Digital India doesn’t need

Although we Indians used Tea leaves since thousands of years as a herbal medicine; the ‘habit’ of drinking tea was cultivated by Britishers, You know how? For the first 5-6 years, they gave free tea to everyone. Such was the addictive power of free, that now, we are World’s second largest consumer of tea, globally.

Mark Zuckerberg and is doing the same, with the promise of Free. No, Digital India doesnt need free .. we need fair. Although there has been no official announcement of combining Digital India with, but by watching this huge PR exercise of changing DPs and ’emotional appeal’ by our PM, I am actually afraid..

When billions of dollars are spent on building a ‘propaganda’, then the lie also converts into a truth. We wont even know when becomes Digital India, and the future of Innovation & Internet screws forever.

Dont support Mark Zuckerberg on Its a devil’s plan of acquiring super-human powers to destroy Internet.

Here are 6 reasons your new tri-colored DP is against India:

– Facebook is using it as a vote to lobby propaganda. And they will easily win it.

– Digital India and would be combined together, making it impossible to avoid it’s evil claws.

– Digital India means empowerment of all Indians using Internet. Sadly, it will become empowerment of billionaires due to our ignorance.

– Controlled, restricted, hand-picked Internet is worse than no Internet. is in place, Airtel Zero will rise up, and soon, 3-4 ‘cartels’ will have absolute power over Internet. They can choose what to allow and what not to allow for humble citizens like us.

– Anything accessed outside would be expensive for the new generation of ‘free users’. If they can see free Youtube videos, why the hell will they open Dailymotion?

– Innovation, new ideas and startup culture will fall apart. Launching a new website? Wait.. you need to pay to Facebook to get visibility! Launching a new app? Wait.. Have you paid Airtel yet?

If you really care about Digital India, then don’t use the new DP. Its a conspiracy against free Internet.

Mohul Ghosh

Mohul keenly observes the nuances of Indian startup world; and tries to demystify the secrets behind Technology, Marketing, Mobile and Internet. He is a Writer by passion, Marketer by choice and Entrepreneur by compulsion.

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