Thank you Pages and Transactional EMailers

As marketers, what are our basic objectives?

  • To Generate Leads? Yes!
  • To get those leads to transact and make them a customer? Yes!
  • To engage them with content and the brand? Yes!
  • To get repeat purchase/ transactions? Yes!
  • To increase ROI? Of course, Yes!

Well, Marketers know how to generate leads through various mediums, be it through Internet Advertising, Website (SEO), Social Brand Pages or through the content marketing efforts for a brand.

But, the challenge always is how to engage the leads further and make them transact?

The answer to it is simple…by taking advantage of the primary & secondary touch points, i.e. – Thank You pages of your registration landing pages and Transactional mailers. How?

Step 1: Create exciting & actionable Thank You pages

  1. When visitors convert or make their first transaction on your landing pages, direct them to a catchy and enticing ‘Thank You’ page with relevant call-to-actions (CTA’s) that encourages secondary conversions and engagement.
  2. Add social plugins with intriguing messaging that helps connect the leads & customer with your brand on social instead of spending another bundle of money on Page like or follow us campaigns.

Step 2: Send a follow-up Transactional / Thank You e-mailer

Transactional / Thank You e-mailers place your content directly in your lead or customers inbox, unlike your promotional mailers that land in the Gmail promotional tab.

(NOTE: If you check your database at least 60% of your customers would be using a Gmail id)

  1. So, even if your user clicks away from the Thank You page, they will still find your content in their inbox which might help them make their first or secondary transaction and engage with your brand.
  2. People also tend to share content by forwarding email to their family and friends, so these kinds of e-mailers get you the opportunity to reach New Audiences.
  3. It has been seen that, Thank You and Transactional mailers leads to a 2x increase in Open Rate and CTR and increase conversions and engagement with a brand.
  4. Hence, just like your promotional mailers you need to dedicate time to create an enticing Transactional and Thank You mailers with exciting & engaging messaging(you can even use animated pages if you want) with relevant call-to-actions (CTA’s) that encourages secondary conversions. Do not forget to add CTA’s that will help them connect with your social pages.
  5. If possible, use dynamic and personal CTA’s and messaging to drive better results.

Step 3 : A/B Testing

  • Optimize! Do an A/B testing. Monitor what is working and what is not and optimize your pages and mailers accordingly.