The 7 types of people who constitute Twitter in 2016

Types of Twitter users in 2016

Twitter has been through some journey. From being looked as the next best thing after Facebook at one time, to dealing with internal management issues, to trying to figure out revenue generation avenues, to trying to define where and for whom does it stand in 2016.

Having said that, brands are still in a state of frenzy around the platform. While most want their followers to still keep going up, many would pay enormous amounts of money to make their hashtags trend. Now while you might have happened to come to this article from any of the many sources on the web, I can guarantee with the data at my end that less than 5% of the total people who will ever read this article will actually come via a click on twitter.

So that bit about who constitutes twitter, rather Active users of Twitter in 2016 –

1. The Social Media Marketing Expert

The one set of people who started it all and kept the flag flying high in the air ever since twitter’s existence. Earlier we used to say “Throw a stone at a crowd, and it will most probably hit an Engineer. That Engineer is now a Social Media Marketer”

2. The Twitter Influencer

The kings and queens of ‘Influencer Marketing’, they are second only in line to the experts in making the platform tick. They love all brands with the same amount of love, with no malice towards any of them. They are like Amitabh Bachhans of the world of twitter advertising.


3. The Professional Political Debater

Because everybody can’t be invited to the studio. Earlier, you only had your family members to discuss and debate with, but come twitter, life’s better. Now everyday, religiously, these professionals get up in the morning, open the newspaper, find something worth commenting, tweet its picture and start fighting. While Boxing matches end in a finite number of rounds, these wars can go on forever, like an ever ending Test match. The joy derived in landing a blow to the opposition is priceless. No, they don’t get paid. Its all about the patriotism, and nationalism.


4. The Celebrities

They thought this platform was built for them. They thought their fans will shower praised on them all day. They were right, but then they met The Trolls.


5. The Trolls

The creme de la creme of the most frustrated people on the planet. They thrive on finding fault in other people and hurling abuses at them. Innovative, they find newer ways to abuse the people they love to hate, and they collectively even have the power to make celebrities and regular people cry and leave twitter for good. High on engagement, low on ROI.


6. The Bots

They were in any case going to take over the world eventually, and twitter is maybe where it all begins. A bot bot here, a bot bot there, bot here bot there, bot bot everywhere. They had lots of followers, they were mostly bots.

7. The Spectators a.k.a Regular Users

Other than these 5 people, there is the one small minority population on twitter, which are the spectators a.k.a users. They login to their account once a day or a week (depending on how boring facebook and instagram are at that point in time), look around, retweet a few tweets, follow back some people, basically take a walk in the garden of twitter and log off.


Barring these 7, there are no other people on twitter, everybody else only exists as ‘Accounts’ that humans created at one point in time, and have long forgotten the password to.


I wish to say twitter, all the best, but if I were them, I would send Google a Friend Request.

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