Instagram Advertising is live, here’s all that you need to know

It’s been a long time asking:

When will Facebook open Instagram Advertising?

In the past, Instagram was limited to Facebook advertising partners only. That made Instagram totally free from advertising in Egypt.

Three weeks ago Instagram announced that they are expanding Instagram advertising to make it available to businesses of all sizes. If you are aware of Power editor updates you will understand that they will be expanding step by step and won’t open it to everyone immediately.

Today, I saw the first ad on my Instagram account which means that they have expanded to the big advertising accounts in Egypt too… Things are becoming more exciting.

How to react as an Instagram user 

As a user you will see an ad like this with the word “Sponsored” at the top right of the ad.

You can’t prevent Instagram from showing ads on your feed. But still you have a couple of options to make things better:

  • You can hide an ad you find less interesting by tapping Sponsored at the top right of any ad then Hide This.
  • You can also opt out of seeing ads based on sites and apps off of Instagram and Facebook from your device’s settings. If you choose to opt out of seeing these types of ads, you’ll still see ads based on your activity on Instagram and Facebook.


How to react as an Instagram advertiser 

If you are an advertiser, you should be as thrilled as I am. Instagram is one of the world’s largest mobile ads platforms with a community of more than 400M. That’s a huge opportunity to reach out to your audience more effectively.

Let me whisper in your ear and tell you why I am so thrilled:

Instagram advertising is newly opened and will have low competition at the beginning and hence low bidding.

Any new advertising platform starts with very low competition and hence low costs with a bigger ROI. Most people still don’t know that Instagram has started advertising, others know but aren’t familiar with Power editor and won’t leave their comfort zone (most probably boosting posts on Facebook.) Finally innovators and early adopters will start Instagram advertising and competition will be very low at the beginning. You must exploit this opportunity well.

Instagram advertising is now available in Power Editor, but remember, it’s not available for everyone. If you can’t find it right now, don’t worry it will be available soon on your account.

All the details about advertising on Instagram will be on the next article, stay tuned.

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