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Attention spans are truly at an all-time low! It’s increasingly tough to even make people visit your website, much before you hope to convert them into a lead or a customer. While Social Media exploded quickly, it’s also getting saturated just as fast and even though ads of all kinds drive traffic to your website, there is a hefty cost attached to retargeting and bringing people back. So what does a start-up or a small business owner do in such a case? How does s/he ensure people who come, stick ad want to come back?

Enter Push Notifications! The brand new marketing opportunity in 2016 that allows you to literally send a simple notification on one’s desktop browser  (Chrome & Firefox) or mobile at practically the click of a button. No hassles of adding credit cards to ad accounts, no worrying about emails landing in spam boxes and no need to think about what the next social media algorithm change will bring. A simple list of curated subscribers, who want to hear from, and get a simple notification that does just that.



Which brings us to PushAlive, a tool that does just that! Think of your website as an app, and PushAlive as a means to send your subscribers a push notification as many times you want, when you want, about different offerings, articles and a host of other updates. Sign up Now to enter the chance to win Lifetime Free subscription.



The product also helps you track your users on the basis of region, country and other demographics, and will also let you measure CTR and add UTM codes to your updates. It is supported for both Chrome and Firefox browsers and setting up takes less than 5 minutes. The best part we think is the ability to try it for free, after which you can upgrade your plan if you feel the need.

Here’s how you can send a notification to users –



One of the other most important advantages of using PushAlive is the part of segmentation and custom targeting that it offers which allows you to specifically send the notification to a target audience of your choice. You can start using PushAlive by signing up here for free.
Also Pushalive has a Partner program for the Digital Marketers & Website Design Agencies so that they can earn while they recommend others to use this tool. Details here.


PushAlive is a #DDPartner.

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