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Video marketing can be a breakthrough for your startup’s growth. If you are a content marketer then your first priority should be to include videos in your content plan. I can give you a compelling reason why. Our first video hit 1,000,000+ views in just four days of publishing on Facebook page.

Absolutely zero paid marketing and our brand was seen by 2.5 million people over Facebook with 30,000 shares and 1000+ comments. The results are beyond our expectations. I am thankful to Aashish Chopra (ixigo) and Nikhilesh (Stagephod) who helped me understanding virality of videos.

I want to share the key learnings so that you can also make videos as part of your content marketing.


1. Make something useful for the users

The first thing that worked for us to make a video on the concept that is useful for the end users. We conceptualized the video for cold & cough home remedies for infants & babies, which is our most successful blog article till date.

We learned from the mom community in our mobile app babygogo, that mothers are looking for home remedies for common issues like cold & cough. We decided to make a video on the same concept which became more successful.

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Treat Cold Without Medicine

5 Most Effective Home Remedies against Cold and Cough.
Number-2 and 5 work best for my toddler.

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Posted by Babygogo on Wednesday, June 8, 2016



2. Write a good title (and description)

People judge the book by its title, that holds true for videos.

Write a viral title and promise to solve the user problem in the description.

We wrote a title “5 Most Effective Home Remedies against Cold and Cough” rather than just “Cold & Cough home remedies for babies”


3. Preview Image must be persuasive

Our video preview image shows a cute baby in the hands of mother. All the mothers can relate themselves with the image.

You can choose a snapshot from your video or use any external image.

Don’t ignore the title and image as these are two things which guide user’s decision to watch or ignore your video.


4. Hook the user in first few seconds

First few seconds are crucial. No one cares about your brand, so never start your video by showing the logo & name of your startup.

Rather give a reason to the user to continue with your video.

A cute child sneezes in the starting of video and then we start giving home remedies one by one.


5. Give them a reason to share

Think beforehand, why someone will share your video?

Our video was highly helpful for parents whose children are sick with cold & cough. Even doctors don’t recommend medicine for common cold. As a result, most of the parents apply home remedies to treat cold & cough of babies.

Now cold & cough is so common that every child gets impacted every other month. Cold treatment is a common talk between two parents and we found a reason for this video to go viral.


6. Understand what gets shared over internet

It may not be possible for you to find a solid reason that your users will share your video.

You must understand what gets shared in your industry.

People love to talk about politics, cricket, sex, bollywood and celebrities in India. Find a common connection with one of these topic and your startup. Make something unique & interesting that users want to share with their friends.

Startups do not have a lot of funds to spend on costly videos. You should understand the process of video making for startups in India and figure out what kind of video you can afford in your budget.

There are certain emotions that get shared – like anger, amusement, love, passion, and sympathy. Avoid something that makes people sad, boring or depressed.


7. Promote Organically

We almost decided to put money on video promotion on the second day. But we decided not to promote video by paid facebook promotions. It was our best decision because number of views kept increasing throughout the day.

We were promoting our video organically in the external communities and number of video views spiked in second half of the day.

We also suspected that facebook will kill the organic reach of video if we start paid promotions. I would like to validate this theory if someone experienced it firsthand. (write in the comments or drop me an email)


8. Make a short video

This was clear from the day one, we wanted to make a short video. We covered 5 home remedies within 1 minute and 15 seconds. Every second counts, try to cut short your video as much as possible without compromising with the message & story.


What’s next?

We did some mistakes and we will improve our strategy from the next time. There is no guarantee of hitting the jackpot every time but certainly there is scope of improvement with every iteration.
Honestly, I underestimated the video and my marketing plan was weak. I started organic promotions in the morning while our video was published last night. Delay of every minute in promotion kills the potential of organic virality.

I could have contacted some facebook pages who share viral videos and health related videos. They would have provided us a boost in first day itself and we could have hit 1 million views by the second day.

Our team is very happy with the early success of video marketing. We are able to maintain a healthy DAU > 25%, an important metric tracked by app based startups and investors. We have a strong involvement of a fast growing community of parents in India. We raised seed funding a few months back and we are already in talks with investors for the next round of funding.

This article was published on YourStory and has republished here with the author’s permission.

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