Limeroad’s innovative Digital Marketing Strategy for Valentine’s Day

Limeroad Valentines Day Digital Marketing Strategy 2016 1

How do you ride piggyback on a current event? Especially if the event is one as overused as Valentine’s Day? And without really using the clichéd S-word* or even the D-word**! At least, not upfront.

I’ve always liked Limeroad communication for their smart thinking and fresh vocabulary and this Valentine’s they’ve clearly out-thought the other e-commerce sites! Let’s take a look.

Limeroad Campaign on What Women Want Digital Marketing Strategy 2016
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What they’ve got right!

1. How to second-guess the woman in your life

Everyone knows that buying a gift for your girlfriend, your new bride or your wife of thirty years, is nothing if not tricky. Certainly men, and possibly women too, have been scratching their heads for centuries trying to figure what it is that women truly want.

Movies have been made on this theme (What Women Want – Mel Gibson, Helen Hunt), wars have been fought on this (Did Helen really want Paris or did she just not want her husband?), debates have been held on this (Did Draupadi really want any of the Pandavas except Arjun? Or was it Karan that she had a tendre for?), and we’ve never been any the wiser! So what fun to have Limeroad do research and come up with stats that tell you what women want.


Limeroad Valentines Day Digital Marketing Campaign Women Wear Wardrobe
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Ah! No guessing… (Does she want the flaming red dress or is it the LBD that she craves for?)… yes, it is the LBD (little black dress). Black is the colour of women’s desire. Says who? Says the women themselves. Look at the numbers, bro!

Sassy and cheeky, this campaign makes it easier for men who love women (who love sexy little black dresses and bags), to gift them what they most desire, with little chance of going wrong and getting hot fu yong in the face. (Or elsewhere.)


2. Piggybacking on the starstruck!

LimeRoad Valentines Day Campaign Digital Marketing
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And if it’s celebrity-inspired style, you have a choice of styles from the hottest 70 mm babes that your very own special babe is inspired by. So go ahead and buy her something star-struck! Overall result? Smiles all round, sweet kisses and good humour. Certainly no ill-timed headaches. Phew!

3. Connecting with customers’ wallet sizes 

LimeRoad Valentines Day Campaign Digital Marketing
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They are classy with their women customers too. Instead of mentioning Sales and Disounts, they ask you what kind of shopper you are and take you to the appropriate page: Budget shoppers to 50% discount pages, Splurgers to a slightly more expensive collection and Luxury buyers to the most expensive range.
And of course, if after so much effort and so much research, if you still want something different, something that (God forbid!) isn’t available on Limeroad, you’ll have to take a shot in the dark.

What they’ve got wrong!

1. Sadly, they stop short! 

The one glaring lacuna that I noticed is that they haven’t pushed this across other media. At least, not as yet. No facebook ads telling me (and my partner) that they have the definitive last word on making women happy. That’s a serious missing link. How would men know that Limeroad have made it so easy for them this year???? They wouldn’t! And that’s what stops short of making this campaign brilliant.

2. No emailers either!

No emailers telling their subscribers that they have it all figured out for them this Valentine’s. Which is unforgivable and tacky.

3. No editorial that plugs their study. Ouch!

Serious opportunity miss. I would have got my PR agency to write about the study and create smart and catchy headlines from the key insights to get more mileage. I would also have plugged the infographic for each and every single mention! Made it downloadable too!

Moral of the story: When you have a good thing going, make the most of it. Use the weapons you have, else they are as good as broken arrows.

Of course, there’s always the chance that there is no real study but just a smart marketing campaign they’ve made up. To this I would say, do a real study and see how it benefits your brand with the kind of editorial mention that money just can’t buy! I have been doing this for years for my clients and it has always paid rich dividends… (but that’s another post!)


Wordkey: *S-Word: Sale     **D-Word: Discount

  1. Full Disclosure: The reviewer has nothing to do with Limeroad (except shop!) and has no pecuniary interest in the site.

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