I’m very font of you because you’re just my type.

I am very font of you because you are just my type

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking around this topic lately. The typical client-agency relationship that pits us against each other, constantly fighting against budgets, best practice, ROI on spends, creative freedom, and that innate desire to make something awesome.

During my last 7 years as a client-side marketer, having worked on various brands in India, I’ve managed marketing & PR projects with over 15 marketing agencies. Retained and non-retained. Big and small. Start-up and established. External and internal. Digital and traditional. Global and local. I have been fortunate to have worked with some brilliant minds of the Industry. People passionate about ideas. People with common sense. And I have learned a lot.

I’ve been a marketer who always wants a never heard before copy, awesome website, cutting edge design, breathtaking interface, design that drive data, goal-oriented content strategy and oh – it has to work the way a user wants. It also has to be cheap and done tomorrow.

But now, for a simple reason that ‘we both have a lot in common’ I really want to come to terms with what my agency wants a portfolio piece, time to try new tools, techniques and methods (Strikingly, Instapage, HubSpot for instance, CANVA, PostPlanner, TintUp, or Design Pickle to outsource that Adhoc), to be trusted for their expertise, to be compensated according to the value of their efforts and talent, breathtaking interface, goal-oriented content strategy, and enough time to do best work.

It’s because this work deserve respect much like engineers, because we design a solution, that kind of thinking! And respect is more important than money in this game because it leads to getting the kind of freedom needed to do our work. Respect gives you us (Yes! I’m on my agencies side) the power to achieve success, which leads to money and recognition.

Vartika Manasvi

A creative zealot, part artist - part scientist, growth marketer, and a purpose driven professional with over 7 years of experience in martech communications. Leads Digital Communications @Nasscomstartups

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