4 Best Windows 10 Courses [2021 AUGUST] [UPDATED]

Best Windows 10 course tutorial class certification training online

If you want to learn how to use Windows 10 or think of installing this software, this list is for you. These courses will teach you everything from installing it on your computer to customizing it. This list consists of the Best Windows 10 Courses, Programs, Certifications, Tutorials available online in 2021. You may want to check our list of Best Microsoft SCCM Courses

4 Best Windows 10 Courses [2021 FEBRUARY] [UPDATED]

1. Windows 10 Essentials (Udemy)

This course is for anyone who wants to upgrade to Windows 10 and learn how to use it. You will learn about the new operating system, its functionalities, and its advantages. It has the best features of Windows 8 and other benefits. The layout and interface of Windows is quite traditional. This course will help you use Windows 10 effectively and utilize its features to the maximum level. 


Key USPs-

– Get to know how it is different from other versions of Windows.

– You’ll learn about the new start menu, action center, and more.

– Learn how to use it with Microsoft accounts, business or local accounts.

– Learn how to use Cortana, which is a built-in personal assistant.

– Understand how to use Task view and Snap to organize your folders on the screen.

– Learn about the new features of Microsoft Edge, which is a web browser. 

– Learn about the features of Windows app store and draw a comparison between other app stores.

– Learn how to personalize your desktop and start menu.


Duration: 54 Minutes

Rating: 4.4 out of 5

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Review: Despite having spent quite a bit of time with Windows 10 I always consider that there are things to be learned and there were some tips here that I had absolutely no idea about that have helped greatly! Thank you guys! -Duston Ward.



2. Get up to speed with Windows 10 (Udemy)

So, you have installed Windows 10 on your desktop but don’t know how to use it. Then, this certification is for you. This is a short course with 10 lectures organized in six sections. Once you enroll, you will get full lifetime access to the course and access it from both mobile and desktop. The six sections are course introduction, introducing Windows 10, getting to know, customizing, and increasing productivity using Windows 10. On completing it, you will earn certification and get a 30-day money-back guarantee. Do have a look at our compilation of Best Ansible Courses


Key USPs-

– Learn how the assistant Cortana can help you with your daily activities.

– Learn how to use this new version across devices.

– Learn to personalize the appearance of your operating system.

– Learn to navigate the new operating system.

– Get to know about the key features of Microsoft Edge, Windows Store, and Windows Defender.

– The teaching style of the instructor is engaging and easy to understand.


Duration: 33 Minutes

Rating: 4.3 out of 5

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Review: This course was very easy to understand the teacher was amazing. I would recommend her to anyone and take more courses with her. -Indira Murray.



3. Learn Microsoft Windows 10 the Easy Way for Beginners (Udemy)

This bestselling class on Udemy covers everything you need to know about Microsoft Windows 10. It covers everything from start to finish such as installing it on your desktop to personalizing the applications to suit your needs. You’ll learn about the new features like the new Action Center, Cortana, Start Button, Metro App, Continuum, and more. At the end of the class, you will be able to efficiently and earn a certificate.


Key USPs-

– Get three articles and two downloadable resources. 

– Get full lifetime access to the course and access to any future updates.

– Access the classes on mobile, TV or desktop based on your convenience. 

– Get your money back within 30 days of purchase if you don’t like the classes.

– Learn everything about Windows 10 within 7 hours.

– You can study at your pace from your home or during your commute. 


Duration: Variable

Rating: 4.2 out of 5

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Review: It was an excellent course but it should be explained it is for Windows 10 Home. I use windows Pro but still gain a lot of insight while having to locate the items discussed in the Home version. It is also recommend that the Home Group section be removed as Microsoft eliminated it in the Windows 1803 update. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and instructor Tobb A. -William Melfi.



4. Windows 10 Essential Training (2015 Original Release) (LinkedIn Learning)

This course teaches you about how to use Windows 10 software that was released in 2015. You will learn about all the important and fundamental features. It will teach you how to install the software, manage folders, work with Cortana, use the Microsoft Edge Browser, and use Mail, Calendar, and People. The course is divided into different sections, with each section consisting of multiple short video lectures. The sections are Getting Started, Launching and Managing Applications, File Explorer, Using Cortana to Search, Browsing the Web with Edge, Working with Mail, People, and Calendar, Using the Other Bundled Apps, Installing Applications, Essential Settings, and Customizations. You’ll also learn about sharing with home networks, backing up, restoring, troubleshooting, and updating. Check out our take on Best Apache Maven Courses


Key USPs-

– Earn a Linkedin Learning certificate and share it with your professional network.

– Access the course material on mobile or tablet, depending on your convenience.

– It consists of eight chapter quizzes and one chapter file.

– You can download the certificate as a PDF or share it as an image with others. 

– Understand the login account and how to use it.

– Understand the different modifier keys and keyboard shortcuts.

– Learn to launch and manage different applications.


Duration: 8 Hours 1 Minute

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 

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