The shocking Anti Social Media Strategy of Indigo Airlines!

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It came as a shocker to me at first, but almost instantly made so much sense! The thought struck me when I was preparing for a Social Media CRM and ORM workshop for one of our clients, and it looked like a masterstroke from brand Indigo.

Let’s go back a little bit in history. If you are a social media enthusiast, then you would have surely heard about United Airlines’ infamously famous Dave Carroll music video. Rough estimates suggest that the airline’s stock price dropped 10% after the video clocked millions of views on YouTube, and it must have taken long for the company to do complete damage control.



While things went a little too far in this case, brands world over are realising one important truth. Customers are fast taking to social media as the primary medium to vent their frustration, and a lot of them are likely to do this each time they are served a bad experience. The other end of the sword of social media is becoming sharper by the day, and consumers are in no mood to go soft with their prey.

Cut to Indigo in the present day. While I, and I am sure most people who’ve traveled the airline will agree that is the best in class Indian economy airline out there, things can go wrong with Indigo too. Inconvenienced passengers, loss of baggage, non-availability of food and so much more. Now, what if even a small percentage of the so many people flying Indigo were to start complaining on social media about their bad experiences. What would it do for the company? Would it not repel some other people from booking the flight? So Indigo found an innovative solution. It went anti-social!

Here’s how. The next time you are about to board an Indigo, check the message that they send.

Social Media Strategy SMS Feedback Indigo Airlines


And once you board the plane, you will also see this as you take your seat.

indigo airlines social media strategy 3


Indigo doesn’t want you to vent your ire on social media, it wants you to send them an SMS instead! Looks so harmless, but look at the thought behind it. “We know you can get discomforted, and while we are doing our best to not let it happen, we want you to share your frustration through the right medium.” So simple, so effective, so good. We can’t predict how much loss of business they save thanks to this, but it is an excellent strategy to avert some potential crisis for sure. While the likes of Spicejet are prodding passengers to share their experiences on social media(which they later print in the inflight magazines), Indigo is trying to steer clear of social right when the chances of damage are maximum.

Too much of anything can be a bad thing, and social media is no exception. What Indigo airlines has done seems like a brilliant masterstroke to me. What do you think?

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