500 Free Alison Courses & Certificates [2020][UPDATED]

500 +Free Alison Courses Certificates

Alison is one of the best resources to find free online courses, and our team has delved deep into their platform to find the top 500 free courses you can pursue. These courses range across a variety of streams and domains, right from business, marketing to sciences as well as software development. Make the most of this well researched list, and do share with others if you find it useful.


500 Free Alison Courses & Certificates [2020][UPDATED]

1. Free Alison Business Courses

NoCourse NameDurationRating
1Designing and Implementing Monitoring and Evaluating Systems – Revised4-56
2Introduction to Sales Management – Revised2-36
3Change Management – Organizational Capacity for Change – Revised2-35
4Introduction to Change Management – Revised2-35
5Diploma – Project Management in Practice6-105
6Change Management – Guiding Principles and Practices – Revised2-35
7Modern Human Resource Management – Training and Induction – Revised2-35
8Strategic Management – Implementing and Evaluating Strategy – Revised2-35
9Modern Project Management – Managing the Start-up, Scheduling and Budgeting – Revised2-35
10Sales Prospecting and Lead Generation – Revised2-35
11What Great Leaders Do1-25
12Organizational Change – Managing and Supporting Employees – Revised2-35
13Fundamentals of Corporate Management – Revised 20171-25
14Diploma in International Tourism with English Language Studies10-155
15Diploma in Hospitality Management with English Language Studies10-155
16Modern Human Resource Management – Recruitment and Selection Process – Revised2-35
17Introduction to Hospitality Management Studies – Revised2-35
18Diploma in Change Management – Revised5
19Sales Management – Business Ethics and Sales – Revised1-25
20Creating Business Start-Ups The Kawasaki Way1-25
21Communication Skills – Perception and Non-Verbal Communication – Revised2-35
22Diploma in Modern Project Management – Revised10-155
23Advanced Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management15-205
24Hospitality Management Studies – Food and Beverage Services – Revised2-35
25Modern Project Management – Quality, Risk, Procurement and Project Closeout – Revised2-35
26Tourism – Introduction to Retail Travel Sales1-25
27E-Commerce – Introduction to Internet Marketing Strategies for Businesses1-25
28Hospitality Management Studies – Hotel Operations – Revised2-35
29Modern Project Management – Working with Clients and Project Teams – Revised2-35
30How to Create Your First Website2-35
31Strategic Management – Decision Making Processes and Tools – Revised2-35
32Tourism – Marketing and Promotion – Revised1-25
33Diploma in E-Business6-105
34Business Communication – Fundamentals of Business Writing – Revised2-35
35Tourism – Introduction to Travel Patterns and Destinations – Revised1-25
36Hospitality Management – Health and Safety in Food Service – Revised2-35
37Introduction to Modern Human Resource Management – Revised2-35
38Diploma in Strategic Management – Revised10-155
39Introduction to Modern Project Management Theory and Practice – Revised2-35
40Starting a Business or Social Enterprise – The Stone Soup Way – Revised 20171-25
41Diploma in Tourism Studies – Revised 20188-105
42Business Communication – Developing Effective Business Presentation Skills – Revised2-35
43Fundamentals of Project Management – Revised 20171-25
44Effective Communication Skills for Managers – Revised2-35
45Building an Online Business1-25
46Modern Human Resource Management – Appraisal and Performance – Revised2-35
47Diploma in Hospitality Management – Revised 20176-105
48Characteristics of the Successful Entrepreneur2-35
49Create Powerful Presentations with PowerPoint1-25
50Personal / Business Networking Skills For Maximum Success!1-25
51Digital Accessibility as a Business Practice2-35
52Project Management in Practice – Planning, Scheduling and Resource Management2-35
53Diploma in Modern Human Resource Management – Revised10-154
54Business Communication – Managing Successful Team Meetings – Revised2-34
5521 Days to Building a Web Business5-64
56Creating Meaning for Employees1-24
57Diploma in Sales Management – Revised10-154
58E-Commerce and Selling Online2-34
59Fundamentals of Human Resources – Revised 20171-24
60Effective Communication and Sales Techniques – Revised2-34
61Introducing the Art of Negotiation1-24
62Presentation Skills1-24
63Diploma in Human Resources (HR)8-104
64Sales Techniques – Interacting with Customers – Revised2-34
65Diploma in Business and Legal Studies10-154
66Sales Techniques – Using Competitive Sales Strategies – Revised2-34
67Diploma in Business Communication Skills – Revised10-154
68Diploma in Business Management & Entrepreneurship – Revised 201715-204
69Essential Management Skills for the Workplace – Revised2-34
70Diploma in Project Management – Revised 201710-154
71Entrepreneurship: Creating the Business – Revised2-34
72Scrum Development3-44
73Ethical Intelligence in Business3-44
74Introduction to E-Commerce2-34
75Communication Skills – Persuasion and Motivation – Revised2-34
76Dealing With Difficult People In Life & Work2-34
77Human Resource Management – Discipline in Organizations1-24
78Introduction to Communication Skills – Revised2-34
79Food Safety and Hygiene in the Catering Industry1-24
80Transformational Leadership5-64
81Introduction to Project Management09-104
82Project Management in Practice – Monitoring, Controlling and Change Management2-34
83Diploma in Communication Skills – Revised10-154
84Winning With Communication – Master Your Communication Skills2-34
85Retail Management: Retail Technology and Security1-24
86Business Etiquette and Professionalism1-23
87Retail Management – Merchandising, Distribution and Marketing1-23
88International and Strategic Human Resource Management2-33
89Sourcing and Customising Best Selling Products for e-Commerce2-33
90Leadership Skills in Business – Revised2-33
91Preparing to Manage – Skills and Practices – Revised2-33
92Public Speaking1-23
93Human Resources in the Food Service and Hospitality Sector2-33
94Modern Business Writing2-33
95Technical Writing Essentials2-33
96Diploma in E-Commerce Web Development10-153
97Project Management in Practice – From Principles and Concepts to Project Kick-Off2-33


