Have you explored these 6 lesser known apps for Facebook?

In our socially (hyper) active lives, only technological dinosaurs would be unaware of social networks. We have no dearth of options- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Vine, Snapchat and the list goes on.

Businesses are thriving on the possibility of reaching out to their customers right where they are found- in their smartphones. Another insightful concept which uses apps for business is a growing vertical in the marketing arena. App promotions let your app be more visible and ultimately be downloaded and used.

Apps can be found anywhere. Even on facebook!

Statistics show that Facebook itself has close to 1.5 billion average monthly users (source). This means that all these people spend time on Facebook on a regular basis.

However, Facebook and Facebook Messenger are not the only apps available from Facebook Inc. There are quite a many interesting apps available for iOS which the users aren’t aware of, I am sure.

So, here is a list of the best 6 apps which I think people might be missing out on.


Sharing moments from your life has never been easier. With Sling Shot, you can share your life in bits and pieces by way of photos and video snippets to your favorite people on the web.

This Facebook App allows the user to capture moments from their day, add filters, drawings or emojis to them and sling it to their pals. It’s ok if your friends aren’t online at the same moment, they can view it within 24 hours!

Replying to slings are fun too- add a photo or video reaction and there you go!

Keep in touch with friends and loved ones or follow the awesome lot on the web, it is easy-peasy and fun.

Get creative or get inspired- all from one place.


Remember the chain messages we used to play in school where one person says a sentence and the other one adds their own bits and passes on? It is the same but a lot better.

Having a chain-video made by friends that keeps on getting added to would be a lot fun to watch, isn’t it?

So, how does this Facebook app work?

Firstly, you can either create a new video or add on to your friend’s videos. If you create a new one, you might want to add some description so that your friends can find it to add on. Once the video is created, share!

Your friends can add to the video and then their friends can add on to the video and so on. Never ending craziness!


This app is basically designed for the public figures or celebrities who intend to keep in touch with all their fans from one place. One has to get a verified account to gain access to such feature.

Facebook Mentions is a one place stop for our favorite celebrity to connect with all the fans and resources related to their field.

Celebrities can live chat with their fans in a video and thus interact with many from a single platform at one go. Sharing videos was never easier because all of the people who the celebs really care will be here, at one place. Not only that, trending topics related to the things they’re interested in and sharing bit of their lives over Twitter and Instagram can be done all from this place itself.

Fancy a live Q&A session with fans? This app let you do it easily. Being connected to fans and sharing all the good stuff right from one place is the USP of this app!


All those crazy times with friends and family always end up with umpteen numbers of photos. Those are the moments of togetherness.

Be it an event, occasions or family celebrations, those much-awaited road trips or just few random photo sessions with buddies- we always end up having pictures scattered in different phones. End result- last moment hurry to get all pictures collated at one place.

Making sure all the photos are with everybody is a task in itself!

With Moments, you can quickly exchange the photos from each other.

Here is the deal…

The app allows all the photos to be grouped based on who’s in them and when they’re taken. With just one tap, you can sync your photos with those of your friends’. Your friends can add the photos to the moment and Voila! Everyone has all the photos.

All the photos remain at one place and accessible to friends tagged in them- acting as one place storage. Syncing multiple photos is just a tap away with Moments.

  • You can save the photos others sync to your storage drive.
  • Sharing photos from one place gets easier. You can even send across photos on messenger if you wish.
  • You have options like saying thanks to friends and also label each photo based on where you took them or grouping them based on ‘groupfies’ or ‘selfies’.
  • This app also has an iOS 9 support!


If you use Facebook advertisement and promotions frequently, this app is just right for you!

This app keeps you updated about your reach and their actions thereafter. It also allows editing the advert even after posting it such as fixing typos, images or editing the audience and also rescheduling your budget.

With timely notifications, you stay in loop regarding when your adverts are about to end, their performance or when you reach your spending limit.

Creating quick adverts right from your phone gives you the ease of access too.


With preset sound clips, you can easily express what you want to your friends through messenger. Why text when you can attach one sound clip?!

Sending stickers along with sounds would be fun! This app looks fun and promising.

However, this app has just one review on the store. Facebook must promote this beautiful app more often!

With all this information, I’m sure you’d want to try your hands on the above mentioned wonderful apps from Facebook Inc. Although, there are 18 different aps from Facebook Inc – including Facebook and Facebook Messenger app, we chose this 6 for our readers.

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