How to create a last minute social media festival campaign!

Creating Last Minute Campaigns

Let’s face it. Everybody’s gone through it. That one last minute when everybody suddenly wakes up from the slumber; could be the client, or the boss, or maybe you. Regardless of who’s fault it is, there’s a job at hand and it needs to be done quickly! Which reminds me, why are we spending so much time discussing this and not getting down to action! So let’s begin!

1. Research

Ha! Research at the 11th hour! No that ain’t happening. But you can still smartly do the quickest research to find out what others did, what others are doing, and what you could do. Here’s how you could go about it –

a. Competitors 

You know your competitors. Simple, go to their social media profiles and find out. For detailed analytics, try Social Bakers (There’s a comprehensive free version too) or Unmetric.

b. Google Image Search

Our oldest friend can be the most helpful as well! When doing a google image search, be as descriptive as you can be. Try out as many permutations combinations as you can think of. And add the year to your search as well. Example, instead of looking for “New Year campaign ideas”, look for “Happy New Year 2015” ; or instead of looking for “Christmas Greetings” look for “Christmas 2014”. Basically think of the name you would have saved such a creative under. More often than not, people upload the same file with the same name as they save it (no everybody doesn’t change alt tags or even has the opportunity to do so on social networks)

New Year Campaign ideas vs New Year 2015


c.  Twitter/Pinterest Search

Goldmine of creatives, images, ideas and more. Don’t copy, but one of the best places to get inspired. Want to get more specific, try the twitter advanced search.

Diwali Advanced Search Twitter


2. Ideate

Now you can either ‘steal’ an idea directly from the many places you got inspired from, or you think afresh based on all that inspiration. We naturally propose the latter. So here’s the mistake most people make. They try to make everything perfect. Which is not a bad thing you would say, but when you are working on tight deadlines and want to create an impact, then it’s a better idea to have a good creative, than have none at all. Points to be noted – Don’t make a bad campaign, but don’t worry about making it perfect either, somewhere in the middle would just do.


3. Create

When it comes to creation, especially in tight deadlines, you need to concentrate on your strengths. If its copywriting, write something beautiful, if its design, come up with some magic, if its delegation, then, let’s get something done soon. Here are few tools which will assist you in doing this –

a. Adobe Photoshop / Corel Draw

If you are somebody who is already well versed with the mediums, then we don’t need to go into giving you a tutorial. For somebody who doesn’t know what this is, don’t you even think of downloading this right now! Let’s move on to option 2.

b. MS Paint

What?! We must be crazy to recommend you this no? Who in this world uses MS Paint to do client graphics and creatives. Somebody could get killed for it. So here’s a secret. Many people don’t just use MS Paint, but even use Microsoft Powerpoint to power up their creatives! Trust us, it’s not as bad as you think it is. For people who can’t work their way around the photoshops and corel draws, such simple tools can be an effective alternative and a solution for creating stuff.

c. Canva / Pablo

So you can’t use the fancy tools and don’t feel comfortable using Paint. No problem. Canva is here(and so is Pablo). Canva is this magical tool which can make magical creatives magically. Are we promising too much? Well maybe we are, but you know what, most creatives on this website are made from Canva, and we seem to love most of them! Make a creative or two on the platform and you will be good to go. The best part is that they give you some custom made Festival creatives to work on making your task much simpler. Another simple alternative you can try is Pablo by Buffer, which although is a little limited in its scope, but it can still work well especially when there is a paucity of time.

Canva Designs Diwali Digital Defynd

d. Free Stock Images

Now you have chosen the platform but aren’t quite satisfied with the images you have. Here are some(we don’t have time for too any, do we?) free stock image websites where you can get good quality images for festivals of your choice. You can try Picjumbo or Pexels or Wikimedia commons. See many more options for free stock images here or here

e. Grammarly / Wordweb

No they wouldn’t help you write great copy(that’s something you develop over time), but they will surely help you cut down on the mistakes you would otherwise make and suggest better words in place of the many boring words we use every day. While Grammarly (Check out their free version) takes care of your grammatical mistakes all across the web (much like MS Word does when you type using it), Wordweb offers definitions/synonyms/antonyms among many other features. Both are extremely simple to install, easy to use and highly efficient.

So follow these and you should hopefully be done! And if this doesn’t seem to work for you, then maybe planning a little early in time should be the thing to do : ) Do share with us other tricks that you use too, and do share this article with others, if it helped you : )

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