2. Free Alison Finance Courses

NoCourse NameDurationRating
1Transform, Grow and Innovate in Finance3-45
2Introduction to Life Insurance and Retirement Savings – Revised1-25
3Global Islamic Finance and Banking2-35
4Financial Literacy6-105
5Introduction to Stocks and Short Selling – Revised1-25
6Introduction to Managing Your Personal Finance Debts – Revised0-15
7Fundamentals of Financial Accounting – Revised 20174
8Fundamentals of Accounting – Revised 20171-24
9Cash Flow Management Basics2-34
10Diploma in Accounting – Advanced Controls and Transactions6-104
11Financial Accounting Basics2-34
12Getting Started in QuickBooks Pro2-34
13Introduction to Banking – Revised5-64
14Principles of Accounting8-104
15Diploma in QuickBooks Pro 20176-104
16Accounting – Control and Monitoring of Cash2-34
17Recording Business Transactions in Accounting2-34
18Professional Bookkeeping and Accounting 1 – Sales and Purchases2-34
19Accounting – Understanding Receivables and Payables2-34
20Diploma in Accounting – Core Practices and Theory10-154
21Accounting and Its Use in Business Decisions3-44
22Basic Accounting3-44
23Introduction to Business Accounting6-103
24Professional Bookkeeping and Accounting 2: Bank and Petty Cash2-33


