Facebook Lead Ads can help you do better Lead Generation from Newsfeed itself

Facebook recently rolled out Lead ads and it started appearing in the ads manager dashboard of business accounts of agencies as a new campaign objective.

Facebook Lead Ads


So how exactly do Lead Ads work and how do they help you in Digital Marketing?

1. They potentially replace ‘Click to Website’ Ads


Traditionally ‘click to website’ ads have worked like a user watches either a text ad or a display ad, the ad grabs his attention, user clicks on the ad and he is redirected to a landing page where he is shown some information and based on that he is asked his personal details (Name, email, mobile number, city etc)

Facebook Lead Ads 2


2. Now Leads can be generated on Facebook Newsfeed itself


As we see users going more towards convenience, Facebook went a step ahead and created the format of Lead ad where in the advertiser can set the targeting and the ad starts showing up in the newsfeed of Facebook users, something like shown in the image –

Facebook Lead Ads 3


The ad displays specific call to actions like Get Quote, Apply Now, Download, Learn More, Sign up, Subscribe.

Facebook Lead Ads 4


3. It Auto Collects(Pre Fetches) Information from a user


Once a user clicks on the ad a form pops up which is already pre populated with the information the user shares with Facebook thereby reducing the effort of filling up the entire form, all the user has to do is tap on submit button and his information is shared with the advertiser.

Facebook Lead Ads 5



4. You can customise your Lead Ads Form


By Default Facebook only has the option to show Name and Email id, but one can easily put in more number of fields

Facebook Lead Ads 7



5. You can optimise campaign for Leads


The advertiser even has the option to optimize the campaign for leads, this will enable agencies and advertisers to optimize the campaign to generate more leads.

Facebook Lead Ads Optimization & Pricing



6. Facebook Lead Ads can be used for wide range of objectives


Some of the great use cases for lead ads could be –

Facebook Lead Ads 8



Do you have any experience in running Facebook lead ads ? If yes please share your experience in the comments below so that the community can learn from that.

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