Save yourself from the ‘Christmas Gift Exchange’ scam that promises 36 gifts for Rs 600

Christmas Gift Exchange Scam

No matter how much the internet evolves, spammers and scammers keep finding better ways to get the better of people. The Christmas ‘Secret Sister’ Gift exchange is just the latest addition to the list.

What originated in the west has made its way to India too. Some walls read –

Hello all, it’s soon going to be Christmas time. Are you interested in a gift exchange? You could be living anywhere (preferably give your Indian address, so it gets easy on the courier) – you are welcome to join. I need 6 people (or more) of any age to participate in a secret gift exchange. You have to buy ONE gift valued Rs.600 or more and send it to one secret person and you will receive 36 in return!
Let me know if you are interested and I will send you the information! Please DON’T participate if you are not willing to spend. Getting fun chistmas mail sounds just awesome so I am totally excited about this!
I will send a private message to first 6 friends who can commit.
Don’t be FLAKY, be MERRY! I am feeling December already

Now first of all, let’s just be logical and ask ourselves, how can we receive 36 gifts in exchange for one. Secondly, this scam is actually a pyramid scheme where some people will actually end up receiving those many gifts, while others will be left waiting for their santa. Remember Click Asia anyone?

So after you are done posting your status, and some people comment, you and other friends of yours might end up gifting somebody up in the chain, while the ones who end up gifting towards the end, will practically have no gift that comes to them because there is nobody left to play the game anymore. So gift if you may please, but know that there really is no Santa.

You can read more on this here or here

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