3. Free Alison Operations Courses

NoCourse NameDurationRating
1Diploma in Innovation Management for Food and Beverage Manufacturing6-86
2ISOВ 50001:2018 – Elements of Energy Management System (EnMS)1-26
3The Kanban System – Lean Scheduling & Management Approach to Just in Time (JIT)2-36
4Diploma in Applied Operations Management – Revised10-155
5Risk Management: Managing Property and Liability Risk – Revised2-35
6Managing Safety and Health in Schools (International)2-35
7Health & Safety for Scaffolds and Scaffolding Work2-35
8Construction Safety – The Safety Management Pack0-15
9Occupational Hygiene – Biological, Physical and Environmental Hazards – Revised2-35
10Fundamentals of Health and Safety in the Workplace – Revised1-25
11ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management System (QMS)5
12Supervision Skills – Managing Groups and Employee Interaction1-25
13Applied Operations Management – Inventory Models – Revised3-45
14Six Sigma – Understanding Design Of Experiment – Revised 20181-25
15Applied Operations Management – Line Balancing And Facilities Location – Revised2-35
16Diploma in Risk Management – Revised10-155
17Fundamentals of Incoterms1-25
18Fundamentals of Operations Management – Revised 20171-25
19Customer Relationship Management in Business Services – Revised3-45
20Touch Typing Training – Revised6-105
21Introduction to Risk Management – Revised2-35
22Diploma in Operations Management (Ops)5
23Introduction To Supply Chain Design – Revised 20182-35
24ISO 22000:2018 – Elements of Food Safety Management System (FSMS)2-35
25Introduction to Supervision1-25
26Diploma in EU Public Procurement5-65
27Diploma in Supply Chain Management – Revised 20176-105
28Understanding Supply Chain Risk Management – Revised 20182-35
29Behaviour-Based Safety – Revised1-34
30Diploma in Six Sigma – Revised 201710-154
31Supervision – Effective Communication Skills1-24
32Diploma in Workplace Safety and Health – Revised 20176-104
33Introduction to Quality Management – Revised 20183-44
34Introduction To Supply Chain Management – Revised 20182-34
35Diploma in Quality Management – Revised 201710-154
36Hazard Recognition and Risk Assessment1-24
37Fundamentals of Quality Standards – Revised 20182-34
38Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management Systems – Revised2-34
39Workstation Ergonomics – Revised1-24
40Back Safety – Revised1-24
41Fundamentals Of Using Six Sigma In Supply Chains – Revised 20182-34
42Back Care and Manual Handling (Theory) – Revised 20172-34
43Diploma in Supervision6-84
44Diploma in Business Process Management – Revised15-204
45Six Sigma – Introduction To Taguchi Methods And Robust Design – Revised 20182-34
46Diploma in Customer Service – Revised 20176-104
47Supervision Skills – Managing Employee Performance2-34
48Documenting Business Processes and Information Systems – Revised2-34
49ISO 13485:2016 – Quality Management Systems for Medical Devices2-34
50Outstanding Customer Service – Your Ultimate Guide2-34
51Diploma in ISO Standards – Integrated Management System (IMS)4
52Diploma in Occupational Hygiene – Revised6-104
53ISO 45001:2018 – Principles of Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems2-34
54The 5S System – Lean Methodology on Workplace Optimization and Housekeeping2-34
55Understanding Cost of Quality and TQM Tools – Revised 20182-34
56Supervising Others1-24
57ISO Management System Audit Techniques and Best Practices2-34
58ISO 14001:2015 – Environmental Management Systems (EMS)2-34
59Critical Facility: Power Supply Management2-34
60Critical Facility: Critical Infrastructure2-34
61Administrative Support1-24
62The Seven Basic Quality Control (7 – QC) Tools1-24
63Executive Assistant Skills1-23
64Customer Service Skills1-23
65Kaizen Approach – Lean Methodology for Continuous Improvement2-33


4. Free Alison Health Courses

NoCourse NameDurationRating
1Supporting Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities and Mental Illness2-36
2Human Nutrition – Introduction to Micronutrients – Revised1-26
3Physical Fitness – How to Avoid Injuries and Train Safely – Revised2-35
4Human Nutrition – Introduction to Macronutrients – Revised1-25
5Stress Management – How Stress Affects your Health – Revised2-35
6Health and Fitness – Running Tips, Swimming and Strength Training – Revised1-25
7Yoga Exercises for Core Strength and Flexibility – Revised1-25
8Physical Fitness – Fitness Tips and Workout Routines – Revised1-25
9Stress Management – Techniques for Coping with Stress – Revised2-35
10Health and Fitness – Flexibility, Calisthenics and Plyometrics – Revised2-35
11Diploma in Stress Management – Revised10-155
12Physical Education – Fitness Training Principles and Methods – Revised2-35
13Physical Education – Coaching Styles and Techniques – Revised2-35
14Mental Health Studies – Understanding Behaviour, Burnout and Depression – Revised2-34
15Diploma in Physical Fitness – Revised 20186-104
16Mental Health Studies – Suicide, Violent Behavior and Substance Abuse – Revised3-44
17Diploma in Outdoor and Physical Education Studies – Revised6-104
18Diploma in Mental Health10-154
19Human Health – Diet and Nutrition – Revised2-34
20Human Nutrition – Understanding Macronutrient Metabolism – Revised2-34
21Yoga Exercises – Revised1-24
22Stress Management – Dealing with Personal Stress – Revised2-34
23Introduction to Stress Management – Revised2-34
24Stress Management – For Relief From The Stress of Work & Life1-24
25Opioid Crisis1-23
26Introduction to Human Nutrition – Revised1-23


