for 6 months going off documents and free youtube videos. I wish I started with this. Hands down one of the best courses explaining A-Z on creating a simple game. Maybe I appreciate it more because I’ve bounced around so much the past 6 months. Either way, I learned a lot and helped cement what I already learned. I’ll be referencing sections I need as I continue to create my prototype. – Mitch


6. Unreal Multiplayer Mastery – Online Game Development In C++

This special tutorial comes from GameDev tv, which was created by best-selling Udemy instructor Ben Tristem to help professionals learn how to design and sell indie games. They together create quality courses that are highly engaging and entertaining for students.


Key USPs –

– Learn about how to create multiplayer games and stream them

– Suitable for beginner to intermediate level Unreal developers

– After signing up, you are also entitled to be a part of a free community site where you can share games and 3D models and connect with other learners


Rating : 4.6 out of 5

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Review – An absolutely excellent course that I highly recommend to anyone wishing to learn about multiplayer in UE4. I came from this course fresh from the UE4 C++ course, and was pleasantly surprised to find it to be a perfect continuation (works great with the concepts taught in that course), as well as an improvement in pace, without repeating much from that course at all. Essentially everything is covered in a comprehensive, understandable and very interesting way. – Eoin OB



7. Unreal Engine 4: Beginners Guide to Lighting

Bradley Wascher is a 3D environment artist who has worked with some well renowned studios in the games industry. Having created a lot of 3D art for video games and having creating 3D products along the way, he has now decided to share all his knowledge and experience in the form of online courses with eager professionals all over the world. In this tutorial of his, he will throw light on the process of lighting in Unreal Engine 4.


USPs –

– Learn to install unreal engine and figure out how to use the interface

– Learn how to light up your game, in both static and real time perspective

– Enhance your video by adding optimum light quality

– Course includes a real time case study on lighting in UE

– Also includes a session that covers common errors and issues


Rating : 4.6 out of 5

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Review : This course is supposed to be an introduction to lighting in UE4, and it absolutley nails it! The instructor has great didactics, the topics are thoroughly explained in a very succinct way – he does in a 3 minute videos what others would take half an our. I hope he would consider doing an “advanced module” on this topic, and I’m looking forward to go through his other courses.



8. Unreal Engine 4 VR Interior Tour with 3DsMax VRay Photoshop

Alexander Vasiliuk has been working as a 3D Artist for over a decade at some of the leading gaming companies across the world. He has been instructing students online for over 5 years now and is well renowned for his expertise on the subject. In this course, he will teach you to use 3DsMax VRay Photoshop to enable you to quite literally ‘walk’ inside your game.


USPs –

– Learn to build a Virtual Reality Tour using 3DsMax Model

– You can enroll even without any knowledge of UE

– Includes downloadable files that you can use later

– Learn modeling and lighting with 3DsMax & VRay

– Learn about Assembly 3D Space in UNREAL ENGINE

– Course is regularly updated


Rating : 4.4 out of 5

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Review : Found the course to be not only very easy to understand, but also very detailed. Probably the easiest and best entry point for ArchViz with UE4.


Bonus Courses on Game Development


9. Learn to Code by Making Games – Complete C# Unity Developer

Ben Tristem holds a degree in computing from the Imperial College London and started working at the young age of 15! He loves teaching game development and has taught 350,000+ students so far! He also works as an angel investor and mentors startups and businesses in Cambridge UK. This course by him will help you learn Game development & design, get you trained on C# using Unity 5 and make you build your first 7 2D & 3D games for web & mobile.


Key USPs –

– Well renowned trainer with immense credibility and brilliant ratings

– Regularly updated course

– Understand how object oriented programming works

– Use your knowledge later on platforms such as  .NET and other languages

– Comprehensive tutorial with 45.5 hours of on demand video


Rating : 4.6 out of 5

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Review : This has been so far the best investment in my entire life. I’ve wanted to become a game developer for quite some time, and this course gave me a lot of tools and inspiration to pursue my dream. The content is great, everything is well explained, the instructors really want you to learn, and you do. The micro challenges are a great way to practice and gain knowledge and confidence in coding. – Francisco Antonio Bastardo Marcano


What started with the creation of iconic game ‘Unreal’ has today become a globally renowned platform that supports game development on platforms right from Windows, iOS, Android, Playstation, Nintendo to VR. With such a mass following and ever growing adoption, we thought it would be best to help you find the best Unreal tutorial, training, courses and certifications online that can help you become an expert UE developer.


Ever since it was developed by Tim Sweeney in the 1990s, Unreal Engine has come a long way. You may be surprised to know that Unreal Engine(UE) has also won the Guinness World Records award for “most successful video game engine”! Those were the best Unreal Engine Courses, Training and Tutorials online. These are updated and as current as they can be. As soon as we have news about Unreal Engine 5, we will keep you posted. We certainly hope they helped you find what you were looking for. Wish you the best in your career! May you keep learning and growing! You may be also interested in checking out Best Android Course, Blender 3D TutorialUnity Course, Blockchain Courses, Machine Learning Certification among host of other courses and training listed on our platform.