Should you outsource Digital Marketing Services or Do It Yourself?

To outsource or not to outsource

Social Media Platforms i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Snapchat, Instagram all are free to use communication channels for Individuals and Businesses.

Unfortunately, all of them are time-consuming on a daily basis and require following skills to manage effectively

1. Create Social Media Strategy

2. Technical Skills to setup page on different channels

3. Image Creation & Editing skills to fulfill requirement of different channels

4. Copywriting Skills for Content creation and publish posts regularly to effectively engage and develop followers

Social Media Management at basic level involves following tasks

  • Copywriting and schedule Tweets, Facebook post’s and Linkedin updates
  • Daily Social Media management & Prepare Social Media Strategy
  • Support for Social Media networks like YouTube, Vimeo, Pinterest etc
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Facebook newsletter signup form (Mailchimp, Aweber or other)
  • Finding and sharing industry-specific content with your Social Network
  • Creating new content to share with your Social Network, e.g. custom images for Facebook
  • Sharing your blog content
  • Daily dashboard reporting.

To Do these tasks effectively you need at least following resources

  1. Social Media Manager i.e. Strategist
  2. Copy Writer or Content Creator
  3. Graphic Designer
  4. Social Media Executive’s for Real-time channel management

At minimal level “cost to company” with infrastructure, monitoring software and other costs for these resources is around Rs 150,000 and if you add 25% margin to the cost it becomes around Rs 200,000. If you add 15% Service tax on the same the amount becomes Rs 230,000 Assume work volume is 3 updates on a daily basis and responding to fan queries and comments and sharing the same with the relevant business team. This team structure can handle maximum 4 accounts, the minimum cost per account comes to around 57,500/- .

The other option you can use is to take help of professionals for basic setup of “social media presence” for your business with 2 days effort the cost will come around Rs 4000/- and can differ business to business. Also remember, This is just the cost of Social Media Managment and does not include SMM (social media marketing), This is the reason social media is only for deep-pocketed businesses or people willing to play a long term on “digital lead generation“, otherwise it should be a “Do it yourself effort”. If your intent is to generate business leads? then get basic account setup, take training on using advertising tools on these channels and spend there, rather than wasting money and effort with ineffective results.

Only where SMEs should spend money is attending training on Digital Education and understand and implement the concepts better themselves.

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