How to Leave your Corporate Job and start off a Freelancing Career

So here are 10 simple quick tips on How to leave your corporate job and start off a freelancing / consulting / solopreneur career –

1. No matter how much you are paid, tell yourself you are overpaid.

2. Expect zero – half your current salary in freelancing career’s first year.

3. Forget your degrees and start honing a skill.

4. Stop relying on 10 people to get any job done, start thinking how you can do the job of 10 people.

5. Work on your passion if you want, but don’t forget profit is required for profession in the process.

6. Get ready to be disappointed on a regular basis right from non commitment, to non payment, to even your own non performance.

7. Don’t be over confident, in any case freelancing will hurt your self confidence.

8. A corporate job pays you for being a cog in a large wheel, here you are the entire wheel yourself. A small wheel brings slow returns, learn to be patient.

9. Whether you like it or not, you will need to learn a little bit of sales, marketing, finance and be a little creative.

10. In the first year or two, don’t shoot for the stars and just build your base. Once you build your base, move from there.

Will add more simple pointers and tips in the hope that they help more people out there 🙂

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