Controversies that ruled the Digital World in India in 2015

controversies in digital world

In last few years the whole media management landscape is changing drastically and many people are not shying away with negative publicity for huge gains and keeping themselves in limelight.

I think two personalities are responsible for bringing in this Social change and both entered in 2011

First it started with Poonam Pande in March 2011 with “I will bare all if India wins World Cup Cricket” tweet. It is a known fact that Sexiness is most exploited on web and Cricket is Religion in India. She was able to exploit the celebrity angle on Social Media with unprecedented success. Being nude is so anti-social in India but financially it helped her a lot and now she is a celebrity with very secure future. Second was entry of Porn star Sunny Leone in Big Boss 5 house in Nov 2011. Suddenly a porn star became acceptable in Indian Media and it led to her becoming  successful movie star and most searched person on web for last couple of years.

After these two dynamic duos It has become acceptable in India to be little big against cultural taste of Indian continent, create controversy but be successful in any cost.

Based on the above backdrop I am presenting my list of TOP 3 controversies created on purpose by respective Individuals in year 2015. I don’t think any of them is dumb when they created these controversies; these are calculated gamble they played to show off their power and relevance to public and make sure that they are on top 10 lists of all trends.

These are very smart, Media savvy, 50 plus individuals and know how to get media attention and chose to ride on negativity to continue to earn millions(and this is new trend for India).

No 1 – It has to be King Khan

Based on various articles and feedback of peers; it was clear Dilwale movie produced by his wife is going to be a disaster and he has to do something drastic to create a success, what a better way then to ride the most hot topic of the day “Intolerance” and influence people on religious sentiment.

 There is intolerance, there is extreme intolerance… there is I think… there is growing intolerance”

One comment and he was on the top of the charts and being discussed across all media (TV, Social, Radio) and just 2 days before movie release,  he backtracked with apology. He made sure a 3rd class movie earns 350 crore till last count. It was a masterstroke.

Credit : ABPLive

 No 2 – Kejriwal (The Muffler Man)

He is actually a master of thriving on controversies and shouting foul from “Top of Twitter”. His sharp acumen led him to become “Most hated Indian of 2015”. Raid on his corrupt Principal Secretary became a simple tweet

“CBI raids my office” “When Modi cudn’t handle me politically, he resorts to this cowardice. Modi is a coward and psychopath”

He used strong negative words and all attention of masses  was on what he is saying and he became centre of attention and took away complete glory from the corrupt official (do you remember his name?)

 No 3 – Aamir Khan (without any Reason)

He does not have any movie release in 2015 and would have dropped from digital popularity charts and trends for 2015, his Media management team must have been a worried lot, Year-end is coming, what happens if he drops down from various top 10 List.

Credit :

Intelligent actor like him with sensitivity of “Satyamev Jaytey” has to maintain his premium brand, he has to be on top trends and most mentions, positive or negative people forget in days, Result is a millionaire actor and wife born bred in India, part of “incredible India”, suddenly feeling insecure in old age.

“That’s a disastrous and very big statement for Kiran to make to me,” Mr. Khan said. “She fears for her child, she fears what this atmosphere around us will be, she feels scared to open the newspapers everyday.”

New age trend is to become more popular is “do not hesitate to lose opportunity to show some shades of Grey” Comment controversial on latest hot topic, show some skin and it will definitely make you popular and  more money will start flowing.

Rahul Yadav of is not on this list as I think he was a failure, he created controversy but lost the game as has done loss of Rs 279 crore with revenue of just 5.5 crore for 2014-15. So he failed on his mission statement so widely published on Social Media.

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