5. Free Alison Health Care Courses

NoCourse NameDurationRating
1Mental Freedom: From Pain To Power2-35
2Nursing Studies – Communication and Transcultural Factors – Revised2-35
3Nursing Studies – Clinical Skills: Caring for Respiratory Patients – Revised2-35
4Global Health Initiative: Hypertension Awareness – Revised2-35
5Nursing Studies – Health and Safety, Movement and Exercise – Revised 20182-35
6Elderly Care and Caring for the Disabled – Revised1-25
7Caregiving Skills – Dementia Care – Revised1-25
8Health and Safety for Caregiving – Revised1-25
9HIV/AIDS – Awareness & Prevention – Revised 20181-25
10Introduction to Common Medical Conditions – Revised3-45
11Nursing Studies – Diet Therapy – Revised 20182-35
12Global Health Initiative: Diabetes Awareness – Revised2-35
13Nursing Studies – Patient Care and Hygiene – Revised 20182-35
14Introduction to Physical Therapy Aides2-35
15Nursing Studies – Clinical Skills: Caring for Cardiovascular Patients – Revised2-34
16Diploma in Caregiving – Revised 20186-104
17Diploma in Pharmacy Technician8-104
18Nursing Studies – The Nurse as Team Leader and Teacher – Revised2-34
19Diploma in Health Studies – Revised 201710-154
20Pharmacotherapy: Cardio, Respiratory, Gastro & Endocrine Systems2-34
21Introduction to Caregiving – Revised1-24
22Diploma in Human Nutrition – Revised 201710-154
23Nursing Studies – Role of Nurse in Surgical Care – Revised2-34
24Diploma in Nursing Leadership and Care Management – Revised10-154
25Fundamentals of Virology3-44
26Diploma in Nursing and Patient Care – Revised 201710-154
27Nursing Studies – The Physical Examination – Revised 20182-34
28Introduction to Pharmacy Practice1-24
29Coronavirus – What you need to know1-24
30Diploma in Clinical Nursing Skills – Revised10-154
31Diploma in Physical Therapy Aide5-64
32Treatment and Movement of a Patient in Physical Therapy2-34
33Community and Institutional Pharmacy1-23


