Spotlight of the Fortnight – Social Panga!

We are Marketing Mafias – a bunch of people who want to redefine the way brands think about marketing, and help them experience what breakout thinking can really do.

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Social Panga was born to put an end to the stagnation that was gripping the world of online branding and marketing. Rather than just giving in, we decided to wage a war against conventions, and create something really remarkable. And we prepared well, with the bunch of crazy people, endless cups of chai and beautiful hideouts in Bangalore and Delhi.

We put a lot of thought into naming ourselves because we wanted it to define us, and we think we did a darned good job there. We’re all about being social and connected – because that’s what marketing is all about; and while we agree to and respect all laws and conventions of this world, we still want to do different and unique, hence the Panga.


We believe in redefining the rules, but not breaking them.

Our motto is Customer Delight: At SocialPanga, We are driven by a strong innate desire to delight the customer to an end that they want to hug us (or kiss the slightly better looking ones among us). BTW, sometimes we also live for the occasional fatty foods, intoxicating liquids, and Jalebis (because we’re such nice kids, no?)

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You can know more about our team here –


What we do?

We do everything that a brand needs to have a great online identity. Big words aside, basically it’s the following: –

  • Marketing – Social Media Marketing (Account Identity Management and Campaigns across all social media marketing channels); Search Engine Management (Pay Per Click Ads, Google Display Network, SEO); Email & SMS Marketing
  • Branding & Communication- Brand Identity Design (Logos, Branding Guidelines, Brand Names & Taglines); Marketing Collateral Design (Corporate Decks, Letterheads, Brochures); Packaging Design (Product Packaging, Corporate Gifting)
  • Design Mobile UI/UX Design; Web UX/UI Design; Website Design, Corporate Landing Pages

Some of our work :

Our point of view:

We believe in evolving by doing! While we do our bit of research everyday (the amount of time and internet bandwidth spent trolling marketing websites and design collections is ridiculous, believe us), but we still feel that true learning happens only when you try out something new and see how it goes!
You may be doing great work but if you’re unable to communicate that properly, you ain’t getting anywhere. Most agencies tend to have initial discussions with clients and then things go on an auto-pilot mode. We don’t think this works. Clients should be constantly informed of the work the agency is doing and they should always be prodded for new things that can be done

Else one fine day they’ll just say thank you and walk off!

Some of our Clients

Unilever, Titan, Decathlon, GVK Group, NBA, Kimberly Clark, Genpact, Reliance, MAAC, MyWash, Teewe, Autowale, Digital Vidya, GRS Fantasy Park, and many more!

Why they love us :

The industry is just going to keep getting bigger and bigger, with more brands wanting to join the online bandwagon and make an impact!

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