Flipkart backtracks from app only model, launches new mobile website

Flipkart Lite

In a pleasantly surprising move, Flipkart has backtracked from its app only model and launched a brand new mobile website called Flipkart Lite!

One of the most important discussions and debates in the online marketing community during much of the last couple of years has been whether brands’ strategy to go app only was the right way to go. Flipkart‘s recent step comes after 1) famously having made Myntra become an app only portal, 2) redirecting Flipkart mobile visitors to its app and 3) having announced that the whole company’s online operations will go app only¬†earlier this year(which it went back on later)

We can keep discussing what’s right and what’s wrong, but the writing on the wall is clear as it can be. The world, or at least India is not ready for App Only shopping portal models, especially when the company in question is a giant like Flipkart, which caters to people from all sections of the society. Going the app way can win you lot of loyal customers but only deters many other people from using the portal, because let’s just understand the simple reality – everybody’s phone has limited space, and everybody is not ready to use it all up for shopping apps.

All the best to Flipkart Lite and hope it gets the Flipkart’s mobile cash registers ringing.

Sharing some screenshots.

Flipkart Lite Relaunch mobile website 1

Flipkart Lite Relaunch mobile website

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