Companies are moving away from acquiring fans and followers on social media

Companies are moving away from acquiring social media fans

We recently caught up with Chetna Sundaram, seasoned marketing professional with over 18 years of experience. She is currently AGM – Marketing and leads Digital Marketing at Intex Technologies for India and Global operations. Here are her thoughts on PR and Digital Marketing in 2016.

Q. PR and Digital Marketing, seen to be distant verticals until few years ago seem to be coming closer than ever before as we walk into 2016. Are brands beginning to give equal importance to digital as compared to print and other traditional mediums?

A. Yes, of-late, brands have started realizing the muscle of Digital marketing – thanks to the transparent outcome and filtered, yet close targeting.  This will only go higher as digital is soon becoming an alternative ROI driven activity and may even over-shadow the traditional marketing spends.

Q. When measuring ROI of print campaigns, brands tend to rely on AVE(Ad Value Equivalent) among other parameters, how do they measure the success of a digital campaign?

A. While designing the campaign we always have a sense of what kind of impressions and clicks we shall get, based on the same the actuals are measured.  However, a lot depends on the product superiority and content around it.  A good creative also goes a long way to ensure success of a campaign.

Q. Blogging seen largely as a passion driven hobby for most seems to be fast converting into a full time profession for people. How seriously do brands look at bloggers, and how do you see this relationship mature as we step into 2016?

A. Blogging sure has come a long way and influencer marketing swelling out like never before, the future seems very promising.  Brands surely are taking bloggers very seriously, in the age where more and more people are buying online, online review of the product / service matters a lot and coming from an authority on the subject, it works well for brands exploiting the medium to their advantage.  However, more weightage and seriousness is given to bloggers who have been unbiased and this is where the bloggers need to create a balance and make it big.

Q. What are some innovative trends you see emerging around you in the field of online PR?

A. Companies are moving away from acquiring large number of fans and followers (as money can buy it) and are closing wanting to enhance the connect and engagement with their audience using the digital medium.  Video marketing is another trend that is going to be big in 2016.

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