Our community has grown so big over the years, that we thought it’s best to offer them avenues of meeting each other as well as other people from the digital community. Retreats is the section that will cater to all such trips that we find suitable for our members. To be a part of any, you may simply mail us at [email protected]

Digital Detox Retreat in the Himalayas


Let’s take a short break from this virtual world and soak ourselves in the magnificence of natural world.  Loosen up yourself in a peaceful Himalayan village where you would love to break up with your digital life. Let’s spend some meaningful time in the real world, appreciate the richness of nature, understand a new culture, eat scrumptious organic meals, and get involved in countless fun activities.  Let’s take a small step towards restoring a balance between online and offline!



Rural Odyssey, in collaboration with Digital Defynd and Nirogam, brings you an unforgettable digital detoxification retreat to a Himalayan village named Alchauna, near Bhimtal. The homestay is a 100-year-old Bungalow, which is a part of an exquisite 100-acre estate, set amidst the lush green mountains. With Kalsa river flowing down along with estate makes it a perfect place to enjoy both the mountains tops and the valley. It’s one of those perfect places where you can rejuvenate yourself near natural clear water pools, gaze at majestic mountains, get lost in forests, visit a rose farm, or play with village kids, while getting a taste of timeless village life in lower Kumaon hills.



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