5 Best Free Wine Classes & Courses [2019] [UPDATED]

Best Wine courses classes certification training tutorial online

20+ experts have come up with this list of 5 Best Wine Courses and Certifications for 2019. It includes both paid and free learning resources available online to help you learn about Wine and Wine tasting. The list includes free and paid learning resources and is suitable for beginners, intermediate learners as well as experts.


5 Best Free Wine Classes, Courses, Training & Certifications Online [2019] [UPDATED]

1. Wine Tasting: Sensory Techniques by University of California (Coursera)

The wine trade is one of the oldest trades across the world. Wine, with its complexities and variety has always managed to intrigue people. If you are considering a career in the wine industry, wine testing is an important skill you should immediately master. This course by the University of California introduces you to wine varieties and the physiological aspects of wine tasting.  You will learn how to set up your own tasting, pick up sensory vocabulary,  examine the defects in wine, and master the techniques used to spot the defects. At the end of the course, you will get an opportunity to demonstrate your skills by assessing a wine; this project will be reviewed by your peers.


Key USPs :

-You are introduced to various aspects of wine and  wine tasting

-You will learn how to create basic-taste standards for blind tasting, flavor standards to improve your sensory vocabulary, sniff standards for fault detection, and a personal wine and food scoring system

-Peer-reviewed project will help you test your learning

-Get access to instructional videos, quizzes, and reading material

-This is a beginner level course that does not require prior knowledge

-Flexible deadlines that allow self-paced learning


Duration: Self-paced

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

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Review: A really great overview and introduction to wine analysis. I thought the tutor was great and easy to learn from. Class Video’s are all engaging and I feel I’ve managed to learn a lot through self taught study. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting a manageable work load and to learn about wine! – Elizabeth MacCulloch



2. Mastering wine – Jancis Robinson’s Shortcuts to Success (Udemy)

This course is for individuals who want to improve their wine experience and for aspirants seeking a career in wine. This course will take you through the journey of wine – from grapes to glass and introduce you to the steps of wine tasting. You will learn the tools and techniques necessary to work your way around with wines – from handling corks and stoppers to decanting, aging and storing wines, and making money from your wine collection.  With the completion of the course, you will be able to taste wine like a professional, decode wine labels, avoid common wine pitfalls, choose and buy wine confidently, and pick up the right kind of wine for a given social situation.


Key USPs

-This course is delivered by a renowned wine expert

-The course is useful to improve one’s wine experience and pick up knowledge necessary to begin a career in wine

You will gain a thorough knowledge of all aspects of wine tasting and master the steps of wine tasting

-You will get life-time access to resources that deepen your learning

-This course can be accessed via mobile or TV

You will get a certificate after completion of the course


Duration: Self-paced

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

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Review: I would like to talk a little bit more about varieties, regions … and of course some part of her book or present will be part of some future course. – Sandra Draganic



3. Wine: Everything You Want to Know, Taught by a Winemaker (Udemy)

This course simply tells you all you want to know about wine – the history of wine,  how the wine is prepared, what do the vineyard workers do, how we taste a wine, how we talk wine, how to pair wine and food, and where and how to buy wine. This course is delivered by an expert wine-maker who will guide you through the journey of becoming a wine geek from a wine novice. This course can be taken up by anyone who is eager to understand all the aspects of wine and improve his/her wine experience. By the end of the course, you will be confident about your knowledge of wine, and be able to enhance your wine drinking experience.


Key USPs

-The course covers every aspect of wine and wine tasting

-The course can be taken up by anyone interested in wine

-Get lifetime access to video lectures, FAQs, slides from lectures, and articles

Get a list of recommended resources that can deepen your learning

This course can be accessed via mobile or TV

You will get a certificate after completion of the course


Duration: Self-paced

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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Review: Yes – I have learned new things in this first section… love the visuals. Did not know vines would, in their natural habitat climb trees. Never thought about it. Always just imagined that they would turn out to be bush vines but the are climbers so there you go! – Janine van der Linde



4. Online Wine School (Napa Valley Wine Academy)

Online Wine School of Napa Valley Wine Academy offers various beginner, intermediate and advanced level certification courses. They include Napa Valley Wine Expert, Society of Wine Educators CSW program , Wine 101 Foundation course, Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Levels 1-4, Tim Gaiser’s SommDay courses, and The American Wine Expert course.  If you are a wine enthusiast, you can opt for basic level courses and learn more about wine and spirits. If you are a beverage industry professional, you can take up courses that lead to certifications and take your career to the next level. These courses cover various topics like wines, wine styles, sakes, spirits, tasting, wine management, wine sales, and wine business.


Key USPs

-There are 19 course options you can choose from

-The courses are delivered through webinars, workshops, one-to-one coaching sessions, and video lectures

-Students get access to templates, study material and other downloadable resources they need

-The courses cover various topics related to wine- from wine types to wine management and wine business

-You can find courses for both wine enthusiasts and beverage industry professionals

-The courses prepare you for certification exams

-Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced level courses are available


Duration: Variable

Rating: 4.4 out of 5

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Review: I wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying the course – it’s extremely comprehensive and the information is presented so clearly. I’ve studied Italian wine with other organizations and I lived in Florence for ten years, and this program is SO useful and straightforward.” –Claire H.



5. Wine in 9: The Complete Wine Tasting Course (Udemy)

If you want to know everything that is to know about wine tasting, this course is all you need. Anxious about choosing a wine from the restaurant list? Not able to detect the aroma and flavor of the wine yet? Wondering what all those terms on the wine label mean? Not sure which wine to pair with which food? Well, this course aims at teaching you how to tackle such obstacles to your wine enjoyment.  Taught by a wine-making expert and seasoned educator, the course will take you step-by-step through the process of tasting.  You will learn how grape growing and wine-making processes affect the smell and taste of the wine,  techniques for training your memory for detecting aromas, and a 3-step approach to improving your wine knowledge.


Key USPs :

-The course is for wine enthusiasts eager to improve their knowledge of wine

-Learn a three-step framework that will help you continue to learn about  wine

-Learn wine tasting process step-by-step

-You will get lifetime access to downloadable resources

-This course can be accessed via mobile or TV

You will get a certificate after completion of the course


Duration: Self-paced

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

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Review: Great classes for people who wish to understand vines and wines and even serving wines. I think that the class is suitable for professionals in wine sector as well as for beginners. -Ayse Deniz


So these were the 5 Best Wine Courses and Certifications available online for 2019. Hope you found what you were looking for. Wish you a Happy Learning!