How to use the all new Facebook Lead Ads for increasing ROI

In a brand new development, facebook has introduced one of the most important features to its ad platforms – Lead Ads. Here’s what Lead Ads will mean to you –

Facebook Lead Ads in action
                                                       Facebook Lead Ads in action
  1. You will now be able to collect leads from people from within facebook without having to ask them to come to an external website and fill up a form
  2. This is great news for a lot of people without a website, or for ones who do not have the best UI/UX on their website
  3. Responsive websites is something a lot of people are still struggling with, this should help solve their problem as well, since users will now be able to fill up the form within facebook and the businesses can keep developing the website at the back end.
  4. Whether its the newsletter, offer, event or some other kind of a sign up, these ads will serve as a great tool to help marketers.
  5. Thanks to facebook having almost all relevant information about you, the ads will simply capture all that data the moment users click on the lead ad. The good part is that users will have the opportunity to edit information before sharing with the advertiser, thus ensuring privacy.
  6. These ads will be available in your power editor, and may require a manual refresh/reset to see them.


Here’s what leading blogger Jon Loomer had to say on his official facebook page about these ads today –

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Read more about it on the facebook official blog post and how to install them right here



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