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I like to talk about this analogy in my trainings. Facebook is like a city. Brands are shop owners. Originally there were few, business was booming, then the shopkeepers grew, now the struggle signs are looming. Look around the world, and a common pattern can be observed across metro towns. They slowly become too expensive for the very people who lived, worked and built the city. Facebook is no different. Its becoming an increasingly expensive city.

The people’s social network, the one which gave birth and voice to millions of voices across the world is actually becoming unlivable for smaller brands who don’t have the money to reach out to too many people. Organic reach is at an all time low, and even if some brands manage to come up with exquisite content and creativity to stand out and be noticed, most of them that are small in size are increasingly finding it difficult to find customers in this city. Many, who have spent months and years in building their pages and profiles are wondering what to do next. With more people and more brands joining in, fewer things are happening organically. Spend the money if you want to grow, don’t and then the stagnation shows.

One simple solution is migration. Move to another city, expand to another country, where there are lesser brands, more opportunity, one where you might find the required publicity. You may not leave facebook in entirety, but places like instagram, pinterest, linkedin or other platforms of digital marketing could well be your new digital home. But will the next station be the final bet? Who knows, in the online world, nothing in stone is set. If we can be sure of one thing in the social space, it is to not settle down, keep moving on 🙂

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