Mahindra vs Maruti : Who is more effective at using digital media?

Maruti vs Mahindra Digital Media

Buying a new car is always a long and highly discussed experience for most of the Indians. We would ask few people about their recommendations or experiences, most of them would jump on with their suggestion as soon as they get a hint that you are considering to buy one. Then you of course we are exposed to the advertisements, magazine and online reviews to influence our decision.

So recently my brother who is looking to buy a new car shortlisted two options – Maruti’s new Baleno and Mahindra’s TUV. When I probed him about his choices, it was quite apparent he was deeply influenced by heavy promotions of both – from newpaper innovation ads ( Baleno) to Airport displays (TUV) to TVC’s and of course digital. No doubt, both have spent heavily on 360 degree promotions. In fact I was surprised that he picked two options which are not even in same category ( Power of advertisement still packs a punch)

The next step was ofcourse taking a test drive. To my surprise chose the digital medium rather than traditional ( call or go to showroom). He went to the website of Maruti Baleno and requested for a test drive. No response or acknowledgement for over 10 days.After that he did the same thing on Mahindra TUV’s website and he told me that he got a phone call as soon as he hit the ‘submit button’. Within no time, there was a cordination call from a dealership and boom the car was there for a test drive. No second guesses, which company has just acquired a new customer or at least a well qualified lead.

To argue, Maruti doesn’t need to be overly aggressive with test drives or getting back to enquiries made on their website. They are probably overbooked for their new car and not really interested in getting more.

  • But the question is can you overlook the digital ( that too the product’s website) for long?
  • Is your new customer using digital as his primary or even sole source of making a purchase decision?
  • Can competition leverage the digital in a more focused way to eat away your customer set?

What do you think? Did you experience any such thing on while making a purchase decision?

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