6. Free Alison Humanities Courses

NoCourse NameDurationRating
1Get to Know GDPR1-26
2Teach2030 Head Teacher Training Course1-26
3Parental Separation – Implications for the School – Revised0-15
4Advanced Diploma in Workforce Re-entry Skills15-205
5Psychology – Research Methodology – Revised 20183-45
6Understanding Student Development and Diversity – Revised5
7Introduction to E-Learning Theory and Practice – Revised2-35
8Motivating Students to Learn – Revised2-35
9Coping Skills – Freedom From Stress & Pain3-45
10Fundamentals of Economics2-35
11Fundamentals of Storytelling in Education for Teachers and Trainers – Revised1-25
12Fundamentals of Business Law – Revised1-25
13Instructional Planning for Successful Teaching – Revised2-35
14Psychology – Biology and Behaviour – Revised 20183-45
15Scratch – Teach Computer Programming in Schools1-25
16Psychology – Memory and Cognition – Revised 20183-45
17Journalism in the Digital Age – Revised2-35
18Introduction to Journalism – Revised2-35
19Introduction to Instructional Systems Design3-45
20Legal Studies – The Adversary Trial System – Revised2-35
21Introduction to the Learning Process for Teachers and Trainers – Revised2-35
22How to Plan Your Career Path1-24
23Employer – Employee Law – Revised1-24
24Job Search Skills – Preparing Your Resume and Cover Letter – Revised2-34
25Working with Students with Special Educational Needs – Revised2-34
26Effective Communication Techniques for Teachers and Trainers – Revised2-34
27Diploma in Media Studies – Revised10-154
28Introduction to Contracts in Law – Revised1-24
29Diploma in Educational Psychology – Revised 20174
30World History – World War 1 and Its Aftermath – Revised1-24
31Introduction to Time Management – Revised 20171-24
32Diploma in Teaching Skills for Educators – Revised 201710-154
33Introduction to Alternative Dispute Resolution – Revised2-34
34Diploma in Psychology – Revised 20176-104
35Achieving Personal Success1-24
36Diploma in Sociology – Revised10-154
37Diploma in Legal Studies – Revised 201710-154
38Introduction to Conflict Management and Negotiation – Revised2-34
39Diploma in Alternative Dispute Resolution – Revised10-154
40Develop Your Emotional Intelligence2-34
41Fundraising for the Non-Profit1-24
42Diploma in Journalism – Revised 201810-154
43Diploma in Community Development – Revised2-34
44Introduction to Job Search Skills – Revised1-24
45NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming – Your Ultimate Guide To NLP2-34
46Corporate Governance2-34
47Persuasion Strategies! Ultimate Influence Tools & Skills2-34
48Writing for Young Readers5-64
49Advanced Parenting Skills3-44
50Hidden Secrets Of Psychology – Why Do People Do The Things They Do?4
51Motivation – Power Guide To Motivating Yourself & Others2-34
52Ultimate Time Management – Unique Time Management Strategies2-34
53Introduction to Teaching English as a Second Language – Revised2-34
54Introduction to Criminal Investigation: Processes, Practices and Thinking3
55REBT – The Science Of Re-Programming Your Mind!1-23
56Job Offer Formula – How To Land Your Ideal Job2-33
57Diploma in Economics: Microeconomics5-83
58Corruption in Context: Social, Economic and Political Dimensions3
59Growth Mindsets for Teachers and Learners3-43
60Learning to Learn Online2-33
61How to Generate Actionable Business Ideas2-33
62General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)2-33
63Diploma in Community Psychology2-32
64An Introduction to New Thinking for Your Classroom2-32
65Understanding ZEN: Personal Development and Zen Teachings3-41



7. Free Alison IT Courses

NoCourse NameDurationRating
1CompTIA Security+ (Exam SYO-501)10-155
2Google SketchUp for 3D Modelling1-25
3Introduction To Information Technology For Managers – Revised1-25
4Adobe Photoshop CS6 Essential Tools – Revised1-25
5Network Server Security – Protecting the Server and Client Computers – Revised2-35
6Microsoft Digital Literacy – IT Basics, Internet & Productivity Programs15-205
7Computer Networking – Local Area Networks and the OSI Model – Revised1-25
8Diploma in Information Technology Management – Revised 201710-155
9Managing Customers Using Technology – Revised2-35
10Computer Networking – Digital Network Security – Revised1-25
11Microsoft Digital Literacy – Computer Security and Privacy3-45
12IT Management – Software and Databases – Revised1-25
13Databases – DML Statements and SQL Server Administration – Revised2-35
14Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 – Revised 20184-55
15Computer Networking – Wired and Wireless Networks and Protocols – Revised2-35
16Fundamentals of Google Android Development2-35
17Diploma in Databases and T-SQL – Revised6-105
18Introduction to Drones – Revised2-35
19Diploma in Computer Networking – Revised6-105
20Word 2016 – Features and Functionality4-65
21Mapping Techniques Using Drones2-34
22Introduction to Computer Network Security – Revised2-34
23Microsoft Digital Literacy – Computer Basics3-44
24Microsoft Excel 2010 – Revised 20176-104
25Microsoft Access 2013 for Beginners – Start Your Database Journey6-104
26Introduction to Data Science – Revised2-34
27Exploring Google Apps1-24
28ALISON ABC IT – Computer Training Suite15-204
29Ethical Hacker5-64
30CompTIA A+ 1000 – Part 16-104
31Wide Area Networks and Networking Services and Security – Revised1-24
32Microsoft Digital Literacy – Productivity Programs3-44
33Data Analytics – Introduction to Machine Learning – Revised2-34
34Introduction to Database Concepts – Revised1-24
35Microsoft Office 2010 – Revised 201815-204
36Data Analytics – Mining and Analysis of Big Data – Revised2-34
37Diploma in Amazon Web Services6-104
38Diploma in Machine Learning with R studio4-54
39CompTIA A+ 1000 – Part 26-104
40Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 1 (ICND1) v3 CCNA4
41Microsoft Excel 2013 for Beginners – Start Your Excel Journey5-63
42Microsoft Word 2013 – Beginner Online Training Course5-63
43Microsoft Excel 2013 – Intermediate Course2-33
44Data Analysis with Tables and PivotTables in Microsoft Excel 20132-33
45Microsoft Excel 2013 – Advanced: Master Spreadsheets5-63
46Microsoft Excel Essentials3-43
47VBA for Beginners1-23
48Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 for Beginners – Create Amazing Presentations3-43
49Introduction to Corporate IT Strategy and Business Frameworks – Revised1-23
50Digital Security Awareness4-63
51Introduction to Unit Testing in iOS App Development3-42
52Introduction to Windows Server Administration – Revised2-32
53Introduction to Administering Office 365 for Small Business – Revised2-32


