Lessons in Online Employer Branding from Myntra Founder’s Farewell Video

Myntra YouTube Farewell Grab
Source : Myntra’s YouTube Channel

You might have heard the news by now about Mukesh Bansal, Founder of Myntra having decided to move on and start another venture. Now while that news doesn’t mean much to the common man, Team Myntra’s Farewell video bidding him adieu says a lot about him, the company and the culture of the company.

First have a look at the video before we discuss further –

Now even though Myntra’s sole intention of uploading this personal video on their public YouTube account must have been one of paying a tribute to their Founder, it makes for a very interesting case study from the point of view of employer branding in the digital age.

Lets look at what we can learn about Online Employer Branding from this video –

1. Bring a Personal Touch

People increasingly don’t want to talk to brands. No they don’t dislike branding, but when it comes to talking, they’d be better off talking to people. Give the brand a face, or multiple faces, make people speak, people like to hear people more than brands.

2. Capture Moments

Simple thing to do which most companies forget. Keep clicking! Pictures, videos, from that offsite, or that lunch, or that fun moment or even that business meeting. One day, you will cherish it all. While you can’t go back in time and click more, you can start today.


3. Share company’s philosophy beyond mentioning it in vision mission statements

Nobody but the people who draft it read a company’s mission vision statements(Ok, some interviewees still do). You’ve got to make the company come alive, got to make people see the philosophy beyond words.


4. Make corporate videos fun

Boring is so last century. No matter how serious a company you are, everybody has a little bit of fun. If you truly want to attract good people to work for you, then show them they can have a good time too.


5. Use Social Media

Incidentally, I first discovered this video on LinkedIn, and it had already for multiple likes and comments there. Your employees are your best brand endorsers. Every share counts, and every endorsement counts even more. Give your employees something worth talking with the external world.

Source : LinkedIn
Source : LinkedIn


So those were just some thoughts one could draw from the video you just saw. Anything else comes to mind? Feel free to share and add any other good examples in the comments section too.


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  • February 22, 2016 at 1:15 pm

    Loved it! I hope each one of us learn from this about creating such a wonderful work place culture… so many things to learn and implement!!!

  • February 22, 2016 at 2:20 pm

    Absolutely agree! So much to learn and implement, and that too not too complex or unrealistic!

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