Digital Defynd Free Certificate

Digital Defynd Free Certificate

Learning is wonderful, and e-learning even better. You could be sitting anywhere in the world and yet get to study a subject of your choice, from the teacher of your liking, from perhaps a university you’ve always looked up to, all online. Online Courses have changed the world, and we, at Digital Defynd, only see more wonderful things happening in the time to come.

In our endeavor to encourage professionals and students to learn online, we are proud to announce our initiative of Free Certificates. For any online course you complete, from any school, any university, any e-learning platform, we will offer you a Free Certificate of Completion 🙂 That’s right, complete any online course and claim your Free Digital Defynd Certificate. What’s more? There are more certificates as you move up the ladder.


Your Digital Defynd Certificate will be issued within 2-5 working days. Please be patient while we process thousands of requests. To claim the same, send us a mail with the following details and attach relevant documents as mentioned below –


To: [email protected]

Subject: Digital Defynd Certificate

Mail (Copy paste the following and fill the details): 

1. Your Full Name (As it should appear on the certificate)  –

2. Number of Online Courses Completed –

3. Name of Online Courses (In case less than 4) –

Attachment: Attach Proof of Course Completion (Existing Certificate / Screenshot / EMail / Other)


Send a mail with all these details in the exact same format to [email protected]. Any incomplete applications will not be entertained / certificate will not be issued.


Certificate Eligibility

Q. What proof do we need to submit to claim the certificate?

A. Any document proving the completion of your course – a certificate from the institute you completed the course OR a mail about completion of your course OR a screenshot proving you have completed the course OR any other document supporting the same

Q. How long will it take to get the certificate?

A. It will take 2-5 days for us to process your request and issue the certificate. In some cases, it may take longer.

Q. Is there a fee for these certificates?

A. No

Q. Can I claim a certificate even if I didn’t take the course due to Digital Defynd?

A. Yes

Q. So I can request a certificate if I have completed a course from Any Institute Anywhere in the World?

A. Yes

Q. Are these certificates industry recognized?

A. Yes

Q. Will you verify the certificate if and when required by an employer?

A. Yes

Q. Why are you doing this?

A. We like to encourage online learning.

Q. Can I claim more than one certificate?

A. Yes










I have always been a fan of online courses and it is such a headache to browse for various platforms such as Coursera or Skillshare or edX and find the right course. With Digital Defynd, searching for the best online courses is a piece of cake. The best part is, you can instantly search all the popular courses.⠀

It’s like the Google of education! I have completed so many courses recommended by this site. Plus there is a special certificate provided by them when you complete certain number of courses. I am thankful to them for providing such a beautiful opportunity for learners all over the world.⠀- Banmeet Singh, Amazon Cloud Architect & English Educator


Learner Speak

Before Covid-19 wrecked havoc on the planet, I was always interested in lifelong learning. I started with Alison and continued to find more sites with free online courses. However, I failed to find many sites with free certificates. I finally came across Digital Defynd and read that they offer free certificates for up to 20 courses from any platform. I sent proof of the 20 courses that I completed and got four additional free certificates for doing online courses. Getting free certificates for online studies benefit those who cannot afford paid courses. This cites equality and motivates more people to do online courses and learn new things. – BichYu Ngu, Software Developer, Australia⠀⠀


Learner SpeakThis lockdown I aspired to be productive by taking online courses in my field of fashion. There are many great platforms offering free learning in different domains but not all provide free certification through a lot of research. I came across Digital Defynd while looking for online certification, it is the best e-learn hub that I know of and it offers more than 70,000 courses. I am very thankful to Digital Defynd for this brilliant initiative for learners like me who can showcase their achievements through their free online certification. – Nandini Khetan , Assistant Fashion Stylist