On what device, day and time do people most often buy from a Mobile App [Infographic]

Mobile App Commerce What device, day and time do people buy on

If the web is a mystery, the app world is a bigger mystery still. While we have recently witnessed E Commerce portals’ rolling back app only models, some companies have shown promise with mobile apps as well. The following infographic based on a research done by UK based Netmera showcases some patterns which help us get insights into

1) Which platform, between iOS and Android is helping companies generate more returns?

2) What day of the week is leading to more activity and engagement in the mobile space?

3) What time during a day is peak time when it comes to app activity?

It also focuses on the use of mobile app notifications and how they are helping in increased conversions for m commerce players. You can also read more about the study here.


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Mobile Commerce Infographic Research What platform, day and time do people engage on

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