How frustration led to the creation of the Qykly app that takes care of your financial worry!

Qykly App

Remember the last time you forgot to pay that bill? Or that month in which you overspent? Or when you ran out of money on your mobile wallet? Now what if we were to tell you that there is a super simple way to take care of all that?

We are talking about the recently launched Qykly, the too good to be true app that does all of the above and more! We caught up with their team recently and tried to figure out more about the app and their journey to build it.

Q. What prompted you to build Qykly?

A: Both passion and frustration! I would often miss paying some bills, or not keep track of a certain booking and invariably wonder for what purpose did I perform a certain transaction. There is just too much happening all around and honestly gets tough to keep track. We thought of clearing the clutter and that’s how Qykly was born.
It’s a really simple app which simplifies your complex problems. All your financial transactions, bill due dates, e-commerce delivery schedules and more at one place.

Qykly App 1

Q. Who is best suited to use Qykly? Is it primarily meant for serious professionals?

A. The beauty of our app lies in its utility across age groups and demography. Since it is so easy to use, practically anybody can use, from elderly people who may have issues in using many apps to College goers, and other young professionals who have a hard time keeping track of their finances and expenses are going to most benefit from this app. Not only does it help you keep you posted on your bookings and delivery schedules, it most importantly helps you save money and time.


Q. How does the app work?

A. These days there is so much spam in the SMS inbox that we just ignore the information which is being pushed by our Financial institutions,Billers, Merchants etc . We hardly use SMS for personal communication but it contains so much information that we are hardly aware of . We scan your SMS inbox and filters out the “Transactional SMS” and displays them in a a user-friendly manner . All this is done without compromising the security of user information . It never reads the OTP/passwords and the personal SMS of the user . (Editor’s Note – Do check out Best Cyber Security Training OnlineThe beauty of Qykly is that it works offline with almost no data usage . This video will help you understand our process better –




Q. What all activities can be tracked through the app? Does it go beyond the financial transactions?

A. Much beyond financial transactions! We realised that while bills and banking are the most important things people need to keep track of, other transactions are just as important for them. Right from e-commerce delivery schedules, train ticket confirmations, movie bookings and much more that you transact in electronically gets captured by our app. In fact, we even integrate some mobile wallets to help people keep track of them at one place.

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Q. What about security concerns with such an app? How does a user be sure of the fact that his/her financial data will not be compromised?

A. Good question you raised. Basically, while we read transactional SMSes on your phone, we don’t read through any of the id passwords that you use. Moreover, we don’t track any personal messages and never share any of the information we track with third party thus making the platform extremely sturdy and secure.

Q. How big is the team and where are you based out of?

A. We are based out of Noida and Qykly has been built by a young vibrant team of 20+ professionals .


Q. Wouldn’t it be tough to track one more app in addition to existing ones on the phone?

A. No, in fact Qykly will probably help you uninstall some unnecessary apps and make space on your phone 🙂 We are here to make life easy!

Qykly App 2

Q. The app is currently only on Android. Do you intend to take the iOS route sometime soon?

A. Yes, an Appstore launch is in the offing and may take some months to release. Based on the feedback we receive for our Android version, we will tweak our offering and launch the iOS version.


Q. How many people have started using the app and what is the initial feedback been like?

A. We have very recently launched the app on the Play Store and are currently testing our platform with 900+ users. You should try it out and give us your valuable feedback too.


Q. How do you intend to monetise the app?

A. We will do that by brand integrations, cross selling and some other models that we will slowly build as we move on.

You can download Qykly here.

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