Do you wish to get more Likes on your Facebook Status Messages, more Hearts on your Instagram Pictures, more Retweets on your Tweets and more Comments on your LinkedIn?

The Answer is here. The Answer is ST8S.

Introducing a revolutionary service that connects publishers with ghost writers, enabling the creation of more memories, more likes and more smiles.

What is ST8S?

ST8S is the revolution you’ve been waiting for. ST8S is the tool you  wish you had earlier. ST8S will change social forever.

Don’t be afraid of texting anymore, help is finally here.

How does ST8S work?

You want to impress that boy/girl. You don’t know how. You think of posting an innocent comment on their picture, but you screw up.

You want to be in the good books of your boss by posting praises on his/her travel pictures, you try, but screw up.

You want your Manali and Goa Pictures to get more likes than other people’s Europe and Thai sojourns, you try hard, but you screw up.


ST8S helps you in all those cases. ST8S helps you score (everywhere). ST8S elevates your Status.

It don’t matter if you’re black or white, as long as your ST8S is right.

What is the Technology behind ST8S?

You install ST8S on your phone, and the app connects you to hundreds of Expert ST8S writers all over the world. You can choose your favourite writers based on moods like heartbreak, breakup or weathers like rain, winter or occasions like Wedding, Ex’s Wedding and Travel Options like Thailand or Singapore.

Each writer comes with expertise in different domains, having scored thousands of likes, hearts, retweets and comments themselves.

The API of our app is connected with the Chat Bot of our writers, which is connected with the Neuro Cells of their brains which is connected with the Chords of their Hearts.

When all this technology comes together, ST8S helps you score (everywhere)


Is ST8S available for everybody?

No. We believe in a healthy ST8S  gap between rich (having more likes) and poor (liking own picture) and therefore have designed ST8S in a way such that it is not available for everybody. The pricing is so steep that only the creme de la creme (aka rich people) will be able to afford it. We might come out with a cheaper android version later as well.

Armed with the right like attracting skills, our writers can make Goa look like Thailand

How much does it cost?

The best things in life are priceless, but ST8S comes with a cost you can pay.

Upper Middle Class Pack – USD 30 per month

Includes 15 Status Messages + 10 Comments + 1 SOS Text (in case of emergency)

Jack Ma Pack – USD 50 per month

Includes all of the above + Discounts on Ali Express + 20 USD Recharge on PayTM

Jeff Bezos Pack – USD 75 per month

Includes all of the above + Free Prime Membership for Life + Amazon Drone + Amazon Water + Amazon Spaze

Elon Musk Pack – USD 100 per month

Includes all of the above + Trip to Mars + Hyperloop Free Ride


What do clients say?


I am an avid Social Media user and signed up for ST8S Beta about a month ago. Even though people like what I share on social, now everybody loves everything I say. With the kind of money in my pocket, I went for Jeff Bezos pack, soon planning to switch to Elon Musk. And oh yes, it has helped me score (everywhere) – Punit Modhgil, Man of Many Moods



I am more known for my take on the startup world than anything else, which tends to make my Tinder skills a little rusty. When I reached out to ST8S to create a customised Tinder solution for me, they were more than accommodating, and I am happy to share that the results have been nothing short of fantastic. Thank you ST8S for helping elevate my status. – Abhash Kumar, Serial Like Attractor


Who are some of the Ghost Writers?

I have been writing ever since I was a kid. In my Maths class also I used to end up writing poetry. My status messages get a lot of engagement and I thought why not extend my skill to help others in need. Ever since I have joined the platform, I have helped girls propose to boys, have helped men wow their wives and even got somebody a better than expected appraisal. All this, while I pocket the extra dollars for my Starbucks excursions. – Sunaina Shenoy, Content Cween


All day All Night I write. I write so much that my keyboard gets tired. When the opportunity of getting paid instantly to write instantly came along, I jumped on board. I can feel all kinds of feelings, and feeling them for others even more fun. The first time I helped that young couple get 300+ likes on their Matheran pictures, I felt on top of the world and that time I helped a boy beat his ex at the like gathering competition, it felt like my life’s purpose was complete. – Paromita Bardoloi, I eat Alphabet for Dinnner



ST8S is currently in Beta only. You can apply for your account at [email protected]