Off Beat ideas for Instagram Marketing

Off beat Instagram Marketing Ideas

Instagram is becoming bigger with every passing day and brands are slowly but surely realising the potential of this platform. Being a regular user of the medium, I come across many interesting pictures and accounts. Sharing some here to make others learn from what the strategies that these brands use to promote themselves and others.

1. Dekh Bhai

From simply posting Dekh Bhai memes to actually promoting products and some film personalities, this account has come a long way. Their bio directly says: DM for Promo! I have seen them promote Remo D’souza, Malaika Arora and some others. Now I am not too sure if he does that in return for money or because of his love for these brands, but it is interesting to check these out never the less.

Dekh bhai memes were very famous at a point in time, but when and how this Instagram account grew to hundred thousands is something only the account manager would know. I personally think that a focus in producing creatives of one type helped.

There were some interesting things I came across this account.

Example 1:

Using instagram feature of <3 button creatively to gain more likes. If you saw the post for the first time it was featured, you will naturally like it. – an example of increasing engagements.


  Another example to illustrate the same

TAG them whom you love ?? #Bae #Besties #Siblings #Crush #Celebs A photo posted by Original Dekh Bhai Meme gags ✌ (@_dekhbhai_) on

Example 2:

Promoting product. Utilizing the benefit of being an influencer to the fullest – Promoting products.


Promoting an account called Brand Stand –

(Update : The instagram account showcased here has been disabled for reasons unknown)

Promoting an Instagram account TheSwissWorld

The interesting thing is that all content is not excellent or at par in design, but rather focuses on being simple and cater to the masses. Unlike Gaurav Gera who Created Chutki and shopkeeper , this is an example of how you can take a simple idea that was already popular and take it further.

Another instance: 2. Tushar Panchal (): This account showed me something interesting. If someone likes your photo and if you are new, you are most likely to go to their profile. But like website bounce rates, if your page does not appeal in few minutes, users are definitely going to bounce back off it.   This guy showed a unique solution, since most users are not likely to check on individual photos, he puts a single photo cut cross in 3×2 grids. This is not only clearly visible but will surely make you stay and look at some more photos.   Here is one part of one of his instagram collages –

The Last picture of #TajMahal I took…!! #Agra #india #incredibleindia. Atulya Bharat!! A photo posted by ? Tushar Panchal © (@bombayiger) on

3. HotStar also implemented the same when they first launched the account last year. Although overtime, the grids do realign and the 3×2 grid photos look somewhat dismantled. So although this may not be a long term good idea, but definitely good if you are posting it and then going on a like/comment spree and inviting people to go to your profile! 😀


4. Frooti has liked some of my photos, which simply goes on to show that even brands engage in mass liking at times : )


There is no dearth in how you could express content creatively and not get restricted by what the social media platform has to offer. Know of more such example? Would love to hear and maybe implement some of them to use in future.  Also do check out these Best Instagram Marketing Training and Courses.

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