8. Free Alison Software Development Courses

NoCourse NameDurationRating
1Diploma in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript – Revised10-155
2Introduction to Visual Basic – Revised2-35
3Diploma in Visual Basic Programming – Revised6-105
4Introduction to C Programming2-35
5Web Page Development3-45
6Web Page Design Using HTML5 and CSS3 – Revised2-35
7Diploma in C Programming – Revised 201710-155
8Diploma in Web Design10-155
9Diploma in C# Programming – Revised4
10Diploma in Python Programming – Revised10-154
11Programming Concepts with Python – Revised2-34
12Java Programming For Complete Beginners3-44
13Introduction to Software Testing – Revised2-34
14Diploma in Software Testing – Revised10-154
15Unix/Linux and Shell Scripting – Crash Course1-26
16Introduction to Mobile and Cloud Computing – Revised1-24
17Diploma in DevOps Engineering – Kubernetes, Docker and Google Cloud6-83


9. Free Alison Language Courses

NoCourse NameDurationRating
1English Course – Conversations in the Present (Elementary level)1-25
2Introduction to Swedish1-25
3English for Tourism – Hotel Reception and Front Desk – Revised1-25
4English for Tourism – Restaurant Service – Revised1-25
5Social English Language Skills – Revised1-25
6English for Business and Entrepreneurship2-35
7French Language Studies – Introduction2-34
8Basic French Language Skills For Everyday Life – Revised 20176-104
9Basic German Language Skills – Revised1-24
10Beginner Level English – Foundations1-24
11Diploma in Basic English Grammar – Revised 201710-154
12Diploma in Japanese Language10-154
13Basic Spanish – Restaurants and Dining Out1-24
14Introduction to the Chinese Language – First Contact1-24
15Introduction to Spanish – Revised1-24
16English for Journalism2-34
17Skills for Speaking Effectively: The Art of Speaking2-34
18English Vocabulary and Pronunciation – Revised1-24
19English for STEM2-34
20Speaking And Writing English Effectively – Revised2-34
21Diploma in French Language Studies – Revised10-154
22English Writing Skills – Revised2-34
23English for Career Development2-33
24English Course – Describing Places and Things (Elementary level)1-23
25Introduction to Conversational English – Revised1-23
26Fundamentals of English Grammar – Revised2-33
27Diploma in English Language and Literature – Revised15-203
28English Course – Word Forms (Upper-Intermediate Level)1-22
29English for Tourism – Tourist Information and Guided Tours – Revised1-22


10. Free Alison Lifestyle Courses

NoCourse NameDurationRating
1Music Theory: Melody and Harmony1-26
2Adobe InDesign CS64-56
3Beginner Digital Photography2-35
4Introduction to Digital Photography2-35
5ШЇЩ€Ш±Ш© ЩЃЩЉ Ш§Щ„ШіЩ„Ш§Щ…Ш© Ш§Щ„ШєШ°Ш§Ш¦ЩЉЩ‘Ш©6-105
6Introduction to Growing Organic Food Sustainably2-35
7Great Artists and Their Works5-65
8Colour Theory for Artists and Designers3-44
9Graphic Design – Visual and Graphic Design – Revised2-34
10Diploma in Food Safety – Revised 201715-204
11Advanced Digital Photography2-34
12Design – Applying Design Principles2-34
13Food Safety Training – Safe Practices and Procedures – Revised3-44
14Introduction to Music Theory5-64
15Diploma in Digital Photography4
16Music Theory: Instruments and Rhythm1-24
17Graphic Design2-34
18Diploma in Makeup Artistry8-104
19Food Safety Knowledge – Basic Level Requirements – Revised4-54
20Diploma in Interior Design6-104
21Diploma in Fashion Design6-103
22Diploma in Music Theory10-153


