4 Best World History Courses [2021 OCTOBER][UPDATED]

Best world history course tutorial class certification training online

30+ Experts have compiled this list of 4 Best World History Courses and Certifications you can find online for 2021. Here, we have listed both paid and free resources to help you learn World History.


4 Best World History Courses & Certifications [2021 OCTOBER]

1. World History Courses (edX) 

edX’s courses on the History of the ancient and modern worlds are available for free. Top universities in the world offer courses in Archaeology, Ancient Egypt, Art History, Buddhism, Cartography, Chinese History, Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Religion, Philosophy, Sikhism, U.S. History, and Western Civilization. Through Global Politics, you will explore the links between nature and politics, understand the importance of universal organizations vs. local power structures, and learn how an equilibrium that nurtures a sustainable future for humanity can be achieved. Hollywood: History, Industry, Art delves into the History of Hollywood. In China’s Political and Intellectual Foundations: From Sage Kings to Confucius, you will learn China’s History – political, geographic, philosophical, cultural, archaeological, and mythological aspects. In World Religions Through Their Scriptures, you will learn how to interpret sacred texts, investigates the role of world religions in History. Check out our compilation of Best Free History Courses.


Key USPs-

– Top universities in the world offer edX’s history courses

– The lessons are followed by quizzes and assignments to help you check your learning

– Completing graded assignments and projects qualify you for the Certificate

– After completing the course, you can pay a small amount of fee and receive a certificate testifying that you completed the course

– You can share the Certificate with employers by adding it to your LinkedIn profile and printed resume


Duration: Variable 

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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Review: I’ve taken over 30 courses online, and this is by far one of the best ‘…’ So many of my “myths” or misconceptions about Islam and the Middle East are broken.



2. World History Courses (Coursera)

Coursera’s website features a wide variety of courses in World History, for you to choose from. The Modern World, a two-part course by the University of Virginia, examines modern History from a global perspective. Introduction to Ancient Egypt and Its Civilization is a course offered by the University of Pennsylvania, discusses topics including History and Chronology, The Pharaoh and Kingship, Gods and Goddesses, The Pyramids and The Sphinx, and Mummies and Mummification. The Holocaust – An Introduction (I): Nazi Germany: Ideology, The Jews, and the World delve into The Holocaust. The French Revolution offered by the University of Melbourne studies the origins, course, and outcomes of the French revolution.


Key USPs-

– Coursera’s World History courses are developed by the best universities and delivered by the best instructors

– Successfully clearing the auto-graded and peer-reviewed assignments will make you eligible to receive the Course Certificate

– You can join Coursera’s community discussion forums to learn from your peers

– You can receive a sharable electronic Course Certificate by paying a small fee


Duration: Variable 

Rating: 4.4 out of 5

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Review: It was amazing to delve in the glorious History of Ancient Egypt. I loved to learn about the kings, queens and the monuments which defined the definite past. I will rate it 100/100! – RR



3. World History (Khan Academy)

Khan Academy’s World History teaches world history, starting with the origin of humans and early human societies. The topics discussed include Beginnings – 600 BCE, 600 BCE – 600 CE Second-Wave Civilizations, 600 – 1450 Regional and interregional interactions, 1450 – 1750 Renaissance and Reformation 1750 -1900 Enlightenment and Revolution, and The 20th Century. Have a look at our take on Best Free Online Courses and Certifications.


Key USPs-

– You can study Khan Academy’s World History course for free

– This course has several practical exercises that will help you learn better


Duration: Variable

Rating: 4.3 out of 5

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4. History Courses By Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT Open Courseware) 

MIT offers History courses in many subjects, including Ancient, North American, European, East Asian, and Middle Eastern History. These courses examine world history from social, economic, cultural, and political perspectives. The World: 1400-Present, investigates the increasing interaction between individuals and their physical environment, religious and political systems, and sub-groups within communities. Modern Japan: 1868 to Present delves into Japanese History, from the establishment of the Tokugawa shogunate to the present. If you are interested in the history of the Middle East, The Middle East in the 20th Century will tell you all that happened from the end of the 19th Century to the present. The Ancient World: Greece discusses the History of Greece, from the Bronze Age to the death of Alexander.


Key USPs-

– MIT has several courses in History for you to choose from based on what you want to learn

– MIT calculates your grades based on your performance in homework assignments or final examination or both

– After clearing the exams, you will receive the course certificate

– The course material for MIT’s History courses include audio/video files, reading material and textbooks

– You can download the course material from the MIT Open Courseware website


Duration: Variable

Rating: 4.3 out of 5

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So, these were the 4 Best World History Courses & Certifications available online for 2021. We hope you found what you were looking for. We wish you Happy Learning!