This Startup CMO has some ‘Unethical’ EMail Marketing tricks for you!

Startup EMail Marketing

You surf on Facebook or LinkedIn.

All of a sudden a riddle type of post asking how many triangles you see or one of the type of – leave your email ID if you want to be included into the largest database of job opportunities for Dubai or the largest Whatsapp group of HR executives in India pops out in front of you.

What douchebags! You think to yourself!

At the same time you rejoice for the prospect of seeing so much quality lead data in one place and for free too?

The entrepreneur in you is thirsty to take advantage of that.

But how!?

The very next second the growth hacking animal is chained by that voluble voice of consciousness of yours signaling you to back off because you are going appear as spammer and waste your time broadcasting and spamming an irrelevant audience without them giving you the permission to do so.

How do you go about it?

If you are a startup you got to do many things. Things you amma won’t be proud to brag to auntie on them. Things you yourself will find repugnant later on.

Spamming is one of them.

That’s okay.

Done the right way spamming can turn into a complete game changer for you. There is a blur difference between growth hacking and spamming. You are ever day closer to starvation hence acting is more important than thinking. (Check out Best Growth Hacking Online Training)

Guess the good news.

There is no such thing as spamming if done in the right approach and with the right color of communicaton

  • Right approach
  • Right color

What do I mean by that?

I mean that even the remotest or most irrelevant message can be turned into a relevant if you are master of telling stories and engaging others. People need many things today and chances are they may need what you sell as well.

Few days ago a guy was promoting his cool new product on a massive startup Facebook group. People were dropping their emails devoutly in the comments section to be notified for further updates. Who wouldn’t salivate on that?

I did and I decided to take advantage of that.

But first I set my expectations right?

What did I want to achieve?

  • The smaller goal – Motivating them to directly go and try my service. From the entrepreneur to the Prime Minister of India, everyone would need a couple friendly hotel booking service once in a while.
  • The bigger goal – True they may not be my target customer. But these are social media savvy people prone to share content and disseminate information. If they don’t buy my offering, the tone of my mail may prompt them to share it online in order to entertain their audience.

Then I crafted the following email:

StayUncle EMail Marketing Strategies
Is this spamming?

Take that goofy moralism out of your head and start acting like a true startup

There is no such thing as spam if the receivers engage and find your message worthy of responding amidst all the clutter out there:

Startup StayUncle Mailing Strategies


You have started a conversation

A conversation is a startup’s most valuable currency in the interconnected economy.

You were witty and engaging. Humor works in the most remote situations and adds the necessary context in the coldest of communication.

But you have to act like a human first.

So act like one and then tell me how it goes


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