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Hoverwatch mobile tracker

In this fast paced digital age, you cannot imagine your life without your mobile phone. Today, mobile phones are much more than being phones, they are small computers with all major functionalities that are essential to communicate via variable media platforms. The same smart phone can be used to post a social media update, do calculations, check pdf files, watch YouTube videos, send sms or make a phone call.

Looking at multiple utilities offered by smartphones, it becomes indispensable to track and record essential phone data such as SMS, call history, audio, camera. WhatsApp, Facebook, calendar and contacts records.

What if the same app offers you with an option to take a complete phone data backup? No, we are not talking about phone backup software provided by your mobile phone software company.

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What is Hoverwatch Mobile Tracker Software?

Hoverwatch Mobile Tracker software is a free tool to track and save data for a smartphone such as tracking phone location, recording calls, tracking sms, Facebook messages, WhatsApp messages, detecting SIM card change, call tracking, location tracking and camera tracking. You can call it as a hired detective for your smartphone. This software becomes highly useful especially when you want to track how your child is using smartphone or if you wish to keep a track of your own smartphone usage.

The software’s location detection and SIM card detection features can be particularly handy in case of phone theft.

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Advanced Features:

– Track multiple devices in a single account

Hoverwatch lets you track up to five mobile phone devices with a single account. The information about all five target devices will be at your disposal in a user panel. Moreover, you can also check phone history with the app.

– Automatic screenshots

Hoverwatch automatically takes screenshots when the phone user is operating the phone. This allows you to record and visually interpret activities being undertaken with tracked mobile device.

– Stealth mode

Hoverwatch app can operate in a stealth mode while being hidden from all users of mobile devices being tracked. This reduces the chances of user gaining knowledge about the app and uninstalling it from the tracked device.

– Multiple Mobile Platforms

Hoverwatch app can be used across multiple mobile software platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows. This saves you from the hassle of searching and installing a new app for your different mobile devices.


Try it for yourself

Additionally, the app can be downloaded for free for your phone. If you are concerned about your smartphone usage and safety, download the app and try it for yourself today.


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