The Men will be Men campaign by Imperial Blue is back!

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Surrogate advertising is tough to do, but sometimes stipulations bring out the best in you. Imperial Blue is back with their much loved ‘Men will be Men’ campaign! 3 short sketches showcasing How men will be, well men. Great way for the brand to connect with the audiences and subtly promote the product. An important aspect to be noted here is the way in which the brand hasn’t shifted gears from its last campaign, so much so that even the background score for the campaign is the same. While some may think this to be lack of new ideas, it actually serves as a great way to reconnect with audiences and help register one’s brand name by associating with a song or a jingle.


1. Haha! We sure haven’t come across somebody who has done that!


2. A lot can happen over a Hi 😀



3. ‘A woman is not match for a match’ or so the ad seems to be suggesting!


And while we thought of sharing these, we couldn’t help remember the original ads that made us fall for this campaign in the first place


4. Now this we have seen happening around us (And ya it features TVF’s Naveen Kasturia)



5. A man’s worth is measured by the size of his car, is it? (Yes, that’s Pyaar ka Punchnama’s Rajat aka Kartik Aaryan)



6. Lift seems to be Imperial Blue’s best friend! Another classic!


We had a hearty laugh watching all these, what did you think about them? Any other ideas you think they can work upon!?

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