Move over Social Media, its time for SPLASH Marketing!

Move over social media, its time for SPLASH Marketing

In a world of infinite information and product choice, consumers have wrestled power away from brands. Thanks to social media, a shift in power has taken place — evolving from a small group of endorsing celebrities, to a few thousand influential individuals with high klout scores, to millions of ordinary consumers. The consumer of today will tweet to inform about call drops, the promised 4G that still behaves like 2G; unsubscription requests from mailing lists; damaged packaging is out on Instagram; bad travel experience OR even a pitch to an Investor (Read – Startups today ;). The point here is access to such a plethora of touch points means people today have more ways than ever to put brands under a critical lens, challenge companies’ on one hand, and demand them to be insightful and relevant on the other.

That said, mass marketing is on the wane, and brands no longer hold the power to drive their company and brand messaging – as their customers do. Brands need to have a single view of their customers. But how ? Coining a new approach, that I’m experimenting on my Brand i.e. SPLASH Marketing – Simplified, Personalized, Localized, Amplified, Socialized and Harmonized.

How to go about it? First, let go off the consumer-centric view of digital channels. “Likes,” “views”, “follows,” and “shares,” have limited value unless you take additional steps to derive value from the relationships they represent. Second, you need to be more discriminating about the consumer connections you make online. Digital channels seduce marketers with the ability to reach “all the people”— but do you cast your net that wide with TV, radio, or print? Of course you don’t. Targeting is the key, and when it comes to the ability to target down to the individual level, digital channels blow other media out of the water. Third, be careful about the way you build digital marketing into the structure of your organization. If you set it apart as a distinct department, it will be a lot harder to tie digital metrics to business metrics. Fourth, make your employees your social advocates, as they say, “if your employees love you, you customers will”.

Brands need to shift from “social” to “digital” it needs to be integrated into a company’s overall marketing and operations strategy and not just operate like a customer care desk to respond to so many voices. Few tools that you can explore : TrumpetMentionIFTTTCompfightSocialBro and more!

Splash is all about doing marketing with a difference, and when done right it opens up several groundbreaking ways of connecting people. Digital still has so many more legs yet to open up. And we are just at the beginning of this.

Vartika Manasvi

A creative zealot, part artist - part scientist, growth marketer, and a purpose driven professional with over 7 years of experience in martech communications. Leads Digital Communications @Nasscomstartups

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