How to make Effective use of Facebook Lead Ads for Best Results in 2016

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Facebook has started the lead ads in June 2015 which were available to power editor users therefore it was only accessible to advance advertisers.  However, now it has been recently rolled out for all ad manager users.

As it is quite overwhelming to use it at first, there are few winning strategies that I want to share with you as these might be beneficial for your business or startup.

1. Clarify the objective – what do you want from your Audience

Be specific and clearly mention in the ad unit itself that what exactly you want from your audience and what they really expect to get it in return from you or by submitting their contact information. You must set the right expectations from your prospect.

2. Creating a funnel with your lead ad

Leads ads are easy to setup but it doesn’t mean that you don’t need any funnel. You must have to deposit the rational equity or brand equity in terms of blog post which builds trust in the eye of your prospect. First start educating your customer through blog post about how your product or service helps him / her out and then retarget them through leads ads using custom audience in facebook ad manager.

3. Integrate you lead ad with CRM

According to research, leads are more valuable if you contact them in the very first hour after lead generation. Once your lead ad start running it is the primary question “where the lead ads go?” It would be very great if your lead automatically goes into CRM and it start educating and interacting with the prospect automatically. Facebook’s current CRM partner includes Driftrock, Marketo, Maropost, Orcale Marketing Cloud, Sailthru and Saleforce. While you can also collect them manually via a CSV file.

4. Ask question in the lead ad form itself

You can also qualify more leads by asking questions in the lead form itself. Yes! Facebook also give you this option to get highly targeted lead based on your specific requirements and it has segmented based on different verticals like automotive, education, e-commerce, B2B, professional services, health insurance and auto insurance.

5. Using the context card between the ad and lead ad form

It is also possible that user submits their contact information mistakenly since ‘subscribing’ requires very less effort. You should therefore verify your leads through context card with some valid points.

Context card is the predefined pop up between the lead ad form and ad,  where you can include some bullet point or exact description of your offer to notify the user what we are expecting from him before he/she hits the submit or subscribe button.

Problem with lead ads

As I stated in the starting of this article that it can be overwhelming to use the lead ad the first time and since facebook has billions of users, there is a concern about “the quality of lead”. Most of the login emails used by the facebook users have not been updated and hence not the primary email ids of users, it therefore hurts drip email marketing plan.

I think facebook is continually improving its platform by adding new feature and updated the old one like the new chat bot feature, so there is a lot more to come in the near future, and the same goes for lead ads.

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