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The Digital Marketing Training Industry is growing at 100% YOY.


We met up with Kapil Nakra, Co Founder at Digital Vidya, one of the World’s Largest Digital Marketing Training organisations at their HQ in Delhi recently. Here are some excerpts from the conversation around the world of

Kapil Nakra DigitalVidya
Kapil Nakra, Co Founder, Digital Vidya

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Q. There is a huge demand for digital marketing services and resources in the industry, do you see the need for training growing along with it in 2016?


A. If we look at the search trends on Google, the search volume for  “Digital Marketing” is increasing 100% year on year. This trend can be observed since 2010 and the forecast suggests that this trend will continue in next year as well. We have been observing this trend in our business as well. Increasingly, professionals from other domains including sales, mass communication, traditional marketing are learning Digital Marketing Techniques. Moreover, Digital Media offer cheapest option to acquire customers for entrepreneurs. I believe in 2016 as well, Freshers, Working Professionals and Entrepreneurs will continue to look at this media to achieve their professional goals.


Q. The last couple of years have been dedicated to social media, what domain do you see picking up in 2016 when it comes to training?


A. Even today Social Media Marketing & Search Engine Optimisation are the topmost skills professionals want to acquire in Digital Marketing. I think in 2016, the shift will be more toward acquiring broader prospective skills in Digital Marketing. We are observing increasing demand for trainings on Content Marketing.  Content Marketing is more like an umbrella term now. It includes everything in Digital Marketing including social, search, inbound & Email. I think in 2016, the demand for Content Marketing training and comprehensive Digital Marketing courses will increase further.


Q. Could you list down 3 quick tips for digital marketing professionals to self train themselves?


A. I believe Digital Marketing can be best learned by doing hands-on work on various digital marketing channels, rather than by listening to lectures. Rather than sharing tips, let me share 3 steps everyone should take for learning Digital Marketing.


Anyone who wants to learn Digital Marketing should start by creating presence on various Digital Media. Even if you do not have a business to work on, based on your interests, everyone should create presence of various digital media channels including blog, email, Facebook, twitter and Linkedin. That itself will give you good enough understanding on creating the presence for any Business.


Secondly, you should start observing users behaviour by analysing web analytics reports and media centric reports offered by Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn. This will help you understand the impact for various actions you are taking on your profile.


Thirdly, you should experiment a lot while promoting the presence you have creating. You might end doing some extremely creative campaigns in the industry. All the Best!


Q. While investing in a course, what is the checklist a professional should look at?


A. The most critical aspect of any training program is “Trainers”. If the “Trainers” Quality is not good, nothing else matters. You can sit in a 5-star banquet for days and get no value.  Learning Digital Marketing is no exception.  The problem is Digital Marketing is vast and evolving! As a training company, if we want to ensure good quality of delivery across all aspects of digital marketing. we need a group of 10 to 15 Digital Marketers Experts of varied expertise to teach the most updated techniques of Digital Marketing.
That’s why I think the only thing you should check in a course is, how the training company is going to ensure the quality of trainers for every aspect of Digital Marketing.


Q. How do you see the digital marketing training industry growing in 2016? Is there bound to be more expansion, or are we staring at more consolidation and saturation?


A. As of now, I think we are in the early stage. Digital Marketing as a skills is needed across all profiles. I think in 2016, the growth will continue. The awareness for Digital Marketing will increase and so will be the demand.


You can find out more about Digital Vidya’s courses right here.


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