Jitendra Vaswani’s Blogging Journey from India to the World

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Jitendra Vaswani was your average boy next door until Affiliate Marketing happened to him. Living in Jaipur, he went to an Engineering college against his wishes and landed up a job which didn’t pay him much. Disappointed at his fate, he learnt SEO, both on the job and off it, and started blogging. He soon started making money from Affiliate Marketing(selling products via blog) and is today renowned as one of India’s most influential digital bloggers. We chatted up with Jitendra to know about his journey and also the launch of his new product Schema Ninja.

Q. What role did school and college shape you in making you a marketer?

JV : My school time was amazing I used to enjoy a lot and I was a very mischievous boy in my school. When schooling got over I had to join some college, and that part ended up being the worst days of my life. Engineering was a forced choice that I never enjoyed.

I was in my final year when I came to know about freelancing through my friend, so I started working with him on some SEO projects. At that time, I didn’t know about SEO but my friend guided me about some basics and I started getting some projects from Fiverr & Freelancer.

After college got over, I got a job which paid me around 6000 INR per month. This was heart-breaking for me as I had expected a high package but conditions made me join this SEO job. I always wanted to find a good MNC job and never thought of becoming an entrepreneur.


Q. How was your professional journey after college? What kind of jobs did you do before plunging into blogging full time?

JV : While doing my SEO job, I started working on blogs. My first blog was BloggersIdeas.com. Through this blog I started my online journey and I learnt lot of things in blogging. SEO helped me a lot in blogging. I was aware of basics and so blogging become easy for me.

Q. You have fast moved to become one of the most influential digital bloggers in the country. What do you think helped you reach that stage?

JV : I am proud to be an influential blogger. I worked hard on my blog and made solid connections in the digital industry. When I started my blog, I used to interact with top digital marketers and built relationships with them. I used to attend events and after meeting people at events, I would drop them a mail and share my ideas with them. That, in my opinion is the best way to build relationships with industry experts. I also interviewed industry experts and shared their thoughts on my blog. All this gave value to my readers.

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Jitendra with other International Marketers and Bloggers

Q. Payoneer signed you up as their brand ambassador! How did that happen and how was the experience?

JV : Yes I was signed up to be a Payoneer brand ambassador. I was at a networking event with my friend Chitraparna(who is the ambassador currently) and the Payoneer team was also there, looking for potential people. We clicked and it was one of the best moment of my life and it also made me family really proud.


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Q. How important is offline interactions in the age of online? How do you think attending events can further help bloggers?

JV : Offline interactions are sometimes much better. When you meet virtual friends in the real world, its a different experience altogether. You can develop a strong bond and build future business partnerships. I have met awesome entrepreneurs and professionals at events and learnt a lot from them. I cracked many business deals by meeting people at events. So utilize the power of events and see the magic of business associations happening soon.

Q. You’ve been travelling around the world meeting other affiliate marketers and bloggers. How do you think the scene varies globally and what you see in India?

JV : Yes I am travelling a lot and this is all due to blogging. Blogging made it possible for me to travel the world with freedom. In India, while the digital market is growing, the quality of events is not up to the mark. The events I attended in Bangkok, Hong Kong are top notch and deliver massive value.

In India many affiliate marketers are hidden and they don’t share their secrets. That is the problem here people are not willing to help each other. Where as in international countries they are open and willing to share their success mantras.
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Q. You are soon going to launch your first product Schema Ninja? What should users expect from it and how will it help them?

JV : Yes I am launching my product SchemaNinja in June 2016. It’s a WP Plugin perfect for bloggers, ecom stores, anyone doing product or affiliate reviews, and the funnel is packed with more to make money online. 50% commission throughout!

The plugin will be available at lifetime price of 25$ & 27$. After the launch, price will increase upto 47$ per year.
I am sure this plugin will help bloggers & affiliate marketer to make money from their blog. I am already using this plugin on my blog BloggersIdeas.com & getting great results. I have an awesome support team to help users once they buy the product. I look forward for support from the industry.


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