11. Free Alison Skilled Trades Courses

NoCourse NameDurationRating
1NSDC Course: Machining Technician – Lathe10-155
2Introduction to Plumbing Tools and Drawings – Revised1-25
3Introduction to Plumbing Pipes and Fixtures – Revised2-35
4Understanding Drainage and Water Distribution Systems – Revised1-25
5Introduction to Basic Electrical Drawings and Test Equipment – Revised1-25
6Carpentry – Introduction to Formwork and Joinery – Revised1-25
7Introduction to Plumbing – Revised1-25
8Carpentry – Introduction to Construction Methods – Revised1-24
9Maintaining and Servicing Home Appliances1-24
10Diploma in Electrical Studies – Revised 20176-104
11Introduction to Carpentry – Revised1-24
12Diploma in Carpentry Studies – Revised1-24
13Introduction to the Electrical Trade – Revised1-24
14Diploma in Plumbing Studies – Revised10-154
15Introduction to Electrical Wiring Systems – Revised1-24
16Basics of Electrical Technology1-24
17NSDC Course: Auto Service Technician10-154


12. Free Alison Marketing Courses

NoCourse NameDurationRating
1Discovering and Meeting Market Needs0-15
2Google Analytics1-25
3Social Media Strategy for Small Businesses2-35
4Public Relations: Best Practices and Ethics – Revised2-35
5Fundamentals of Marketing Your Business Online1-25
6Marketing Success for Your Business1-25
7Diploma in Web Business Development and Marketing10-155
8Introduction to Public Relations – Revised2-35
9Marketing Management – Analyzing Competitors and Customers – Revised2-35
10Understanding Your Customers to Drive Sales1-24
11Introduction to Marketing2-34
12Advertising Your Business Online2-34
13Copywriting for Conversions: How to Write Persuasive Content2-34
14Sell on Amazon FBA by Leveraging Existing Popular Listings: Start Small and Scale Up2-34
15Diploma in Marketing Management – Revised6-104
16Diploma in Google Ads10-154
17Diploma in Public Relations – Revised10-154
18YouTube Marketing: The Five Essential Steps1-24
19Introduction to Marketing Management – Revised2-34
20Diploma in Social Media Strategy10-154
21Growth Strategies for Business – Revised2-34
22Facebook Advertising for Beginners1-24



13. Free Alison Life Science Courses

NoCourse NameDurationRating
1Introduction to Ecology – Revised2-35
2Diploma in Sustainable Business – Revised10-155
3Introduction to Immunology – Revised1-24
4Fundamentals of Biology – Revised2-34
5Outdoor Education – Outdoor Recreation and Land Management – Revised2-34
6Introduction to Environmental Sustainability – Revised2-34
7Advanced Biology 12-34
8Diploma in Human Anatomy and Physiology – Revised 201715-204
9Diploma in Environmental Management6-104
10Wind Energy – From Wind Turbines to Grid Integration1-24
11Solar Energy – Solar Technology and Its Use Worldwide1-24
12Sustainability and Climate Change2-34
13Diploma in Biology8-104


14. Free Alison Science Courses

NoCourse NameDurationRating
1Advanced Chemistry В 23-45
2Diesel Engine Cycles, Maintenance, & Control3-45
3Advanced Chemistry 13-45
4Diploma in General Science – Revised16-205
5Advanced Physics 12-34
6Understanding Thermodynamics for Science and Engineering – Revised1-24
7Diploma in Design Thinking – Revised10-154
8Industrial Engineering – Control Valve Basics2-34
9Electrical Engineering – Electrical Transformer Components2-34
10Introduction to Hydroelectric Power Plants2-34
11Mechanical Engineering – Internal Combustion Engine Basics2-34
12Solidworks: An introduction to the 3D editor3-44
13Fundamentals of Chemistry – Revised3-44
14Mechanical Engineering – Plate Heat Exchanger Fundamentals2-33
15Diesel Engine Basics3-43