In the online advertising war between Facebook and Google, Age Demographics make Adwords obsolete

Google vs Facebook Ads Age Targeting3

How big & great companies start losing the race can be easily identified by how nimble they are on fast changing scenarios (especially in Digital World).

Now Google is reeling under the weight of historical processes and data collection methods, which it has adopted since inception and is not ready for innovation and change.

You don’t need to be a data Scientist or a born genius to know which chart (below) for demographics is better for Targeting & Analytics for COMMON USERS and SMEs. Google is still sticking with ranges while facebook is using specific age for advertisement targeting.

Google vs Facebook Ads Age Targeting

I am just providing two scenarios where Google Age Demographics does not provide much support and Facebook has the edge.

  1. Education Consultants & Service Providers – They are targeting a very specific age group that students passing 12th and looking for further studies. So they want to target exactly students of 18 Year old
  2. Job Consultants for Fresher Jobs – They will target very specific age group that people passing graduation i.e. 22 years old

In both the scenarios the country like India, with very young population Facebook is the better option. The 18-24 age population in India is 160 Million and only 18 years is 27 Million that 16.8% of what Adwords ratio offers.

India 2011 Census – Age Distribution 18-24 years

Google vs Facebook Ads Age Targeting2

Small and medium advertisers get very frustrated with this demographic and hence adopt Facebook more. I am wondering when Google will start behaving like 21st Century digital company and show some urgency towards improving the same. Now super experts can jump in and provide multiple solutions to the problem and reasoning for the same but fact is Facebook has by default, given power to all the users.

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